Travel Tips You May Not Know…

Hello everyone!

Over the last 6 months, I’ve become a bit of a master traveller in the short term category. I guess a master commuter is a better term? Traveller sounds more catchy haha!

I wanted to share some tips and tricks I’ve learned while commuting every week the last 6 months. It feels crazy to say I’ve been in school for 6 months which means I’m halfway through my course! 😮

We are just starting makeup for Film and Television and it’s been an absolute blast so far. We learned how to stipple on beards and I realized how much I do look like my brother. 😂

On to my first tip, and for me it’s a huge one because I CANNOT travel without music or I will go insane.

1) Set a reminder/alarm on your phone or device to charge your iPod/iPhone and pack your headphones ahead of time. Usually, if I know I’m going to be running out the door in a hurry I will do this just in case. I always set it for a good amount of time before I leave, usually in the morning or early noon. There’s nothing worse than getting out the door with no headphones or having 2% battery on your phone. (Also if you were super adamant on not forgetting your headphones, have a spare pair that never leaves your purse) I also charge my portable battery at the same time as my phone as a backup. I just have a cheap Duracell one but it works in a pinch!

2) Bring water and Snacks.  This is another thing to pack ahead of time. Every time I’ve thought ‘No it’s too heavy I’m not bringing snacks’, I’ve regretted it so fast because there I am, stomach rumbling on the bus or ferry. My favourite quick snacks are nuts, granola bars, and some chocolate. Basically, things that won’t squish easy and provide quick energy.

3) Plan ahead the best spot for your bus/train fare. I travel to Vancouver every week as some of you may know and the transit system is pretty awesome. (I know some will say different but for a small town gal like me it’s really good) We use Compass Cards, and I hate that last minute feeling of racing to the bus and racing to find my card.

4) Go for the stylish AND comfortable travel bag. I used to make rather inconvenient travel bag choices until I invested in my dream backpack. Its equal parts comfortable to wear has SO many pockets and is super fashionable. I got mine from Forever 21 (no shock there hehe) and its been all over B.C and to L.A so it’s definitely held up!

5) Invest in some handy Apps… It doesn’t take any money at all to have super handy apps on your phone. The #1 app I use is the Bus Tracker app. I think every city probably has its own version. I hate running to the bus stop only to figure out I missed it and the next one is 15 mins away. Basically, this app tells you which buses go to that stop and exactly when the bus will be there and even when the next 3 will arrive.

6) Last but not least… Investing in a couple gadgets can go a long way. For me my favourite gadget is my phone clip. I hate holding my phone for fear that someone could snatch it easy, but if it’s away I can’t, well, use it. That’s when I realized Otterbox gave me a phone clip with my case. I’ve been using it ever since and it’s changed my transit routine. I clip it to my waistline and I can have my hands free and tuck my shirt over to hide it if I need to. It makes listening to music while I walk so much more enjoyable! The other is a simple lanyard or extendable strap for your transit card (my friend from school inspired this one ☝️) Another amazing way to keep your hands free and your transit card safe and secure.

I hope this tips have been handy for you! I felt the need to share my knowledge 😂

Summer Décor 🌿


As many of you may know, one of my favourite things to do each season is to re-decorate my bedroom.

I just get so excited to reorganize and add my own little theme. My spring/summer theme is definitely green and white!

I’ve been posting my favourite tidbits on Instagram, but I figured some (or lots) of you don’t follow me there so I thought I’d share them on here too! If you want to follow my Instagram you can do so by clicking here 😊

I will start with what inspired my whole room redecorating in the first place: the Coconut Leaves candle from Bath and Body Works.

This candle has been lit in my room every chance I get. The smell is so fresh and summery. It puts me in the best mood when I light it! I have to keep myself from buying more from Bath and Body Works haha! I may or may not have a small candle obsession…

Speaking of Bath and Body Works, I’ve been using their Mint Mojito foaming hand soap. I am getting low on this one so I may need to stock up…

Not only does it smell delicious but it also has coconut oil in it to keep my hands soft.

Like I said, green and white are my favourite right now. Even when I pick a soap bottle I’m matching it to my room décor! 😆

I’ve been keeping my bedding fairly simple now that the warmer weather has hit. I feel like Fall and winter are the months where I like to pack on the pillows, and then Spring and Summer I lighten up on them.

This little Cactus pillow is from Forever 21, but from last years selection. I love how bright it is and the cartoony design is refreshing. It’s made from a canvas material so it’s strong and durable. I love having fancy bedding, but I hate worrying about staining things, or them falling apart.

My last and most favourite piece is this little china jewelry holder. My Aunty gave it to me and this is in my room all year round! 😆 She knows me so well and knows my love of vintage. 💕 It’s the best place to put my favourite rings, necklaces and even my favourite makeup items so I always know where they are when I’m on the go.

I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far!


Makeup for a Hot Summer Day… ☀️ How to Make It Last 💄✌️

I’ve been trying to think of a much shorter, more intriguing title than this but I’m coming up blank for now 😅

We’ve had our first heat wave in Vancouver, and I’m trying not to complain about it since we just survived our usual 7 months of winter.

My favourite part of summer is that everything seems so much more special. Any night of the week becomes a good night to grab a gelato on the pier, and the only reason is because of the beautiful weather. We all celebrate it!

Well… most of us. The select few of us makeup lovers may see it as a very hot, melty time not to be celebrated. I personally love getting dolled up to go out but the heat admittedly can get in the way.

So I thought I’d share my favourite ‘heatproof’ makeup and tips with you today! This is what I’ve been wearing the last week and a half and it’s perfect to wear casually or spruce it up a bit for an evening out. 🥂 (I don’t know why I use this emoji so much because I never drink haha, it just looks like a cute/fun emoji 😝)

I love dewy foundations and my two favourites to use are the Nars Sheer Glow and the Clinique Moisture Surge (SPF 15). I do think it is important to find a foundation with a good SPF, and to find a formula that works for you. A lot of the time when Sunscreen is added to foundation it tends to change it. I found the Clinique to be my personal perfect fit. Sometimes it just takes a bit of searching! Keeping our skin protected from the sun is so important! Clinique has a light to medium coverage and Nars has medium to full coverage being very buildable.

When it comes to Summer, I find sheer coverage to be more comfortable on the skin. I’m not looking for major coverage because I find that my skin becomes much more healthy in the warm weather. Do you guys have that happen too?

Like I said the key is to keep it light. To me, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. The more you put on, means more product to potentially cake up. (I’m not saying that full face coverage is bad, this is just what works for me personally :p)

Only conceal areas that really need it, and set everything with a light loose setting powder right away. To me having a loose setting powder is the most important tip. Compact powders tend to be full of fillers (that’s how they stick together in the pan) and that filler gunk is what makes makeup look cakey. My favourite cheapy loose powder is the e.l.f High Definition Undereye setting powder, but I use it all over my face too. It’s mostly matte, but there’s a tiny bit of glitter they snuck in there that is barely noticeable.

I like my concealer to also act as a highlighter, hence why I adore the Match Perfection Concealer from Rimmel. It has a light consistency but is very pigmented, which makes it look so flawless under the eye while still being so thin. I don’t know what they do with the formula but I keep re-buying it!

Along with an undereye highlight, I take this opportunity to use a highlight all over my face (it almost acts as an extra setting powder). For this, I love the e.l.f baked highlighters. They aren’t too intense so you can apply them all over and they look spectacular.

For the bronzer/contour, a simple matte bronzer does the trick. I like to use a matte bronzer for a look like this so it doesn’t look too ‘busy’ on the face. My favourite right now is from Ciaté and its the Bamboo Bronzer.

For hot days I avoid any undereye liner or anything that might smudge at the *literal* blink of an eye.

It might sound crazy, but all I wear on my eyes is either a little bit of the same bronzer I am wearing or a bit of the highlight. It looks natural and pleasing to the eye, especially for a natural look like this. I won’t blab on about the mascara, it’s just my favourite mascara. 😛

Now the lips are a different story. In fact, they’re the total opposite. I keep them matte, budge-proof and smudge proof. There’s nothing worse than trying to sip on your favourite iced delicacy and having to put your mouth on that weird ring of lipstick that we get on the straw. Nope, not today. I want that cupids bow staying where it needs to be and not melting off.

It’s a no-brainer that the Colourpop liquid lipsticks are my go-to lipstick for these days. They don’t budge (unlike their disappearing label haha) and they aren’t heavily drying on the lips. My fave right now is Bumble. 💋

My last items are not related to makeup at all but help with the scorching heat. I keep a small perfume rollerball in my purse just for extra freshening up. I always like to have a perfume on hand just in case, especially now that the busses are getting hotter. Right now my favourite has been Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. I think the reason I love it so much is because I wore it to Los Angeles last summer and now it always reminds me of that trip!

Lastly, a cool pair of shades are always the finishing touch. Believe it or not, these came from the dollar store and I’m not afraid to admit it!

The weather keeps getting nicer, and I keep getting happier!


OOTD’s with the Summer Sun Collection by Warby Parker

Hello loves!

Summer is upon us, and so is the excitement and anticipation for a new season of style! I don’t know about you but by mid-march, I am already scoping out what is going to be in style this season, and what classic looks will be making a comeback.

Part of my anticipation for the season is always indulging in a new pair of sunglasses or two…or three. Who am I kidding, at one point I almost had a pair for every outfit in my wardrobe! Sunglasses are a staple of summertime and can truly take a look from zero to hero. They are a character-defining staple for an outfit. When you think of Tom Cruise in Top Gun you don’t just imagine plain old Tom Cruise, you imagine him in that sexy pair of Aviators. When you think of Audry Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s I can guarantee you imagine Aubry with her pair of Manhattan’s perfectly balanced on her nose.

What I’m saying is: you can’t be ready for summer without sunglasses, which is why I was so excited when Warby Parker reached out to me and asked me to check out their new Summer Sun Collection. Along with the Summer Sun Collection, you can also check out their full fabulous range HERE

The Summer Sun Collection is a wonderful mix of fun, colourful frames that are still flexible to your everyday lifestyle. I love how classic all the frames are, they truly last the test of time.

On a side note, they also offer prescription lenses in just as many high quality and fabulous styles. This makes me very happy since I wear prescription glasses/sunglasses and finding a drool-worthy pair is always a jackpot.



As I drooled over the amazing frames, I was inspired to pair them with some of my favourite summer looks.

They really do have a pair to match any outfit or style with their Summer Sun Collection. It has a perfect mix of polished, classy frames, as well as more eccentric, bright ones.

My first look is my take on the restyled, classic trend: The Canadian Tuxedo. Denim on top and denim on the bottom. As it is a classic style, it should only be paired with the perfect pair of classic sunglasses: Elle or Jones.

Both of these frames drew me in from the start. Both black and tortoiseshell are great to pair with any outfit. Dress them up, or dress them down, you will be on trend no matter what.

I wore my favourite 80’s style jean shirt from Forever 21, and paired it with my vintage torn jeans from Hollister.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My next look is a popular trend for the festival season, or casual fun day out. By pairing fun bright patterns with fun bright frames, you will feel unstoppable from dusk til dawn in Flynn.

This particular frame is definitely one of my top picks. The blue tint on Flynn caught my eye right away and makes it the perfect accessory for a fun summer outfit. The pink frame is also my top pick simply because this girl loves pink! 😛

I paired my favourite Rose Kimono from Forever 21 with black cut off shorts. Since the Kimono is such a big piece, I keep whatever is underneath it simple so it doesn’t get too ‘busy’ looking and still compliments my sunglasses. I decided to wear a simple white T-shirt from H&M paired with my favourite pink cap from Forever 21. My cut-offs are a pair of Guess jeans that got the chop and I ironed on a happy little robot patch to add some character.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last but not least, for those warm summer evenings filled with laughter and *hopefully* delicious food and drinks.🥂 The perfect elegant night out must be paired with the ever so elegant Haskell or Aubrey.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love dresses that can be worn casually or easily dressed up. This little black dress from Forever 21 is my go-to. It has a flattering cut and being black it easily goes with anything. I paired this with my silver and black gladiator sandals. A little pop or chrome or colour goes a long way with a black dress. Overtop I have worn my Material Girl dress shirt for when it gets a tad chillier in the evening.

Both these sunglasses are a perfect pair because of their versatile frames. They easily switch from casual day to evening ready glam just like that.

These are my 3 favourite outfits for summer so far!

Thanks to Warby Parker for inspiring such a fun post! ☀️😎🏖

Let me know what your favourite sunglasses are from the collection! 😊

To be honest, it was very hard to pick my favourite pairs because I enjoy every one of the styles from the new collection.

Hope you all have been enjoying your May so far! And thanks for stopping by and reading!


My Favourite Candles from Summer

Hello everyone!

The days are getting shorter, and the leaves are starting to change colour. While most people would groan waking up to a grey dark day, my eyes lit up with excitement, watching bright leaves fall in contrast to the sky. What does all this poetic mumbo jumbo mean? It’s Autumn!

I mean not ‘officially’ yet, but it sure feels like it. My favourite thing to do for each season is bring out my seasonal bedding and all my favourite candles. Which means putting away my summer selection, which I loved so dearly.

So, I thought I would tell you my official favourite candles from the summer!

After today all my Autumn favourites will take its place! What are some of your favourite candle scents?

(On a side note, I am having a giggle with myself, if anyone has watched Scream Queens you will know who Candle Blogger is from that show, and I always laugh at myself when I rave about my candles because I know I sound just like her 😂)

Anyhow, I’ve narrowed it down to 6 ( still laughing over here because I sound like a candle obsessed lunatic)

To add to my insanity, I actually burn my candles throughout different parts of the summer, so I’ll start fro the top!

🌺 In the beginning of the summer I love fresh fruity scents. Anything that’s sweet and colourful, I want my room and house to be fun and fresh. With that being said, my favourite ‘early summer’ candle to burn is Georgia Peach. I love it because it reminds me of peach cider, and when summer hits you know the peach cider will be flowing. I don’t live near the Okanagan, but this candle is what I imagine the peach orchards to smell like in the summer.

🌺 As summer bursts, and the heatwave hits, I love anything that reminds me of the beach. Pink Apple Punch, and Coconut Leaves combined is like bringing the beach home with you. Coconut Leaves is a light scent of coconut and fresh air, similar to that of sunscreen and ocean breezes. Pink Apple Punch is super sweet and fruity, just like popsickles! The two combined I can imagine smell like a day at the beach!

🌺 Lastly, as summer quiets down, lazy days are plentiful. The kind where you just sit back and finally breath. Sun Soaked Sandalwood is the exact candle that makes me feel that calm warm feeling. The sandalwood in it is light and calming, while other hidden smells remind me of fresh linen.

Next is Bergamot waters, which smells exactly as the name describes. I imagine this candle is what a lake side cabin would smell like in late summer 🙂

And last of the last is Farmstand Apple. It smells of apples. What more can I say? At the end of the summer our Apple trees are drooping with fresh apples, and when we pick them their rich smell fills the air. This candle is like having that apple trees right in your room. I have never smelt anything so spot on to fresh apples. Its definitely my favourite time of summer when the Apple picking begins, and this candle embodies that excitement 🍎

I hope you enjoy this post! I know it’s different from my usual beauty and fashion, but I can’t hide my candle obsession anymore!

Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday and I’ll be here again soon!

On a parting note, here’s a picture of my adorable succulent I recently planted 🌱


August Favorites!

Hello everyone!

Its been a good while since I’ve done a favourites post hasn’t it? For such a long time I wasn’t using any new products, and was very much in a rut. Now I’m here to share what my staples of August have been!

I must note, usually around this time I start thinking about Autumn and getting excited, but we’ve just been hit with a September heat wave, so I’m still in full summer mode.

I found a new beach very close to me, and it’s so beautiful and sandy, I’ve practically been living there.

This is not the longest favourites post I’ve done, but an honest one for sure!

To start, I was having some trouble with my skin as you all may know. It felt like something was missing from my routine and I didn’t know what. My friend Baylee let me try one of her face masks one night and I instantly loved the benefits it had on my skin. It had really helped my problem areas, and filled the void in my skincare regime.

The face masks I bought are by a brand called Freeman, and I got the Renewing Cucumber (great for rejuvenating your skin) and the Sweet Tea and Lemon Clay mask (intense peel for removing impurities) Both of these masks are wonderful and actually do what they say on the label, as well as being a very satisfying peel of mask.

I was first most impressed by the price. I got them on sale for $4.99 each, and at regular price they are $5.32. It’s a great deal regardless considering the amount of product and the quality of it. I’m almost addicted to peel off masks now!

Now I couldn’t do this post without saying what scents I have been wearing for basically the whole summer season.

They are, Waikiki Beach Coconut, and Fiji Pineapple Palm from Bath and Body Works. Both of these scents are fresh and fruity, giving me a little boost of happy whether it’s first thing in the morning or just before going out for a meal. I love wearing them, spritzing them in my bathroom and even in my car.

On the topic of smells, I’ve been burning this candle from Bath and Body Works all August. It smells EXACTLY like fresh apples, and gives me so much joy. I love the apple tree outside my house and the way it smells when the apples are ripe. This candle brings that smell inside my house too. This is just my top pick of many candles I’ve been burning this summer. (Perhaps a summer candle post on its way?)

My last picks are *drumroll* makeup products! Woohoo!

I’ve been so footloose and fancy free the last few weeks I have my skin a major break from any makeup products. But getting back into the game I found two products that I can’t get enough of. Funnily enough both of them I use on my eyes as well as the face. The first is a Bronzer from Ciaté London, and I use it to contour my face. Being so pale I find it hard to find the right shade of contour and I find this one to be perfect.

Secondly I’ve been glowing it up with this highlighter by Luna. It looks like a strange shade, but goes on the skin beautifully, and is a dream for cool skin tones. As you can see they both swatch so easily and last all day.

I hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of summer! Please let me know what you’ve been loving this summer too! And I will talk to you guys soon! ❤️


OOTD Summer Farmers Market and Lounging ☀️♥️

Summer has finally swept over the coast like a warm comfortable blanket, and I couldn’t be any happier about it! 

Flowers are blooming and the summer wardrobes are popping with bright colours and patterns!  

It was an extra special Saturday with family and friends visiting, so I decided to dress up and document it a wee bit. 

The last photo I cropped due to my sleepy eyes hehe. 

Anyway, my friend got me the pants from her trip to Thailand and I cannot get over how insanely comfortable they are. Even in the hot weather they are so soft and breathable. I feel as though I could  live in them for days (only 1 I promise :p)

My shoes are from Nine West and let me tell you; I bought these shoes in 2010 going on my trip to Orlando Florida. They’ve lasted me all through that trip, and 7 years later still going strong 💪 talk about good quality shoes! 

My V-neck T-shirt is from H&M and proves to be a favourite in my wardrobe. I own a lot of brightly coloured tights and pants, with many different patterns, so often I need a plain shirt to accompany that. Another big bonus is that it is made of Rayon making it light, soft and breathable. 

I love wearing an assortment of rings. I collect rings like no other. Besides funky weird earrings, rings are the top of my accessory list. I can never wear just one (as you can see). On my ring fingers and pointer are very special rings given to me by loved ones. All other ones are from Forever 21. I am going through a faze of loving geometric jewelry, so when I saw that set I bought it immediately 😂

And lastly my necklace was a gift from my Aunty from when she went to Italy. I love it and I feel like royalty wearing it 👑 

And my earrings (though you can’t really see them) were a Christmas gift from my dad! They’re funky and unique.

Happy Tuesday! Thanks for reading!


Summer Lush Haul!

Hello lovely people!

It seems  around this time the last couple years I’ve treated myself to a little Lush haul. Alright, ‘little’ might be a bit of an understatement, you caught me.

My love of baths does not fade over the summer. There is an art in every bath in my opinion, and just because it is warmer out, there is no exception to the art! (Besides in B.C, some days are like Autumn)

Running the perfect bath is a real skill. Getting just the right temperature to the water, and just the right mix of aromas.

But enough of the bath politics, lets get right into the haul.


Tisty Tosty: Roses, Roses and more Roses. A delightfully elegant experience of bathing in rose petals and buds.

Twilight: An enchanting mix of sweet scents and bursts or pink and purple.

Pink: If you had to describe the color pink as a smell, it would be this bath bomb. Sweet, but not overpowering.


Avo Bath: Lemongrass scents mixed with the nourishment of olive oil make this the best for freshening up and raising your spirits. (one of my top bath bombs of all time)

Floating Island: Its like a vanilla scented dream, that moisturizes and relaxes.

You’ve Been Mangoed: A strong citrus scent that awakens your mind and body.

Pink Flamingo: I honestly bought this because it looks amazing and cute. The smell is sweet yet floral. It is a perfect fit!


Fizzbanger: If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know my love for this bath bomb. I cannot resist the apple citrus scent and the bright green color it turns my bath.

Yoga Bomb: Another favorite of mine. I love the gentle smell and the show of colors it puts off in the bath. I wont say what in case its a spoiler ;p

The Comforter: It took me a while to grow on the smell of the comforter. Maybe they changer their formula, or my nose changed, but the black current sweet smell is irresistible.

Bright side: Another bubble bar that grew on me. Once again I feel as though the formula was changed. It smelled too strong the first time I picked it up, yet now its the perfect mix of orangey and lemony aromas.

Overall I feel like it was a perfect Lush haul, and I’m already in love with so many of the products (insert heart eye emoji here)

Hope you have a stellar day!

Outfit of the Day!

Hello lovelies!

Its me again! I’m trying to be a better blogger and put out more regular content hehe 😛 I think today I get a gold star!

The weather was very deceiving today, as it was very sunny and light out, but the wind had a crisp chill to it. So of course when life offers you beautiful lighting, its time for an outfit of the day post!


I felt very very, hippie chic today. Not sure if that ties together well, but I love it!

My Hoodie and shorts are both from H&M. The top is sort of a light knit texture, so it keeps me protected from the sun but is also light and airy.

And my shorts are high wasted acid wash. They are also stretchy, making them hands down, the most comfortable high wasted jean shorts ever!

My sunglasses are also from H&M , and my little flats are Denver Hayes. They are the MOST comfortable flats I’ve ever owned (a close second are my Toms :P)

Have a lovely Friday!



Beachy Blond Hair Care 💋

Hello lovely people!

One of my favorite styles of all time in the summer is beachy, sunkissed hair!
The whole look, wearing cut off jeans, a cute T-shirt, and golden locks flowing in the wind.
The only downfall to this look is it takes  a while to achieve it. Actually being out in the sun for hours a day is sometimes not possible. The other option I tried, maybe 2 years ago was the whole lemon juice trend, and we all know how damaging that actually is for your hair.
I would like to personally apologize to my hair for those tragic couple of months back in the day. 
Technically any lightening of your hair is bad, but I found a way to do it without the split ends and the crustiness 😛

Here is my hair color with partial lightening as of tonight .
(Mind you my hair is lightened by hair dye as well as natural sun)



My favorite product to use that helps along the lightening process is the ‘Casting Sunkiss Healthy Look’ by Loreal. It claims to be ‘sunshine in a bottle’ and I actually agree!
The first time I bought this I was sure I fell into a gimick. But as I kept using it I noticed the difference.
I applied it in sections first for highlights in my hair, then applied all over for a fuller affect.


First off, it smells like summer, sunscreen and fresh air. Who wouldn’t want their hair to smell like that?
And secondly, it actually does nourish you hair while adding a sunkissed affect to it. 
My other secret weapon with it is using a heat protector if I’m activating it with a hair dryer rather than sunshine. It is so important to protect your lovely locks. (Even if its just a little bit of heat a day it can really add up!)

The heat protector I am using is for colored hair, and it is by AG. It also smells like orange creamsicle, which was an important selling factor for me 😉

Following up the hairdrying, I like to give my hair a good drink, so I am sure to use a hair oil and/or a leave in conditioner. The ones I am using now is the Aveeno Positively Nourishing Leave in Conditioner, and a coconut hair oil by inecto. This just adds a lovely healthy shine to your hair, and a delightful tropical scent.


That is my full beachy hair care routine! I will be sure to keep you updated on any new discoveries!
As always thank you for reading!