My Post Workout Routine

Hello everyone! How are you all on this beautiful day?

I admit! This might be my last non Christmas/Holiday related post for a while. 🥰

Throw back to the summer!

I have found that with the gloomy weather and shorter days I’ve been even more motivated to workout. Oddly enough I think it’s the lack of daylight that is letting me focus more on getting my workouts done by having less distractions. I have a lot more motivation at night to workout because it makes me feel so darn good beating those winter blues, as well as working towards my fitness goals.

So, I’ve worked out… now what to do?

I’ve created my own post-workout routine, perfect for recovering my muscles as well as my mind. 💖 I found that the key was to have a routine that was enjoyable and easy enough that I could actually do it every time I workout. Some things I don’t do every time, but you get the point. 😊

1. First things first, if I haven’t already been chugging water enough I will have a big ol glass of water 💦 I always knew that hydration was important but when you’re working out it is mandatory!

2. I will do some gentle stretching on my Yoga mat. This is also where I take some time to meditate, feel the stretch and find the rhythm of my breath and my heartbeat. Connecting with yourself after is important. I know that raised cortisol during a workout can make us more alert and potentially more stressed so it’s important to let yourself cool off after. As someone who has anxiety and high cortisol to start with, this is an important step for me.

3. Have a big meal! It’s so important to be well fuelled after your workout. Your body just used a ton of energy to jump, lift or push you through your workout. Time to give it the nutrition it needs. I always make sure I’m having a hearty meal post workout and it contains a healthy amount of protein, carbs, and fats. They are all equally important.

4. Run myself a steaming hot bath 🛁 Now I don’t do this every workout, but maybe once or twice a week I’ll have a hot bath. The heat feels amazing on my muscles and I’ll usually add some Epsom salts to help relax my sore muscles even more. While I’m relaxing I make sure to have an icy glass of water or something hydrating with me because the bath can make you feel very parched after a while.

5. Before I go relax or do whatever for the rest of the evening I make sure to give my skin a good cleanse. I always use a clay face wash and my facial sponge. I find it does the best job removing all the impurities from my skin, especially the sweat and oiled that was built up during my workout.

6. Lastly I’ll take my night time vitamins. Personally I have my vitamins and supplements split up into morning and evening so they can benefit me at the right times I need them. What I take at night is calcium, magnesium, and a supplement I take for my anxiety. These not only help my muscles relax and restore, but helps me sleep suuuuuper good at night. 😴

Just writing this post makes me excited for my next workout and post workout routine!

I hope that anyone working out, or just starting to workout find this helpful and inspiring. 💖

How to Slay your Home Workout

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

As always I like to be honest and share my trials and challenges with you guys!

I wanted to talk about working out today, and let you know that not all workouts are created equal.
Most days I cannot wait to workout, but there is the odd day I don’t. Like I know I want to but my brain is saying “yeah it’s not happening”.

I realized a large portion of my motivation came from having a gym to workout in. The music, the machines, and the atmosphere were all part of it. I felt like my at-home workouts weren’t as good as my gym workouts and lost my groove during this whole pandemic.
This is where I realized the problem wasn’t my lack of fancy gym equipment, but my commitment and mindset.

I needed some motivation and knew what app was going to help me find it…
So I took to Instagram! and this is where my first tip comes from.

  1. Get some inspiration from your favorite Fitspo. Now I have to stress the difference between inspiration and comparison. Do not compare your body to anyone else EVER. It is not mentally healthy, and such a hard habit to kick once you start. However, it is ok to get fired up from your favorite fitness account!
    I have many fitspo accounts that I love but there are two in particular that are my go-to every day! I am inspired by the encouraging words of @rachmarieofficial and the knowledge of I fully believe in having an upbeat, positive feed and these two really keep the vibes high!

2. Put on that pumping playlist before you do anything. Music has the power to change your mood and blasting your favorite playlist can take a workout from ok to super in seconds.

I love to find new playlists and keep my music up to date so I never get bored. Also my cardio playlist is very different from my lifting playlist! I like different genres for different exercises. For example when I do cardio, I’m usually listening to upbeat techno or remixes, and lifting I just like and kind of Rap or Pop music from 2012 up to now.

3. Always have your weights or equipment out and handy, or easy to access. Making your workout easy to start and set up lets you focus on actually doing it. If you have to dig through your bedroom to find your sports bra, then track down your resistance bands and Pre workout, you will be exhausted before you even start. 😂

4. Have a workout plan ready. A lot of the time you might be motivated but have no plan to put that energy into. Make a workout plan that you can stick to. I know it’s hard not to get ahead of yourself and want to get the best workout possible, but you have to have realistic goals set for yourself. Ones that you can achieve without exhausting yourself for the rest of the day.

5. You can have a great home gym set up without spending too much money. Just know where to spend it… I find having good quality resistance bands is the most important for me. I was ready to melt down when my old cheap ones kept rolling up my legs during my workouts. I decided to invest in some good ones from Peach Bands and never looked back!

I hope some of these tips can help you! While I am not a personal trainer or fitspo (though I like to pretend sometimes haha) I find these tips are great for anyone staring out! I am very stubborn so I’ve had to learn what makes me want to workout on my worst days and use it against me. 😂

Other places you can be a bit cheaper and get creative at home with your weights. I kid you not, for a while I was using my jumbo box of kitty litter to do hip thrusts since it was the heaviest thing I owned!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Welcoming Autumn

Hello everyone!

I feel like I’m welcoming Autumn with an especially warm hug this year. It’s as though I am finally able to breath deep and catch a glimpse of a more relaxed pace. Does anyone else feel this way?

Besides being relaxed, I am so excited for all the fun Autumn activities we are still able to enjoy during these ever changing times.

Things I am looking forward to this Fall are: enjoying everything in Pumpkin Spice Flavour 😋 Staying in watching movies on stormy nights. And more mushroom picking adventures with Alex and our pup!

What are your favourite Fall traditions? 🎃

My Favourite Healthy Meal: Tuna Poke

Oh my gosh do I have a good one for you. Just the thought of this recipe makes my mouth water 🤤

This recipe combines all of my favourite things: fresh fruit and veg, seafood and so many sauces to top them off.

The best thing about this recipe is you can mix and match with so many different veggies and toppings it will always be delicious.

When I make Tuna Poke I always make enough for two because it is one of my boyfriends absolute favourite meals. I’ve been perfecting it for a while and I think I get a little better every time.

The ingredients are:

250 grams of Ahi Tuna (however much you enjoy really) or about $10 worth.

2 cups of Prepared sushi rice or regular is good too

2 Avocados

2 Mangos

1 cup of bean or pea sprouts

1/2 Cucumber sliced thin

The Marinade for Tuna:

1 Tablespoon of Sesame Oil

1 Teaspoon Wasabi

A pinch of Salt and Pepper

Splash of pickled ginger juice

1 Tablespoon of chopped pickled ginger

And some assorted sauces!!! This is the fun part where you get to make a custom dressing to top your Ahi Tuna.

One of my favourite and most simple sauces is mixing a 2 to 1 ratio of wasabi and mayonnaise. Just so easy and tasty. You can mix it to your taste too if you like a more spicy Mayo, just add more wasabi.

I also use an in store Chipotle Mayo as a topping and then lots of ginger to garnish the side.

With the actual plating of the food you can display it in so many different ways. I use my handy bamboo boards but using a regular bowl and placing all your ingredients on top is just as lovely.

I tend to mix up all the ingredients when I eat it, so the display never lasts very long anyway. 😂

When I first had a Poke bowl is when I learned that healthy food can taste good, be enjoyable AND be within budget.

While we might not eat it every week it’s still a fairly budget friendly meal. Especially with the amount of takeout that is being ordered right now during this whole Pandemic, it’s been relaxing to make a really nice meal to sit and enjoy at home.

I hope this inspires you to take the time to make your own meal and sit and enjoy! There is something very therapeutic about cooking and then enjoying your own food.

My Top 5 Fitness Must-Haves

Hello you lovely people,

Today I wanted to talk about my favourite fitness must haves. I feel like more than ever nowadays, there is an overwhelming sea of products for fitness and healthy living. At times it can be hard to sift through that plethora of information to find an honest and experienced answer.

So here are my 5 favourite workout goodies, and why I absolutely love them!

1. And Probably my most favorite of all is the Fitbit Versa Lite. This is a necessity for me as I LOVE keeping track of things lol. The Fitbit Versa tracks my calories burned, steps, and most importantly (for me) my heart rate. I love the colors it comes in, although I definitely would have loved it even more if it came in pink. Overall it’s a wonderful device. One of my favorite features that is the most underrated is the ‘Relax’ app. It will track your heart rate while it takes you through breathing exercises, using colors to indicate if your breathing/heart rate is in a great, good, or needs work zone. I use this quite often at any time of the day if I’m feeling anxious or stressed. It is an easy and discreet way to slip in a guided meditation.

2. I decided to fully invest in some good quality resistance bands and it improved my workout game so much! I decided to get the Peach Bands Resistance bands. I did some research looking for a Canadian fitness company and I was immediately obsessed with their bright pink and purple fitness gear. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but the bands themselves are resilient and have a great feel. They don’t roll or pinch (unless you really twist them). The weight of these bands ranges from Light (10 lbs) to Xtra Heavy (35lbs) giving a broad range of weight. If you need to have heavier resistance you can easily double up on the bands and get that weight you need without any discomfort. These bands are a slender shape making it easy to use 2 at a time. They also pair great with dumbbells or by themselves for the perfect quarantine workout. (Should I do a post on my quarantine workout?!?!)

3. Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer. This stuff has taken my cardio from average to a full-on sweat sesh. It is a bit of an adjustment applying a product like this to your skin as it’s not supposed to soak in. The whole idea is you apply it to the surface of your skin and it makes you sweat like 5x more than normal (not an actual scientific number but you get what I’m saying 😉) You apply to slow-reacting areas or spots you want to focus on in your workout and presto, you are sweating your booty off. I find it helps me be less sore in the morning and helps my muscles be less fatigued at the time of my workout.

4. Keto Bomb Coffee Creamer. Just thinking about this makes me so excited for my morning cuppa coffee. Like I’m actually salivating a little bit 😆 Save your money you would spend on expensive ‘specialty’ coffee, and try some Keto Bomb. My favorite flavors are French Vanilla and Caramel Macchiato. The best part is enjoying the amazing flavors and knowing they are a fraction of the sugar you would normally have with a regular Starbucks coffee. Not to mention you’re giving your body the fuel it needs with Vitamins like Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. I love using my Bodum frother to top it off and making it deliciously frothy and aesthetically pleasing. ☕️ ✌️

*A a side note here….specialty coffee if fun and delicious and nothing is wrong with enjoying them! I love a PSL and nothing will hold a candle to that. The amount of sugar in a food doesn’t make it ‘good’ or ‘bad’. 😘

5. Is the most basic but makes the most sense and that is a Yoga Mat. I got my yoga mat so long ago I can’t even remember the brand 😂 But I use it every workout. Not only is it an important cushion for your body but it’s nice to have a designated area laid out for working out. I find it creates guidelines for me when I’m doing exercises. It helps me center myself and check my form.

I hope everyone is having a happy Saturday and I’d love to hear about your favorite fitness goodies you can’t live without!


October Favourites

Hello everyone, I am back with a favourites post!

I know its been forever and a day since I’ve posted one so I was extra excited when I realized it was the first day of November, and thus I could begin collecting up all my favourite goodies of the month.


I’m quite happy with this little variety of goodies!

To start I wanted to share with you a perfume I’ve loved since I was about 16 (and I am now 23) This is actually one of the first perfumes I was ever given and it is called Black XS For Her. Its by a brand called Paco Rabbane, and Its one of my top winter perfumes. For me it is almost impossible to describe the scent because it is so unique. I will say it is light, with a rose and musk undertone. I am so not a professional when it comes to describing smells so if you see it in stores I urge you to have a sniff and see for yourself. And this is my second bottle courtesy of my wonderful boyfriend.

Next is something from a recent haul and that is the Marilyn Hot Oil Treatment from Lush. Now I know this is something I bought at the end of October and only tried a few days ago, but I loved it so much I wanted to include it. The picture above is what it looks like in its naked packaging. Now for something that retails at $12.95 CAD I was not going to buy it at first glance. Thankfully one of the Lush staff came and spoke to me about it. He explained that what he did in order to make it last more uses, is he stores it in an old Lush pot and keeps it in a cool area. He then demonstrated how much it emulsifies and puffs up when you mix it. I was sold! Even better it is just as good as the original Marilyn hair treatment (and a fraction of the price). It leaves your hair naturally soft with no oily residues like some other conditioning treatments.

My third favourite is another hair product, and that is the Casting Sun kiss Healthy Look treatment. This is just like sunshine in a bottle…for your hair. Now the Marilyn hair treatment and this go together like peas and carrots because while the sun kiss adds beautiful sun kiss streaks and lightens your hair, its still a bit damaging. After using this, it gives me the look of having sunny streaks in my hair, even when the sun has been gone and cloudy for days.

Onto something that I’ve already talked about in the past, and that is the E.l.f Cosmetics Matte lipstick in the shade ‘Praline’. Now I had a very mixed review on this lipstick but have come to love it over time. While it’s not what I consider a true matte lipstick, this lipstick goes on and stays on. The colour is beautiful and I have no fear of it transferring on my teeth because it never does. Also the shade of it is beautiful, and what I call the perfect cool tone nude for fall and winter.

This favourite is definitely more of a splashy item. *Note this was a gift and I’m very fortunate to have had it given to me because ho boy these things aren’t cheap*

This is the Fit Bit Surge watch. I have really gotten into working out again and this watch has helped me track my workouts, track calories burned, steps, heart rate, anything that helps your overall fitness. It also has cool features when you can change your music from your watch instead of fumbling with your phone while running. I never thought I would get into fitness because it seemed so annoying to track all that but this little watch has made it so much easier. The only downside is the battery life. In my opinion it should last a lot longer than 3/4 days. 🤷🏼‍♀️

My last beauty item in a nail polish. I think this is the first time in history I’ve ever had a nail polish in my favourites before. I had come to that dilemma where Halloween was almost here but I was sick of wearing black/green/blue polish, and honestly I had Christmas and winter on the brain. This polish is by Essie, which is my go to brand for fast drying, long lasting, and relatively cheap polish. The colour I have is called Fifth Avenue, and I’m in love. For some reason I’m the photo it shows up more orange but in real life it’s the perfect bright cherry red!

My last 2 favourites are not objects but 2 Apps And a T.V show!

The first is the Fitbit App which goes hand and hand in the watch. It goes a step further to help you track water drinking, calories you’ve even, and sleep habits. It makes it so easy to track it all I quickly became obsessed with tracking all my fitness goals and reaching them.

The second App is called Clue. It’s the ultimate way to track every step of your period and predict (almost) precisely when you’ll have your next one and what it may be like. It’s super flexible and you track how you’re feeling no matter what day of the month. If you’re feeling a bit cramped or hormonal one day, you can track it, and it’ll let you know when your PMS starts the next month. And it tracks every symptom you can think of. It can even remind you to take your pill. I learned about this App from British Beauty Blogger/Youtuber Zoella. She is one of my top absolute favourites bloggers so I trusted her opinion on the App and was not disappointed in the slightest! 🙂

My last Favourites is a T.V show…can you guess? *drumroll*


I binge watched this show like crazy. Who ever was the genius that had the idea to upload them all at the same time, I applaud you. This show is addictive and has a different twist on it than the last season. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll take the initiative and be the 5 millionth person to say WATCH IT! You wont regret it. I almost didn’t watch it because I thought it was going to be scary. Go. Watch. Now!

These were my favourites this month! I’d love to hear your feedback!

Happy Monday y’all! 🎉

Fitness and Fashion

Hello loves!

I was very pleased with myself today because I ran and broke one of my own records today. I was very proud of it and wanted to post on social media but this little voice in my head crept in saying "Why would you post that, there are people out there way more fit than you".

I then had the sudden epiphany that that voice, not only is a load of crap, but I'm also not the only person battling those negative thoughts. I had to put a stop to them because pursuing a fitness goal no matter how big or small, should be a positive thing. So once again I felt a wave of passion to write about my tips on fitness, and how fashion can play into it.

Now I use the word fashion lightly because honestly, if you felt more confident and comfortable in a pair of sweats and a T-shirt than you go and rock that! This is just a list based off my personal fitness journey.

1) This does happen to play into the fashion category and that is Wear Something You Are %100 Comfortably In. Whether that may be a sports bra and tights, or a big T-shirt and shorts, there is no wrong way to be comfortable when working out. Just make sure its supportive and flexible. The last thing you need to worry about is your pants riding up while your shirt doesn't sit right on your shoulders. Also, if you're needing some good support, buying a sports bra will change your life. Exercise can be an dredged act sometimes, so any help is good help!

I love wearing tights and a big loose tank top. I feel like tights just keep everything where they should be for me. I will say it, having some curves means leg chaffing
and that is the last thing I want to deal with while running!

2) Of course this may be an obvious one, but Invest in a Great Pair of Shoes.
When you feel completely inspired to work out, but don't have the right shoes, that can hinder your desire to work out drastically. Your feet are the soul (sole haha) of your workout. As a runner, I treated myself to a good pair of shoes, and completely changed my perspective.

These happen to be the Nike Free Runners, designed for running. Like I said you don't need the fanciest of clothes, but the quality of my run changed as soon as I put these on.

3) This might be a weird tip, but even Having the Right Headphones makes a difference. I use some headphones designed for running/physical activities. It's just another step to make you more comfortable, because who has the time and patience to deal with headphones popping out of your ears.

4) Going hand in hand with headphones, Workout Music is the top influencer of my workout. My workout mix is whatever makes me feel good while I run. I believe there is no shame in a workout mix. If the Spice Girls get you pumped up, go for it! (My not so guilty pleasure) Or even if heavy metal or rap does the trick, there's no wrong genre of music to get inspired to. I've personally been loving Demi Lovato's song Sorry Not Sorry.
It has the perfect balance of sass, and big dance beats.

5) Last but not least, Taming Your Hair. I use the curly hair elastics every time I run. They never fall out and most importantly they're comfortable during physical activities. There is nothing worse than feeling your hair fall out of its bun or ponytail while you're working out.

I swear by those little curly hair elastics!

Anyway, I hope this was helpful to anyone trying to get into fitness, or anyone in general! Let me know what your fitness tips are!


Yoga for the working gal, and lads

Hello lovely people!

How is everyone enjoying their day? Very good I hope! 🙂

I have a fun blog post today, revolving around one of my recent, not so recent hobbies. That hobby would be Yoga! As you may already know I am an avid runner, and generally hit the trails on my workout days. As of recent I noticed myself growing g a little bored of my runs. Not to mention, after working on my feet all day, my legs were telling me ‘hell no’.

That’s when I decided to pull out the yoga mat. The big difference is that when I’m doing yoga is, its much easier on my feet and knees, which are typically my weak spots after work. If fact, as I sat there it seemed every inch of my legs were a weak spot. Stiff and achy I devised a set of stretches, easy enough to do them after work, and anywhere at all.

Whether you work siting down, or are on your feet for the 8 hours of the day, these stretches are a sure fire way to help say ‘sayonara ‘ to stiff legs. And if this post is a hit I can continue on with any other stretches! 🙂

Just as a little disclaimer, I am not a Yoga expert or anything, just a lover of it. And if any of these poses may seem too difficult or anything, know your bodies limit and stay within it ❤

Also, I have no idea if these have real names or not, so bare with me.



Start sitting cross legged on your mat or pillow. Carefully place your feet together meeting up your heels and ball of your feel. You will begin to feel a stretch in your groin and inner thigh. You may gently press down on your legs for a more intense stretch, or just use the weight of your legs.



This was my most favorite stretch, courtesy of when I used to kick box. At the beginning of the class we always were led in a series of stretches and I always loved when we got to this one. So, Starting in a plank position, bring forward your right/left leg (whichever one you want to stretch first) and lower it close to the ground, almost kneeling. Carefully sink back until you feel a stretch in your Quadriceps. This will feel like it is stretching the front half of your thigh. It is alright if you cannot sink as low, or if you sink lower than good for you!



This next pose is pretty straight forward. Sitting with your legs together in front of you, move your fingers forward to touch your toes. By no means do you actually have to touch your toes. As you can see, I was quite stiff and could barely touch mine 😛 By the end though, after short breaks I could. It is a good idea to start where you can touch, and ease slowly into the stretch.



This is pretty much the same stretch, just isolating each leg for an individual stretch. I’m sure we’ve all done this stretch at some point in our life, it is a very popular one for good reason! I like to do it then come back to touching both my toes, to see how much farther I can reach 🙂



Last, and certainly my favorite after a long day is the corpse pose. Why is this the only name I can actually remember? Probably because its the most literal 😛 I don’t think a whole lot of instruction is needed for this one. Lying on your back with your hands facing up (my own boo boo), breathe deep and clear your mind. Stay in this pose for as long as needed. Hey, have a nap if that’s what you need. The key to this pose is to unwind.


I hope this has helped, and/or inspired anyone today! Thank you for reading as usual, and let me know if you like seeing these kinds of posts on my blog!




Green is Gold!

Hello everyone!

Since spring has officially sprung, it usually symbolizes warmer weather and colorful patterns. My new favorite goodies that spring has been offering is from the earth itself, and what it has to offer. The beautiful wildlife, and the fruits, berries and vegetables that this beautiful country has given us.

Hopefully I didn’t get too poetic out there for everyone 😛

Back to the point, my goal this spring was to get back into healthy eating. I took a slight detour around Valentines day, and Easter lead me down a dark…yet delicious chocolatey path.

My new love is juicing. A really quick way to nourish your body with a lot of vitamins and a plethora of flavor.

Here is my Kale, Grapefruit, Orange, and Cucumber juice blend!

It’s a serious hit of vitamin c after the flu season, and kale offers a boost of calcium and protein.



Green Gold for sure!

And I wanted to try a new format for my recipes, so here is a cute little video I made explaining the recipe! Let me know if you like it with a thumbs up (if you want) 😛

Hope you enjoy!



Work it!

Hello lovely people!

How is everyone doing on this lovely night? Good? Good!

I wanted to share a little insight into my life with you, focusing on my workout routine. The first fact of the matter being, I can barely call it a ‘workout routine’. Its more of a ‘convince myself to workout, proceed to do so, then act like I wanted to all along’ routine. I’m sure I’m not along in this charade.

The activity that is my go-to, actually enjoyable workout, is running. I love it. Now I do, at least. At first I hated it. I always felt way to out of breath, and I was suddenly over aware of all the parts on my body I never knew could jiggle. But I didn’t want to stop. Something in my brain said ‘you’re doing this for you. Not anyone else. You’re doing it to feel good and not to look like anyone else but a happier you’. And so I kept on going. Its hard not to feel discouraged with the media that is thrown in our face every day. Only now it feels like the positive body movement is starting to disperse and take hold of media, young minds and the globe.

And that’s the end of that little feel good ramble.

To start off my run (in the winter months) I bundle up in as many warm knots as physically possible.



When its this cold the extra layer is necessary, but not too thick because I know I’m going to get veeerrrrry warm very quickly.
Time to flick on some great tunes. Party on, man. 😎


And away we go!
My run usually lasts about 15-20 minutes until I get to the park. That’s where I have a small rest and start on the stairs.



Sometimes my little cutie wants to join in on the fun.


After a quick cuddle I like to run up these stairs and then down the hill 10 times. This is honestly enough cardio for me. When I first discovered this little exercise I only started with 5 sets, and then gradually increased it.
I know the other half of my routine is strengthening.
So I go down into plank position and do knee taps. What are knee taps you ask? Oh they sounds so cute and lovely don’t they? “Ooh look at me doing a little yoga position.”, we all thought. No. By the tenth one you are cursing the sun, moon, and even your ex boyfriend from 10th grade for some reason.


This is a very poor plank to be honest. I can hear my old boxing coach shout: “no sagging!”. Sorry sir. Do go easy on me, I did this straight after my work day.

As I should note in capitols I AM NO WHERE NEAR A PROFESSIONAL. I just do as I do and share with you. 🎵

From plank you extend your leg all the way back (like a donkey kick) and bring it all the way in until it ‘kisses’ your opposite elbow like so.


Thankfully the park was empty, so no swearing was heard by any passer byers.

You do both knees to both elbows and that counts as one set. Then I do that 10 times. Then collapse on the ground.

The rest of my workout is just a really lovely walk home,  usually listening to some very chill music and cooling down.


Once I get home I do stretch my legs properly and hop in the bath or shower as soon as possible :p

I hope this was helpful to anyone looking for a simle cardio, core, leg routine.

Remember to only think of how far you’ve come and not how far anyone else has. You are busy working hard and being amazing.

Thanks for reading! Ta ta for now!