June Ipsy Bag!

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing on this lovely day?

With the whole pandemic happening I put a pause on any unnecessary spending for about 3 months. I did this mostly to save just in case anything happened, but I’m not even sure how much I really saved because my makeup budget turned into a snack budget real fast 😂

When I saw that little pink parcel in the mail I was over the moon. What’s that song again?

🎶 Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favourite things. 🎶 … but pink instead of brown… you get the picture lol

I did something I never usually do and had a sneak peak of my bag when Ipsy released the lpreviews. I was so happy with what I saw it definitely fuelled my anticipation.

The bag they came out with this month is so cute! I love the bright yellow colour as it immediately makes me think of summer. And the pattern is just so fun! I’ll definitely be using this to pack all my little Knick Knacks in.

I’ll start with what I was looking forward to the most, and that was the perfume Juliette Has a Gun, in the scent Vanilla Vibes.

Ipsy has never sent me a perfume that I didn’t love. They’re always such a good size sample too, it tends to last me a really long time!

The funny part is that I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect summer scent. Something light and fresh that captures the essence of summer. Then Ipsy sent me this, and I was immediately in love. It was literally the exact scent I’ve been looking for. Usually perfume is just plain overpowering for me but this is honestly just the right combination. It also just smells really good on me, like it goes well with my body chemistry… does that make sense? It’s a thing right? 😂

Anyway I 100% plan on buying a full sized bottle once I’ve gone through the sample. And that is really saying something! They always get the perfume right with me.

Honestly if you’re ever unhappy with your Ipsy bag it’s a good idea to re-do the quiz because

a) It’s just a fun quiz to take in general and

b) It will totally change your bag to what you actually want and are going to get use out of.

Moving on!

The other product I was most excited for was the #inmo Cosmetics Velveteen Dream Shadow in the shade Kween Bee. Starting with the packaging I was obsessed. The little illustration on the front made me think of a Sailor Moon character.

For the actual shadow, I am always drawn to gold shimmers, they look amazing on any eye colour and skin tone. Unlike other shimmery shadows, this one actually applies amazing and the brush picks it up perfectly. Hardly any fallout and true to colour. Nothing more I could want! It’ll be at the top of my giant collection of gold eyeshadows!

I was very happy to receive the Youth To The People moisturizing cream as I have never tried the brand before. Supposedly this cream is filled with a whole list of superfoods including kale. 🤔 It can be used all over your face, or as a spot treatment for under your eyes. It’s a whipped consistency so it feels light on your skin but leaves you hydrated. I’m using it mostly for my under eyes and since it’s not very heavy, nor is it scented, it feels very refreshing.

Next this in my bag was the lipstick from Real Her cosmetics.

Honestly something about miniature lipstick just makes me so happy. Most people would probably say this shade is nothing to write home about, but to me it is the exact colour that matches my natural lip perfectly. It enhances the natural colour of my lips beautifully 👄 It’s not the longest lasting formula but it feels very comfortable on the lips, as it’s not drying or too smudgy.

Lastly was the Kohl eyeliner by Sugar. I’ll start by saying I’ve never found an eyeliner pencil that has worked for me outside of Makeup Forever or Mac. Unless it’s luxury quality it tends to melt down my eyes immediately… and that’s definitely what happened here. I was looking like a member from Kiss at the end of the day and it was not working on me 😂 I will be sanitizing and putting this is my kit so it won’t be a total loss!

Well I really loved this Ipsy bag and I’m already excited for next months bag 🤩

Does anyone else get Ipsy? I want to know how you’re getting on with your June bag ?

November and December Ipsy bags!

Hello there! It’s me, I’m back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a Merry Christmas!

Today I wanted to share with you my November/December Ipsy bags and reviews. Writing this a bit later than usual gave me some time to really use everything and form an honest opinion, which I like!

Here is the November bag!


Novembers bag channeled the hype leading up to Christmas. Full of delightful velvet reds, and peachy blushes this bag really impressed me.

A little moment for advice, if you are an Ipsy user and you aren’t feeling very satisfied with your glam bags, by all means go onto your Ipsy account and take the survey again and tweak it! For a couple of my bags I wasn’t exactly thrilled with them and was beginning to think ‘Is this really worth it still?’. I went onto the site and changed a few things, now I’m so ecstatic all over again!


I will start with the two items that I have used almost daily this season and that is the Ciate London Liquid Velvet Lipstick in the shade  ‘Diva’, and the LAQA and CO. B’Lighter in the shade ‘Peachers Daughter’.

The Ciate lipstick in the most perfect Christmas red. It dries down, and is totally matte! The color is very pigmented, and it does transfer a bit, but isn’t a big problem if you don’t mind kissy marks on your cups and other things 😛

The B’Lighter was something new to me but I loved it instantly. It is a cream blush and highlight mixed together. The color is a peachy pink with a golden sheen, perfect for imitating the flush of a crisp winter walk, minus a runny nose.

The next item that I have already used up was the Mad Lash mascara from The Balm cosmetics. I knew I would adore it, since I have loved every other The Balm products I’ve been lucky enough to score. Even more excited to see my local drugstore has started to bring it it! Yay!

By far the most interesting item in my bag was the Luxie 524T brush. Its very light and feathery to the touch, whilst being more dense than the average highlighting brush. I’m still finding the perfect use for it in my beauty routine.

The last luxurious item in my bag was the Hey Honey Good Morning facial serum. Unfortunately as I received this in my Ipsy bag, I had just begun to use the Moisture Surge Mask from Clinique. So, whilst it is nonetheless a lovely serum, it doesn’t quite stand up to my Clinique Moisture surge.

Novembers Ipsy bag was a winters dream, I’m giving it an 8 out of 10!

Onto Decembers bag…


Just as I had said earlier, If you feel unsatisfied wit your bag, the best thing you can do is go into your Ipsy account and do the quiz over again. My December bag is proof of that miracle!



First thing to catch my eye was the highlighter/eye shadow from OFRA cosmetics. I have never tried anything from them before, but many of my beauty idols on Youtube rave about them. As you can imagine I was (and still am) beyond excited to add it straight into my makeup bag. The shade I got is called ‘Bliss’, and it is a captivating metallic nude. Its so pigmented, and glides onto the skin like velvet. I rocked this eye shadow for New Years Eve and it lasted me all night!

Of course the other packaging to instantly catch my eye was Tarte! I received the Maracuja Oil, a miracle oil you apply at night to dry skin after your night time cleansing routine. So far I have noticed a positive change in my skin. Especially with all the cold weather we have had here in Canada, a deep moisturizer is exactly what you need at the end of the day. It has kept my skin soft but not oily, even all throughout the night.

The most interesting item in my bad was the INSPR dual brow highlight. It comes with a neutral baby pink shade, and a shimmer pearl  shade. Both colors are beautiful, and I am even tempted to try them out as eye shadows and eye shadow primers.

As per usual Ipsy provided another kick ass eyeliner, this time by the brand Aurora. It is a beautiful dark brown shade, and is a felt tip liner, so it looks almost like a felt pen. My mum eyed it up instantly so I gave to her! 🙂 I am more of a jet black liner kinda gal for liquid liners. But I did swatch it and it is beautiful and insanely long lasting.

Lastly but not least was a small sample of cream from the brand Symphony Beauty. It is called snow cream, and is by far the most interesting hand cream I have ever felt. Its clear, and mousse textured at the same time. When you feel it, it is icy cold to touch, but melts instantly into your skin. Just like snow! A very cute touch to this months bag!


And that was November and Decembers Ipsy bags! I know it was a long wait but thanks for bearing with me! 🙂

More blog posts in the process and on the way, I promise! 😀

As always thanks for your time!


September Ipsy Bag!

Hello lovely peeps!

This months Ipsy bag was channeling some serious glam power, and I love it! 

Its almost as if stating ‘September is no boring month. Hear me roar!’. It certainly brightened my month receiving this bag. 


Its cute and simple, but also chic. And the items in the bag follow along that theme. Simple but amazing, and very neseccary to any glam gal! (Or guy!)

I say it every month, but I am never dissapointed with these bags, and they just continue to get better! 


💋The first item I grabbed out was the sweet lips lip balm. Its an organic honey lip balm and it went straight into my handbag. Its moisturizing but not slick or slimey. And it has a faint honey flavor which is another key to a good lip balm (for me) so you do not end up with any weird flavors in your mouth 😂

💋 The second thing to wander out of my September Ipsy bag was the ‘Renewing Mud Mask’ by Whish. I haven’t used it yet but I have a) smelled it and it smells very lightly of roses, and b) noticed it is cruelty free, thus continuing my praise train on this product!

💋 This item I am so exited about, and that is the Contour brush from Crown. It is the one brush I don’t own, and once again Ipsy has  been psychic and sent it to me! 😛 

💋 Another psychic item from Ipsy is the Trestique highlighter stick. I had a major blond moment among seeing this item thinking ‘oh no the lid fell off in the bag!’…no, no it did not Missy. That’s just the way the lid looks. But besides my own little blooper reel, the highlighter is gorgeous. Its very cool toned and is well suited to the fast approaching cold months. 

💋 Last but certainty not least is the Tarte Lash Paint aka mascara. I did squal a bit upon seeing a tarte product in  my bag. I have not tried it yet, as I’m still so in love with my mascara from Makeup Forever. But I think today will be a good test run day for it. The packaging alone is hypnotic enough to have me in love with it. 😍

Of course, setting the mood for this whole blog post is my favorite candle at the moment ❤


‘Sweater Weather’ from Bath and Body works is ruling my world at the moment. I did a recent cheeky order from there getting all the fall necessities for the next couple months. Even a few Christmas pre orders snuck their way in.

I hope you’re all having a superb day, and as per usual thank you so much for stopping by and reading! Let me know what you think of this months Ipsy bag!