Lush Haul ❤️ Trying New Goodies

Hello loves!

Feels like I’m finally back with fun blog posts after such a creativity drought!

I feel refreshed and so happy to be back! January has already been amazing and I cannot wait for the coming year. 2018 will be my year!


To celebrate I went and indulged in a little *not so little* Lush haul. They were still having their ‘2 for 1’ deal on Christmas products, but I only snagged a couple Snow Angel bath bombs. Everything else was fairly picked through and really there was only like one shower gel left.

Enough chatter, onto the haul!



I am extra lucky because this haul was basically possible because of my boyfriend and the lovely gift card he gave me for my birthday, so thanks babe! 😛

I felt like there were lots of items that I hadn’t tried in a long time, or just flat out forgot existed. So my fave originals are:

Ickle Baby Bot


Milky Bar

These cuties are so simple but delicious. I used to pick these up almost every time I would nip into a Lush shop. Then between Halloween and Christmas excitement I forgot all about them!

They all have very simple scents to them, making them an easy choice for any bath time. Twilight is very sweet, Ickle Baby Bot is luxurious lavender, and Milky bar is a wonderful fresh scent.


I also picked up some returning favourites like Butterball and Marilyn (hair mask <3)

Specifically I do want to rave about their hot oil hair treatments for a second. When you buy them, they come on the stick as pictured. Once you add the hot water and stir, it transforms into a creamy amazing mask.


I said this before, but with the solid masks you can store them in old Lush pots and re use for later. You don’t have to use all the mask in one go, and you can re-activate with a dash of hot water.

For hair masks I picked up 2, one of them being Marilyn and the other is called Damaged.  I thought it would be great for keeping my hair moisturized despite the crappy cold weather. If its as good as Marilyn I am in for a great treat!


The last one I want to rave about is Sex Bomb. Until now I didn’t quite get the hype about it and I don’t know why. This little bundle of love is so beautiful and I cannot wait to see what captivating surprises are inside. The funny thing is I bought this a long time ago, so long I’ve completely forgotten what it looked and smelled like!

I will leave a full list below of what I got 🙂

Who else is already excited for the Valentines day collection?


Snow Angel

Milky Bar


Sex Bomb


Ickle Baby Bot

Marilyn Hair Mask

Damaged Hair Mask


Lush 12 Days of Christmas unboxing 🎁

Hello everyone! And Happy December! 🎄 I can’t quite wrap my head around it yet, but I can feel the countdown is on! December is my favourite month (not just because of my birthday hehe) but because of all the festivities and family getting together ❤️

I was dancing with excitement when I got my Lush 12 Days of Christmas in the mail. Now I felt a tad silly because I had convinced myself that this product was an advant calendar, which it is not. It is in fact a gift box that happens to be filled with 12 fabulous Lush goodies of all varieties. I wasn’t disappointed at all, if fact I was a bit excited that I got to smell EVERYTHING and get a first impression all at once.

So without further ado this is the lovely Lush 12 Days of Christmas Gift Box

Lush does such an amazing job with their packaging, it’s almost impossible to ever recycle any of it! They do state that this is a reusable hat box, so I will definitely be reusing it.

What’s inside?

I was so pleasantly surprised to see that the Lush pre packaging had a little makeover. Any soft items is are sealed in recyclable plastic, which stopped any wear or tear on them, which was one of my only pet peeves with ordering online.

Everything smells amazing in this box, and it’s truly a wonderful gift for anyone (including yourself 😜) It’s filled will all the classic Lush treats that we all know and love, as well as some new ones that will steal your heart!

For a full list of names and ingredients you can find them HERE 🎅

I have to say my 3 favourites so far from the box are: Golden Pear Soap , Santa’s Christmas shower cream, and Shoot for the Stars bah bomb.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by! 😊


Another Lush Adventure 🐳

Hello lovely people!

Ooh a lush haul, didn’t see that one coming did ya?

Okay, you got me, I’m pretty easy to predict in some cases. It has been 3 months I do believe since my last Lush splurge, and that my friends, had just been way too long.

I am aware it seems a wee bit excessive, but the products last me that long so why the heck not? Plus I know all of us out there love to browse and read reviews on our favorite products so here you are!

I do note, that all of these products are new to me. None of them are a repeat buy and I think that is pretty cool!

January Lush Haul


Oooh, ahh. With the magic of editing I’ve made a very easy to follow chart of wonders!

And, I will list a link to each product at the bottom in case any pop out at you. Just to make it easier and I appreciate y’all so much!

After sniffing my way through the order I was able to identify my favorite scents right away. My top five were: Floating Island (yummy marshmallow scented), Milky Bar (a lovely mix of lavender and orange oil), Twilight (deliciously sweet candy), Karma (orange and patchouli), and lastly, Sex bomb (a sweet, yet floral scent).

This isn’t to say I did not like the other scents, these ones just honestly stuck out the most to me!

The product I am most excited to use honestly is the Golden Handshake hot hand mask. It makes a lot of wonderful promises of softness and moisturizing (hello holy grail), and I am very keen to get me some soft velvety hands.


I’ll be sure to have a wonderful review up as soon as I can!

Thank you again for your time!

Products listed as promised 🙂


Ickle Baby Bot

Sex Bomb


Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds


Floating Island

Shimmy Shimmy

You’ve been Mangoed

No Drought


Milky Bath

Cup O’ Coffee

Golden Handshake

Guardian of the Forest