Christmas Clippings DIY

Two posts in one day? Insanity, I know! haha 🙂

I have recently just burst into the Christmas mood! Overnight lights have been hung in my room, snowmen put on the window sill, and Buble has been put on repeat!

With that, the DIY season has begun! This is just a really simple trick to add some spirit to your living area, without hurting your wallet.

All I used was: A couple vintage tea pots (this would easily work with Mason jars too) , some sprigs of pine, holly and fur. And lastly just some fun little decorations. I actually recycled an old wreath to re-use some of these goodies!

Pine cones, bows, little plastic birds, and bobbles are just a few of my favorite things to add to these little center pieces.

December 011December 010

Once you’ve got your goodies together, let the creativity flow!

I set mine up on my porch with some lovely Christmas lights. It gives guests a warm welcome to your home. 🙂

December 012

Happy crafting everyone! ❤


Fall: The Real Wardrobe Renewal

   As fall rolls in a sense of renewal seems to sweep over our lives.  The leaves begin to change color and shape, and so does our wardrobe. Spring is often seen as the season of cleaning and ‘out with the old’ motto, but I find fall is the real season of new beginnings and life inspiration.

Fall undoubtedly is my favorite season specifically for turning over your summer and spring clothes, and bringing out the cozy flannels and onesies. I always uncover old hidden jems in my wardrobe. Last year they seemed a bit tired and old, but after a long summer they seem rejuvenated . As well as discovering a new love for some of your ‘greatest hits’ it is always a time you really realize just how many scarves you own, or the abundance of winter coats you have far outweigh the winter months in the year. Fall is a good time to donate to your shelters, or to the local thrift stores around town. As it gets colder people in need seek more shelter and help than ever. Donating to your local thrift store helps put warm clothes that are comfortable and confidence boosting out there for people who need it. Thrift stores are no longer places of worn out dirty sneakers and eighties colored ski jackets that, lets face it, nobody really wants to adopt. They have become a wonderful save haven for those who are strapped for cash, or a treasure trove for those who just love a good thrift hunt. Recycle your clothes! Its a necessary and kind thing to do!

I know its not my usual genre of writing, but I just felt a need to write a bit about this as I thought it needed some light shed on it and perhaps a new light brought to donating to your local Salvation Army, thrift store, second hand store ect.

Thanks for reading!