Giving My Least Favourite Makeup Another Chance…

Hello loves!

I was recently thinking about the plethora of makeup I own and began to ponder about how much of it I have actually used. (I know dangerous territory haha) I specifically remembered how excited I was when I bought the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette in Los Angeles last year, and the immediate let down I felt when I first tried it. I basically used it twice (maybe) and then put it to rest in the back of my makeup drawer. When I started school in March I put it in my kit in hopes it would get used. It did here and there but not until TODAY have I given it a second chance on my own face.

I created a fun look using the brown and red shades in the palette and I’m not afraid to say I’m loving it… the look that is.

I am still on the fence about a few shades in the palette (specifically the chunky/glittery shades)  but quite a few of them have redeemed them self.

The lighter shades like Stark and Skimp are lovely base and highlight shades. They’re indeed very soft and create a great base for other shadows and the taupe shades like Zone and Anaheim go great in the crease and don’t shift in colour once applied.

Now we move to where I had some trouble…

I tried to add Punk into the crease and things got a little sticky. That shade does not blend well at all. It goes on and stays exactly where you put it. The pigment in the darker colours is almost too much to work with (dare I say something can be too pigmented?). I could feel the yucky disappointment creeping in again but I fought it and spent a few extra seconds (minutes… hours who knows lol)  blending it out. I realized that its insane pigmentation could work better perhaps as a liner than a shadow, and I was right!

I used Steady as my shimmer shade and I was pleasantly surprised by its creamy consistency. My faith had been slightly restored, to say the least! The shade is beautiful while still being subtle.

All in all, I am happier this time around with the palette than a year ago. I can say that I really like about 75% of the colours and consistency of the palette. 😛

Did you like this second chance kind of blog posts where I bring back an ‘oldie’ and give it another try? I feel like I get caught up in needing to have the newest and best makeup and forget about just having fun and being creative with my writing.

Anyhoo I’d love to hear some feedback!


Clinique Moisture Surge

Maybelline Fit Me concealer

Sephora Powder Foundation

Rimmel Natural Bronzer

Ciaté London Bamboo Bronzer


MAC lipstick in Rubywoo (with a tiny bit of gloss mixed in)


MAC shadow in Taupe

*A very old* Rimmel Brow Mascara

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette: Los Angeles haul? 

Hello lovely peeps! 

How are you all doing? 😊

Just thought I’d give a little update on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, yada yada..

Last week I was in Los Angeles visiting family, and having a mini vacation with my boyfriend. It was so lovely, and I sort of used it an an opportunity to have a ‘social media break’. However I’m sure lots of you are thinking “wait a second Missy, you’ve been radio silent much longer than a week”, that is true! I’ve recently come to a point in my life where I have much more free time, and granted the first week and a bit of that was spent relaxing and re-gathering some creativity. 

I’ll get on to what you’re here for now :p 

I was in Los Angeles, and as you do in a new city, there was a bit of a….haul. 

My Aunty took me to a fabulous store called Nordstrom Rack, which is basically where ‘out of season’ discounted items (high end) go to be sold out. When I was there, I saw the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette knocked down to an insane price, and had to get it. I thought it was to good to be true. I checked that it wasn’t damaged or anything, but it was in fact, in beautiful mint condition. 

So here I am, roughly 8 months late to the party. (yet again) 

BUT, I’ve always been a bargain hunter, what can I say? 

Ahh, beautiful packaging, nothing too busy, but still pleasing to the eye with the gold trim and simple design. 

Upon opening it I could have shed a tear for the colour selections, they were so perfect.

Upon first swatch I was loving the pigmentation of all the colours. It’s a perfect mix of mattes and shimmers, with 2 of them almost being more of a glitter texture to them. 

I do admit the two I was most excited about (Harajuku and Pop) are not as pigmented as I was hoping. The glitter is a bit more chunky in them and makes them less vibrant when applied. However, I may just need a better shadow primer for applying. 

There’s a bit of fallout when using this palette so I would suggest doing your eyes first. I was slightly disappointed by the fallout I will admit, since I have other (drugstore) eye shadows that have much less. I’m going to wear it again today with a different primer, and see if that affects it at all. 

Here are a few of my favourite swatches:

I make sure not to use a filter because I want the picture to look exactly like the real colours. 👍🏻

I have much more experimenting to do with this palette, and I can’t wait to create more looks. So far I have worn Zone on my lids, and Stark in my crease/brow bone area. It has lasted me all day, no fade or smudging. 

Originally I wanted Harajuku on my lids but the color didn’t show up as vibrant as I’d liked it to, thus bringing me to a glittery conclusion.

A haul post may be up soon if anyone is interested in some of the fashion goodies I picked up in L.A and on my way home. 

If you ever have a chance to check out Nordstrom Rack I would totally suggest it. 

It had lots of high end goodies I would usually only dream of buying, knocked down to a more obtainable price.
Have a lovely weekend everyone! ❤️ Happy Saturday!