Artwork Update: Airbrushing! ðŸŽ¨

Hello everyone! Remember me? …. maybe?

Well I’m back to share what I’ve been so busy working on (and essentially what’s been taking up my time causing me to *ahem* …neglect this blog 😅)

I started Airbrushing classes in school and time just seems to fly by. It’s been the most incredible time of my life and I still can’t believe that I’m so lucky I get to go to school for this. 😆

I’ve been posting a lot on my Instagram but I have completely forgotten to share here. I know a few of you follow me but in case you don’t my Insta is @missmmua 😘

Learning airbrushing has been the most difficult task so far but the most rewarding. I’m still SO new to it, so if you’re a pro, yes I know these aren’t amazing or industry standards yet but they are huge accomplishments for me 😆 I love learning it, especially because I have a great teacher who is so knowledgeable in her field and will always be honest with how your work looks.

A•I•R ~ B•R•U•S•H

Starting from my first time Airbrushing the body, to my most recent creation.

(Like I said… not a pro, I just like using platforms to keep track of my progress 😊)

I can totally see a pink/purple/blue theme happening 😂 I’ll have to work on trying more colours. I just happen to love that colour combo and it’s the colour palette I’m using for my final exam so the more practice with it the better right? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Outfit For A Day on the Boat ðŸ³

Hello loves!

I know the first day of summer isn’t for another month, but today feels pretty darn close!

We are going on the first boat ride of the season today and I am so excited. 🐳

I really am a country girl at heart and going out into nature is my favourite way to unplug, relax, and find some quiet time.

I wanted to do a quick little outfit of the day since I’m wearing one of my favourite lazy-lounging outfits. Does anyone else have that? Outfits that are super comfy but dressier than sweats or PJ’s? I feel like I always go for them. 😆

I am also just realized that I’m basically dressed head to toe in H&M or Forever 21. 😅

No makeup day today. 😘

Hat: H&M

Jean Shirt: Forever 21

Pink T-shirt: H&M

Sweat Pants: Forever 21

Shoes: Denver Hayes

Watch: Fit Bit (gotta count those steps!)

Time to hit the water! 🐳🎉

If you live in Canada I hope you have a fabulous May Long Weekend 😊

And everyone else in the world have a wonderful Saturday too!


The Ordinary Skincare Brand Review

Hello loves!

Today I wanted to chat about a new skin care purchase of mine.

Since I’ve been going to school I’ve been exposed to so many new products and beauty brands. Along with that, I am so lucky to be surrounded by very knowledgeable people in terms of makeup, skincare and beauty in general.

The one brand that stood out as a winner for everyone was The Ordinary. I had never tried them before or even heard of them. My first assumption was that it must cost a pretty penny if it works that well for everybody and can be found in beauty boutiques. That’s where I was wrong! It is by far one of the most affordable skin care lines I’ve seen. I bought these 2 items without breaking the bank.

The item I wanted most was the Caffeine Solution. It was raved about as a holy grail for everyone so I had to see what the hype was all about. Basically how it works is: the caffeine stimulates the blood flow under your eyes reducing the darkness, and reducing any puffiness. Quite genius when you think about it, it’s like an extra shot of espresso for your under eyes. Rise and shine! ☀️

The other serum that I bought is called ‘Buffet’. The name really explains it all as it is a buffet of amazing ingredients. It’s an anti-aging serum that contains Peptides, Probiotics, Amino Acids, the list goes on! While I am still young and not needing to worry about anti-aging products yet, it also helps with many other things like the elasticity in your skin. It is a deep moisturizer containing Hyaluronic Acid, and also helps with the overall texture of your skin.

So, now we get to the really good stuff. I’ve been using it for roughly a week and a half. At first I wondered how quickly I’d see any results (if any). It’s hard when you see yourself every day, so you don’t always notice a difference. I started to notice my usual hormonal breakouts were not as bad, and the blemishes disappeared quicker. Once you apply it, you can feel it work all day/ all night. It sinks deep into the skin instead of sitting on top, or disappearing like other serums do.

The caffeine solution has done as promised and so far my under-eyes look a whole lot healthier and brighter. When allergy season hits I often get itchy swollen eyes. I have been noticing that the caffeine solutions helps reduce the swelling, and has slowly diminished the dark circles. Not only is that great for my self confidence, but it’s made wearing my contacts more comfortable which is an odd discovery!

I apply moisturizer after letting the solution sink in and it feels amazing. I read some reviews of people saying it dried out their under eye, but I haven’t found it to do that at all. I think because I do apply my moisturizers after the serum, it might help. 🤷🏼‍♀️😁

I was also intrigued by the style of packaging they come in. The glass dropper makes it easy to apply and the glass tip is very cold and soothing when I apply it under my eye. I’m not sure if that’s the intended purpose but that’s how I’m enjoying it. 😂

Each bottle contains a whopping 30 ml, and a little goes a very long way. In terms of price, product quality, and packaging this line of skin care is a winner.

The Caffeine Solution retails at $6.70 CAD, and Buffet at $14.80 CAD.

I would love to know if anyone else has heard of this brand? I have to credit my lovely classmates for telling me about this brand! ❤️ you ladies are a rad bunch. 😘

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Saturday! 💋


How I Style My Room in January â¤ï¸

It’s a new year! Hello my lovelies! 💕

My bedroom really is the centre of my life. Not to say that in an anti-social sort of way, but in a way that it’s the one place I think we can agree we feel the most calm. At least that’s where I believe we should feel most calm.

When the New Year comes around I often take it as inspiration to redecorate and freshen up my room. I want my room to be the perfect work and chill space.

I hate the feeling of taking down all the beautiful Christmas lights and being left with *ahem* much less exciting decor.

So I thought I would share how I redecorate and style my room for January, keeping the positive vibes going you could say 😛

To start out I love having new bedding! I received a new Duvet cover and pillow slips for Christmas this year, as well as a beautiful fuzzy throw blanket. It was a no brainer that my redecorating would include both.

I love pillows but I always keep myself to a maximum of 3 or 4.

Along with new bedding, I am always looking for fun new ways to decorate and store all my knick knacks. I was recently given a vintage style cake holder, and am using it to hold my perfumes (while there are no cakes to put on it)

I also tend to keep my room full of positive quotes and energy. 💕

While Christmas is over for everyone , in Canada winter is just beginning! I tend to keep around a few winter themed statement pieces, and I will keep my lights up for a bit longer.

I am a sucker for vintage decor, hence why my room has a overall very traditional feel to it.

At my desk I try and keep it clean and de-cluttered. This is where I work on my blog or just watch YouTube. I love succulents and I believe they can really add life to a room. One of my friends gave me these adorable Air Plants for Christmas and I immediately fell in love. It’s nice having that little touch of life in your room.

This is usually when I take a break from candles (meaning I’m not burning 5 at once lol) and move towards lighter scents. This is a pear and ginger scented candle by Aromabotanical. ❤️

I like my room to be as organized and peaceful as my mindset going into the New Year. It’s a tacky saying (I know), but I honestly live by it!

I hope everyone is having a tranquil new year so far!


My Week In Instagram Photos ðŸ’•

So many festive feels this week! ❤️🎄

I know this is my second Instagram post in a row, I promise I have new amazing content coming soon! 💕💕💕 thank you for sticking through this dry spell!

If anyone is wondering my Instagram handle is missm_w, and I just post a lot of flat lays and fashion, all of it is my own photography 📷

I’d love to follow everyone from here so leave a comment and let me know you’re from WordPress! I’ll follow you back! I’m very new to the whole Instagram blogging thing so I want to get caught up! 😁

Also that is indeed the Lush 12 Days of Christmas gift box 🎁 and yes a review will be coming soon for it! 🎉

How is your week going so far?

Fun question of the week: My brother thinks you should wait until December 1st before you drink any eggnog or listen to Christmas music. Do you agree?

(I’m on the opposing side since I’ve already been listening to Christmas music a bit and had eggnog :p)

My Week in Instagram Pics

Hello everyone! 😘

A picture can say a thousand worlds…. excuse for that cliche haha. But really, these picture posts are one of my absolute favourites to do, so if you’re not interested in seeing a bit more into my life this may not be your jam. However if you like looking at random aesthetically pleasing pictures, you’re in the right place!

~ Sunday to Sunday ~


I think because it’s been such a dreadful week weather wise, getting to work on something like photography has really brightened it up! Whether it’s my best camera being used, or a quick outfit snap I’ve been really loving it. I hope you enjoy this little post too. Not all of the pictures are brand new, like I said Instagram is fairly new to me on the blogging front.

Anyhoo happy Monday Munchkins! 😛

Let me know if you like seeing these posts 🙂

My instagram handle is missm_w if anyone is interested 😄


Stormy Sunday Outfit Of the Day â˜”️

Hello loves!

I was greeted with blustery weather today and did not want to leave bed! 💤

However, one heroic mug of coffee later and here I am!

Excuse my chippy polish, I’m very overdue for a manicure!

On days like this I giggle because I feel like I roll out of bed, and then find an outfit that is as cozy as possible to feel like I’ve never left! Does anyone feel that way?

To start, I’ve been living in my chunky knit sweater from Forever 21. It’s slightly cropped but still long enough to cover the stomach and feel cozy.

Next I am loving my fingerless gloves! As always if you’re a photographer, or anything that requires nimble fingers these gloves are the way to go.

Lastly are a few items that are my makeup favourites.

The e.l.f lipstick in the shade ‘Praline’. The perfect cool tone nude.

E.l.f eyeshadow trio in ‘Brown Bonanza’.

Last but not least my Matt and Nat wallet, and some cute 90’s-ish palm tree beaded earrings.

Have a fabulous Sunday everyone and I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Autumn Outfit Of The Day💕

Hello loves!

It’s another chilly fall day and I thought I’d share what I decided to wear today 🙂

I’ve really been loving flat lays lately and trying to learn more on how to do them. Let me know any of your tips or tricks on how to do them, I’d love to hear from you!

I’m such a lucky girl in that all these clothes are thrift items! (Except my glasses) 😮 I don’t know how I get so lucky that I find or are given these clothes 💕

Basically I’ve been living in my Hollister sweater for the months of October and now in November. To match I’m wearing Hollister jeans with beautiful embroidery and rips all down the legs. Despite what my mum says, yes I’m still warm wearing them 😛

Usually to top it off I’ll chuck on a scarf or a snood to tie all the coziness together.

Let me know if you enjoy these fashion type posts!

And what have you been living in this Fall/Winter!

Thanks for reading!


Sunday Apple Festival

Hello lovely people!

This weekend was the Apple Festival in my quiet little town. Not only was this a special occasion because my Aunty is up visiting from the states, but it is the first time I truly felt immersed in the magic of the Autumn season this year.

It was a cloudy day, and rather grey as the clouds threatened to rain, but it held off for the time that we ventured out. My Mum, Aunty and I, all bundled up and hopped in the car excited for our little tourist time in our own town.

We were delighted to see just how many people from our little community were out and about, enjoying everything from caramel apples, to the delightful apple butter being turned over a hot coal fire. Many onlookers stood around in hope of catching a whiff of the tangy sweet scent. Others stood by, merely looking for good stoop to warm their hands.


After following our noses all over the festival, we decided to have ourselves a little apple tasting. I had no idea just how many kinds of apples exist in the world. And to think the ones we tried are only a small fraction of them!




Just when we thought this festival was a one trick pony, we were surprised  and delighted all over again. That delightful surprise was pastry!


I’m not going to lie. This was probably one of the best cinnamon buns I have had in my life. If a delicious buttery cinnamon bun, had made sweet love to a crisp fall apple, this would be their flaky, caramelized love child.

Basically the festival was one big taste test on everything delicious and Autumnal. One of the local stores was there serving up soup samplers for $5, and when you decided the one you like, you got a free cup of your choice soup. I picked the Beet and fennel soup, but it was a hard victory over the Moroccan Chicken.



Cheers everyone! Hot soup on a chilly day. There’s nothing better!


It was truly heart warming to walk around and take in the cheer from all the locals. Easily making acquaintances with a nice lady on the beach, kindly snapping a photo of my Aunty and I. I even shared a little cheers moment with another stranger as we both enjoyed our cinnamon buns, saluting each other with our pastries.

The day overall was just a wonderful occasion and so festive. The trees were rich in color despite the dull grey sky, and the cheer of having loved ones close kept us warm and toasty the whole day.

Cheers to everyone who came out and put it together!





Autumnal Lush Haul!

Hello lovely peeps!

By golly it only feels like yesterday I was excitedly typing away about Lush releasing their Fall/Halloween collection. Here we are again, and I am more excited than ever to show you what I indulged in this year!

I didn’t order everything from the new collection, (just for budgeting sake). That includes some items such as shower gels and soaps that I know I already own way too much of. I know, I know, you can never own too much Lush, but this girl own enough soap to bathe the whole town.

Also, some items aren’t part of the Fall collection, but I just relate them to Autumn, and this time of year.

On with the show!


  • I’ll start off withe the cutie in the corner, that being my Boo bath melt. I might be alone in this, but this cute little bath melt gets me all nostalgic when I used to play the Haunted Carousel on Mario 64, and the little Boo ghosts would chase you around. Aside from being freaking adorable, they have a light scent perfect for a calming bath. Hints of Bergamot and citrus wrap you up in a milky blanket.


  • The second must have, no exceptions on my Autumn Lush list was of course the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar. Its equal parts delicious and sparkly. This little guy can take my mood from zero to one hundred in just one bath. A mix of citrus and juniper berry gives it almost a candy scent, with fluffy bouncy bubbles to cover up your woes.


I felt as if it needed its own individual photo just to capture the true magic that is the sparkly pumpkin.

  • The karma bubble bar is a long living love affair of mine. The deep shades of purple with elegant touches of gold lure me in every single time! The scent is more of an acquired smell to be honest. Some say it smells like laundry detergent, but mor so its an elegant mix of patchouli and lemongrass. 
  • Lord of Misrule, more like Lord of my heart! Last year I fell in love with this delightfully mysterious bath bomb. Its a show made up of green and red. Not Christmas red, but deep Merlot red
  • The Fizzbanger bath bomb is my other top fall necessity. Thank goodness it is in store year round because I just can’t get enough of it! No matter what time of year it is, I can’t resist grabbing one…or 3 😁 It is made up of all my favorite citrus and apple scents. And there is more than merts the eye, what looks like a plain yellow bath bomb has a great surprise inside when emersed in hot water. 

     â€¢ Pumpkin bathbomb is truly the answer to all of out autumnal prayers. When I read that it was pumpkin spice scented I just knew it would be one of the most popular bath bombs this year, and I did not hesitate to add an extra to my cart. 🎃
    • Autumn leaf was the wild card for me in this haul. It caught my eye just from the fact that it wasn’t round like your typical bath ballistic. But it truly was love at first sniff. It has a  gentle rustic scent, but a hint of greenery (like in guardian of the forest). The layers of color in it truly make a spectacular color show, much like the changing leaves on all the trees outside. 🍁🍂🍃
    • Monster ball. The cutest of cute. Who wouldn’t love this adorable one eyed little fella? I thoughts for sure it would be a sweet scent, but I was delightfully surprised to pick up hints of rose and citrus!
    • Last but certainly not least, is Guardian Of the Forest. By far one of the most interesting Lush scents I have smelled to this day. And I love it! It really does smell like fresh greenery from the forest. Or better put, a fresh cut lawn. Some of you may be thinking ‘wow I have no interest of bathing in that’, but if you’re in the lush store just give it a sniff, and give it a chance. It is an acquired scent for sure, but it honestly grew on me so quick, and now I love it! Second time purchasing! 🌲🌱🍃
    Thank you for reading! Always a joy to write about a lush haul!