My Week In Instagram Photos 💕

So many festive feels this week! ❤️🎄

I know this is my second Instagram post in a row, I promise I have new amazing content coming soon! 💕💕💕 thank you for sticking through this dry spell!

If anyone is wondering my Instagram handle is missm_w, and I just post a lot of flat lays and fashion, all of it is my own photography 📷

I’d love to follow everyone from here so leave a comment and let me know you’re from WordPress! I’ll follow you back! I’m very new to the whole Instagram blogging thing so I want to get caught up! 😁

Also that is indeed the Lush 12 Days of Christmas gift box 🎁 and yes a review will be coming soon for it! 🎉

How is your week going so far?

Fun question of the week: My brother thinks you should wait until December 1st before you drink any eggnog or listen to Christmas music. Do you agree?

(I’m on the opposing side since I’ve already been listening to Christmas music a bit and had eggnog :p)

Stormy Sunday Outfit Of the Day ☔️

Hello loves!

I was greeted with blustery weather today and did not want to leave bed! 💤

However, one heroic mug of coffee later and here I am!

Excuse my chippy polish, I’m very overdue for a manicure!

On days like this I giggle because I feel like I roll out of bed, and then find an outfit that is as cozy as possible to feel like I’ve never left! Does anyone feel that way?

To start, I’ve been living in my chunky knit sweater from Forever 21. It’s slightly cropped but still long enough to cover the stomach and feel cozy.

Next I am loving my fingerless gloves! As always if you’re a photographer, or anything that requires nimble fingers these gloves are the way to go.

Lastly are a few items that are my makeup favourites.

The e.l.f lipstick in the shade ‘Praline’. The perfect cool tone nude.

E.l.f eyeshadow trio in ‘Brown Bonanza’.

Last but not least my Matt and Nat wallet, and some cute 90’s-ish palm tree beaded earrings.

Have a fabulous Sunday everyone and I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Its been a while!

Hello everyone! I’m back after many busy days! With work, social life, and Halloween all in one bunch its been a busy time. Over that time, I did get the chance to go into the city and get my kicks in shopping and enjoying the city life. With that, I get the chance to gander through all the shops, and discover styles I never knew I could love so much.

Of course while being in the city we stopped at all the usual places (Lush, Bath and Body works, ect.) This time we looked at some clothing too, and stopped by the old Navy. Why not? Good prices and they had festive pajamas so I couldn’t say no.
That’s where I found my seasonal dream dress!


I think it has the most beautiful pattern! I love a good black and pop of color. Not to mention the neckline. It’s like a mix of hippie and prim proper (somehow that makes sense in my head.) The sleeves are also wrist length and loose fitting. (Though they are hidden under my Vero Moda leather jacket :p)

The leaves were the selling point. The watercolor look had me enchanted! I’m going through a real phase where I’m in love with anything that has a watercolor look to it. I honestly think it started when I watched Charlie Brown just before Thanksgiving!

What new fall fashions are you guys getting into right now?
Hope you all had a happy Halloween!


Seasonal Outfits


Autumn Greetings everyone!

I know its been a while since I posted last and I’m here to break the dry spell! After Thanksgiving It got very busy for me, but also trying to having much needed down time.

Anyhoo, I’ve come today to discuss one of my favorite topics: Fashion.

As the days and weeks chug along, we get closer and closer to the holiday season. And following our holidays, or just any night outs, comes the perplexing question: Do I dress formal? Am I supposed to dress casual?

My most favorite quote, spoken from the lips of anyone who’s ever gotten ready with their friends is: “Wait, were we supposed to dress up?”

I can tell you now my friends, I am here to calm your worries and hopefully cast a lifesaver into the ocean of ideas.

I firmly believe that people should dress for their comfort levels. If you feel most comfortable dressed up, or more so in casual attire than do so. These are merely my go-to outfits for nights out and special occasions. 🙂

#1: Casual Cozy Dress


For this look I have paired a casual dress with a thin long sleeve sweater. To top off this simple look I accessorized with a gold heart buckle belt, and my favorite snake skin heels. My favorite feature of this outfit (that I firmly believe carries the whole look) is the cute 50’s style neckline and pleats of the dress. The gorgeous aqua color of the dress also pairs well with the  black accessories.

You can switch up any colors and patterns for this outfit. The base being: Long sleeves + Collar layered over top + cute shoes of your choice!

#2: Comfy Combo:


A lot of the time people associate dressing up with…well, dresses. But dresses can bring many woes and, how you say, ‘breezy situations”.  So for a dressy yet sturdy look I paired black and aqua together once again (definitely not on purpose I swear). My bottoms are a lovely pair of canvas beach pants. Typically worn in summer I love these pants and cannot bare to bid farewell in the long winter months. My shirt is a simple black pleated shirt. 

An easy combo made from: Flowing, eccentric pattern top + solid color slacks or dress pants + your fave pair of comfy heels or other shoe choice.

Last but not least:

#3: Sweater, Collar, Cool jeans love.


Okay, I may have ran out of cool names for this outfit, but It does not take away from how much I adore it! (And ignore the smudge on the picture…I need to clean my mirror apparently)

If it wasn’t already obvious I have a love for collar and sweater combos! this layer is sort of the opposite of the first outfit with the collar placed underneath. My jeans and boots add the pop of color this outfit needed. I often pair this with my riding boots as an alternative to the chunky heels if I’m bustling around town.

A match made in heaven made up of:

One part multi use long sleeve + a hint of a cute lacy collar shirt + Floral funky jeans + A dash of chunky heels or riding boots = Perfection!

Now, I refrained from naming brands since I wanted to focus mainly on the template of these looks, so anyone can put them together with their own wardrobe.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I certainly had fun putting it all together! And if you did have any curiosity of the brands just leave me a comment and I’d be happy to share! Let me know if you’d like to see more like this.

Do you guys have any favorite outfits for the holidays? Let me know! 🙂


Favorite Fall Lip Colors!


Much the same way a Pumpkin Spice Latte is a staple tradition of fall, finally getting to don your favorite  autumnal lip color is just as sacred. The beautiful purple plums and deep reds that would usually be considered to bold for Spring and Summer have finally come out to play! (To be fair, I often do not play by the rules and wear some of these lip colors year round.)

My biggest tip for rocking these awesome colors is to always start with a clean and moisturized canvas. The canvas being your lips.  I always begin with my Bubblegum lip scrub from lush! This is such a lifesaver. There was a time in my life I had no idea you needed to exfoliate your lips just as you do the rest of your body.


As for moisturizing my two main products to hit up are just a plain lip balm by Blistex called Lip Medex. Sturdy and long lasting it is bar far the most soothing for the dry cold months. My other faithful lip balm is the Baby Lips Dr.Rescue. This is great if you want a little bit of color as well as healing properties.


Time to get to the good stuff! Let’s just dive in shall we?

#1. The ever luscious Kate Moss Lasting Finish in #10.
The perfect color to pair with a crisp walk on the pier! All you need is a fun partner and a hot cocoa!

#2. Iced Amethyst 265 by Revlon.
A lovely plum shade that isn’t too light nor too dark. I struggle with darker colors washing me out, but this manages to capture the rich purple and sparkles with out being too much!

#3. Revlon Color Stay Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion.

This is one of the best color stains I’ve come across. It sounds strange to say that even as it wears off throughout the day, the color still looks amazing. As lip stains tend to, it has a wee bit of trouble staying in place at first but practice makes perfect!


#4. Clinique Spiced Apple.

This one is an oldie but a goodie. You can see I’ve nearly used it up! Its one of those lipsticks you find that is the perfect color. It isn’t too flashy for casual outings, and just bold enough to be formal. I’ve had it for way too long and I’m due for a new tube soon!

That is my list of must have fall lip colors! They are all moderately priced, and very lovely! These are all colors that go well with a paler skin tone, since I, myself am on the paler side.
Here is a swatch of all the colors and how they look on.

Hope you enjoyed! Cheers!