Random Lush Haul

Hello everyone!

I have quite possibly the most random little Lush haul I’ve ever done! I was recently in Vancouver visiting my friend for Halloween, and before getting there my boyfriend and I stopped by a Lush shop to stock up on goodies. My boyfriend loves Lush just as much as I do so we always leave with at least a small bag. He loves the soaps and body washes, I always stock up on bath bombs and bubble bars, body wash…Okay maybe everything! 😛

As I said, we were in the city for Halloween and despite being way WAY too early I still had a little gander through the Christmas releases. Besides bath stuff, I love a good treat for my hair and was super keen on the Naked Products they’ve recently released.

Like I said I couldn’t resist the Christmas section. And while I still thing it’s too early to think about it, butterball is a favourite of mine, and a must have. So I got butter bear, because why have it in a regular shape when I could have it in a bear shape!

Next is Star Light Star Bright. I have a love for all things shiny and glittery so it’s no surprise I had to get this bath bomb/ melt. It’s fresh scent of ginger and lime is also my fave for relaxing and relieving stress.

My last bath bomb is once again a recurring fave for me and that’s Avobath! This is one of those bath bombs where your skin feels so good and soft when you get out you can’t believe your bath could do that. Once again it’s a fresh Lime scent and is very fresh and awakening.

Lastly is the Hot Oil Treatments in the formula Marilyn. The fellow at Lush who was helping completely sold this to me because A. It’s great for blonde hair (I tried the original formula and loved it) and B. He let me in on a little secret for how to make it last longer than one use (storing it in an old lush pot will keep it good for up to a month!) So it’s no doubt I got it! Marilyn is great for natural and coloured blondes because it gets rid of brassy tones and leaves your hair incredibly soft!

So this was my little random Lush haul! I couldn’t resist getting a few Christmas items along with my regular faves. I can’t wait until I can fully indulge in the Christmas range.🎄

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and happy November to you all!

What Christmas items from Lush do you want most? 🙂


Another Lush Adventure 🐳

Hello lovely people!

Ooh a lush haul, didn’t see that one coming did ya?

Okay, you got me, I’m pretty easy to predict in some cases. It has been 3 months I do believe since my last Lush splurge, and that my friends, had just been way too long.

I am aware it seems a wee bit excessive, but the products last me that long so why the heck not? Plus I know all of us out there love to browse and read reviews on our favorite products so here you are!

I do note, that all of these products are new to me. None of them are a repeat buy and I think that is pretty cool!

January Lush Haul


Oooh, ahh. With the magic of editing I’ve made a very easy to follow chart of wonders!

And, I will list a link to each product at the bottom in case any pop out at you. Just to make it easier and I appreciate y’all so much!

After sniffing my way through the order I was able to identify my favorite scents right away. My top five were: Floating Island (yummy marshmallow scented), Milky Bar (a lovely mix of lavender and orange oil), Twilight (deliciously sweet candy), Karma (orange and patchouli), and lastly, Sex bomb (a sweet, yet floral scent).

This isn’t to say I did not like the other scents, these ones just honestly stuck out the most to me!

The product I am most excited to use honestly is the Golden Handshake hot hand mask. It makes a lot of wonderful promises of softness and moisturizing (hello holy grail), and I am very keen to get me some soft velvety hands.


I’ll be sure to have a wonderful review up as soon as I can!

Thank you again for your time!

Products listed as promised 🙂


Ickle Baby Bot

Sex Bomb


Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds


Floating Island

Shimmy Shimmy

You’ve been Mangoed

No Drought


Milky Bath

Cup O’ Coffee

Golden Handshake

Guardian of the Forest



Lush Art Collection


I was looking through my camera and noticed one of two things. The first was the sheer amount of lush bath pictures I take, (thus making me realize I may have a teeny obsession) and the second being how much they really are an art form. Call me crazy. That’s what my friends did at least. So I proceeded to pull out my phone and show them these exact photos. Finally I got the ‘wooaaaahh’ I was looking for.
The products themselves, and how they react in water is spectacular enough for me to say, yes they are art. 👍

Bath bombs displayed are:

Lord if Misrule ⭐ here

Yoga Bomb ⭐here

Golden Wonder ⭐here

Yog Nog ⭐ here

Some of these bath bombs (ands many other products) are actually on a ‘buy one, get one’ sale right now, (which of course happens right after I placed my order, lol) just wanted to let my fellow Lush lovers know about the screaming deals 😛

This also means a huge Lush haul/ review post to come!


Autumn Lush Order 🎃

Hello lovely people!

If it wasn’t already obvious, I recently had a little Lush shopping spree. Wait did I say little? Maybe a tiny bit lush of a Lush spree than I thought (See what I did there?)  :p


What can I say! Tis the season for bathing and skin care. Not to mention, nothing gets me in the seasonal spirit like a trip to the Lush store!

Starting from the top left are my skin and hair care purchases!

💋Mask of Magnaminty face mask
💋93,000 Miles shower jelly
💋Shine So Bright split end treatment

All of these smell like a dream and are so soothing to my skin. My MVP, or Most Valued Product of this group so far is the Mask of Magnaminty. It makes my face smooth as a baby and my skin was instantly healthier feeling, and my pores felt much cleaner.

From the bath section starting from the top left we have:
★Shoot for the stars Bath bomb
★ So White bath bomb
★Tisty Tosty bath bomb
★ Lord of Misrule bath bomb
★ Honey Bee bath bomb
★ Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar 🎃
★ Butter Bear bath soak

I am so excited to use these seasonal products and tell you all about them!

What are some of your favorite seasonal Lush products your excited for?
I’m excited to use my sparkly pumpkin!


Bath Time Essentials (What’s in my Bath time bag?)

This may come across as an odd thing, but a bath is something I can look forward to all day. Even for a couple days I can lust after a good bubble bath.  I once even stated sarcastically, (but also not-so-sarcastically) that if there was an Olympic sport for bath taking, I could possibly be a champion.

Was that going a little far? Probably not.

With this glorious time, comes a slew of my favorites that accompany me on my pamper fest! Since my bath is separate from my bedroom washroom, I have to pack up what I call my Bath time bag. What is this mysterious Bath time bag you ask? Well my friend let me open your eyes!

With all joking aside it is merely a little bag filled with everything I need for a relaxing bath.


Ta-da! behold my bag of goodies! Lets take a peek shall we?


Starting from the top, I always take the opportunity to really treat my hair when I have a bath. I will usually do a coconut oil mask on my hair to start off the conditioning, and then end with my Aveeno conditioner, or Dove. Also since I have colored hair, I try to keep it vibrant and I use the Loreal color repair.

The second (more tedious) tools to have with me is shaving cream and razors. I like having smooth legs, but I tend to think shaving is a bit of a chore so I always play music to make it go faster. I have also been wanting to look into any Lush products that are shaving creams, or anything of the sort. I’ve come to be quite a recycling queen, and really despise throwing out aerosol cans. Unless there is a way to recycle them? Let me know in the comments! Also let me know of any good Lush products for shaving!

And with that I’m going to segway into my next favorites! I’m busting out my favorite Lush products to really mix up this pamper sesh. But really, who wouldn’t expect that from me.

I have my right hand man with me: my Honey I washed my hair shampoo bar. And my left hand lady: (me trying to be clever) my Fizzbanger bath bomb. Which as of right now is my favorite due to the delicious citrus and apple scent. Its like bathing in apple cider! (If that is somehow an appealing trait)

One important reminder which I’ve recently learned is the importance of drinking water after a hot bath or shower. I always thought, ‘I’ve been sitting in water for an hour, why on earth am I so thirsty? I guess your body sweats out a lot of water and can leave you hydrated. This is just a partial theory of mine, but also I had read in an article, that it is one of the most important times to drink water just as you do when you first wake up and before bed.


Along with my over garnished glass of water, I have my beautiful clay jewelry holder my ever so lovely Aunty gifted to me. And I adore it so much, I just thought it would make the shot so much better!

I hope you enjoyed, And I certainly enjoyed writing this piece! let me know of any favorite Lush products you have, or any bath goodies you love. I am always looking to expand my horizons!


Oh bubbly adventures!


Oh it is time to rejoice! Fall is upon us. Summer was a lovely season, but after a long drought and not a drop of rain in sight, a lovely rainy night was the medicine we definitely needed!

Funnily enough, the thing I yearned most for through the long months was a long hot bath. Definitely an odd thing to crave in thirty degree weather. Most of the longing stemmed from the fresh order of Lush products I had recently purchased and had then had to neglect due to…well, the lack of water existing in our town.

After happily sniffing through my whole order, and saying a fond hello to some of the re-purchases, I have been able to list off  my top five! (some of which may not be displayed in the picture since they were purchased in Victoria as well around the same time)

So to kick things off!

#5. The Comforter

This bubble bar is the epitome of yummy! It’s as bubbly as it is vivid, with a sweet candy scent to top it all off! while it is delicious, its not my very favorite scent, and I personally found it to be a wee bit too pungent. Nonetheless, it is the perfect companion to start off a girly pamper night! 

#4. Dragons Egg

This particular bath bomb looked amazing on the shelf and the possibilities of the end result were intriguing! The smell was very yummy, but there were not as many colors as expected. While the ‘show’ of it wasn’t what I expected, the smell had me going back to get another.

#3. Phoenix Rising

This bath bomb has a seriously cool name to go along with its seriously cool look! Its caught my eye with its super vivid mix of gold and purple. If the colors weren’t exciting enough the scent had me in love. A mix of cinnamon and what I called the ‘mystery smell’, which I could’t quite put my finer on (later on finding out it was a lovely citrus scent).

#2. Wiccy Magic Muscles

Until recent I treated this massage bar as a simple treat I purchased for myself. The Chai Tea scent of it had me in love. But it wasn’t until the soreness of a long day set into my lower back that the real beauty of the bar came out. i used it on my lower back, and as the spicy cool sensation set in I could drift off into a cozy sleep.

#1. Fizzbanger

The #1 slot definitely tied with a few other products, but due to seasonal appreciation this one won the title! I absolutely love apple scented everything! (especially anything edible, namely crisp, pie ect…) Aside from that, the delicious smell mixed with the little surprise in the center made me a happy gal!

So those are my few favorites out of the bunch! I enjoyed all of my choices, and it was hard to pick and chose which I liked the most. Hope this was entertaining and/or informative!

Happy pampering y’all!