June Ipsy Bag!

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing on this lovely day?

With the whole pandemic happening I put a pause on any unnecessary spending for about 3 months. I did this mostly to save just in case anything happened, but I’m not even sure how much I really saved because my makeup budget turned into a snack budget real fast 😂

When I saw that little pink parcel in the mail I was over the moon. What’s that song again?

🎶 Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favourite things. 🎶 … but pink instead of brown… you get the picture lol

I did something I never usually do and had a sneak peak of my bag when Ipsy released the lpreviews. I was so happy with what I saw it definitely fuelled my anticipation.

The bag they came out with this month is so cute! I love the bright yellow colour as it immediately makes me think of summer. And the pattern is just so fun! I’ll definitely be using this to pack all my little Knick Knacks in.

I’ll start with what I was looking forward to the most, and that was the perfume Juliette Has a Gun, in the scent Vanilla Vibes.

Ipsy has never sent me a perfume that I didn’t love. They’re always such a good size sample too, it tends to last me a really long time!

The funny part is that I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect summer scent. Something light and fresh that captures the essence of summer. Then Ipsy sent me this, and I was immediately in love. It was literally the exact scent I’ve been looking for. Usually perfume is just plain overpowering for me but this is honestly just the right combination. It also just smells really good on me, like it goes well with my body chemistry… does that make sense? It’s a thing right? 😂

Anyway I 100% plan on buying a full sized bottle once I’ve gone through the sample. And that is really saying something! They always get the perfume right with me.

Honestly if you’re ever unhappy with your Ipsy bag it’s a good idea to re-do the quiz because

a) It’s just a fun quiz to take in general and

b) It will totally change your bag to what you actually want and are going to get use out of.

Moving on!

The other product I was most excited for was the #inmo Cosmetics Velveteen Dream Shadow in the shade Kween Bee. Starting with the packaging I was obsessed. The little illustration on the front made me think of a Sailor Moon character.

For the actual shadow, I am always drawn to gold shimmers, they look amazing on any eye colour and skin tone. Unlike other shimmery shadows, this one actually applies amazing and the brush picks it up perfectly. Hardly any fallout and true to colour. Nothing more I could want! It’ll be at the top of my giant collection of gold eyeshadows!

I was very happy to receive the Youth To The People moisturizing cream as I have never tried the brand before. Supposedly this cream is filled with a whole list of superfoods including kale. 🤔 It can be used all over your face, or as a spot treatment for under your eyes. It’s a whipped consistency so it feels light on your skin but leaves you hydrated. I’m using it mostly for my under eyes and since it’s not very heavy, nor is it scented, it feels very refreshing.

Next this in my bag was the lipstick from Real Her cosmetics.

Honestly something about miniature lipstick just makes me so happy. Most people would probably say this shade is nothing to write home about, but to me it is the exact colour that matches my natural lip perfectly. It enhances the natural colour of my lips beautifully 👄 It’s not the longest lasting formula but it feels very comfortable on the lips, as it’s not drying or too smudgy.

Lastly was the Kohl eyeliner by Sugar. I’ll start by saying I’ve never found an eyeliner pencil that has worked for me outside of Makeup Forever or Mac. Unless it’s luxury quality it tends to melt down my eyes immediately… and that’s definitely what happened here. I was looking like a member from Kiss at the end of the day and it was not working on me 😂 I will be sanitizing and putting this is my kit so it won’t be a total loss!

Well I really loved this Ipsy bag and I’m already excited for next months bag 🤩

Does anyone else get Ipsy? I want to know how you’re getting on with your June bag ?

January Ipsy bag

Hello loves! Happy new year to all (I’m only 28 days late, what?)  

How is the new year treating everyone so far? 

This months Ipsy came and I was so excited to share with you what I got! I don’t know why I was especially excited this month to receive it, but I just could not wait.  Plus nothing gets me more giddy than seeing that shiny pink packaging in my post box! 

On to it! 

This was the first month where one item was actually too big to fit the bag, and that was the beautiful Rose Gold tweezers from the brand “The Vintage Cosmetic Company”. 

I must say, I have never seen such a majestic pair of tweezers. I’m not exactly a tweeter buff, so gauging its quality off my opinion might not be the most accurate, however, I can say that they are precise and do the job right! They are just a nice pair of tweezers, especially in comparison to the plain little silver ones from the drugstore 😛 

The next item was the Smashbox Camera ready BB cream, with SPF 15. The first thing I noticed was the texture. It’s a much thicker BB cream than Clinique or The L’Oréal Dream fresh (my go to’s), which made me intrigued since it has a higher coverage while still soaking in and moisturizing like a traditional BB cream. Then, unfortunately, the second thing I noticed was that it was about 2 shades too dark for my skin. (I think a few people who received this had the same problem) Just for right now at least. I am very fair to start with, and it is also January. Perhaps if it was August and I had been out in the sun more it would be a different story … alas, I like the formula a lot, but just wish the colour matched! 

The next item I have already used twice and really enjoy is the pūr~lisse blue lotus seed mud mask. I love the texture of this mask because of how thin it is, but as to wear it you can feel it actively exfoliating and detoxifying. I like the feeling of my face masks actively cleansing, if that makes any sense. For example warming masks, or a tingly mask, those are ones I enjoy. I do admit the tingling sensation this mask provides is quite intense upon first applying it, but is never painful. You just feel it really working on your pores. I rate this product so highly, I will be on the lookout for the full size. 

The one swatchable item I received this month was the Naked Cosmetics eyeshadow in Desert Sunset. I’ll start with my positive thoughts. I think the colour of this pigment is stunning. In some light it appears more coppery and deep, in others it looks roses and gentle. It’s a colour that I will search just to look at even though I don’t plan on walearing it. The slightly less positive note I have, is , because it is a pigment it gets absolutely everywhere. The fallout from using it is just all over the face. When I do use it, I will do my eyeshadow first before my foundation because I have to clean up my underwater and cheeks so much. The colour however, when paired with a primer is phenomenal. 

Lastly but not least I was chuffed to see a little Rimmel Kate Moss shining in my bag. Everyone knows my love for the Kate Moss line of lipsticks from Rimmel (I wrote a whole blog post about them ) so I was excited to try something from them that I had never tried before. I got a clear lip balm from them, and I’m very impressed! I typically would turn to Burts Bees or eos for a lip balm, but I quite enjoy having a balm in the same shape as a lipstick. It’s so easy to throw on while on the go. The formula is light and smooth, thus safely avoiding any gunky build up around the mouth. It has quickly been promoted to a spot in my hand bag. 

Thank you for reading as always and I hope your January has been off to a wonderful start! 😊