October FX Month: Final week! 🎃

Hello boys and ghouls! (Hehe)

Hello loves, how are we today?

I can’t believe Halloween is tomorrow! I feel like I’ve blinked and the month has flown by! I don’t know if I’m ready to say goodbye to pumpkins and Halloween sweets yet 😭

For my last makeup look I wanted to go gore again, and also share a few other looks I’ve done, sort of as a final hoorah!

This post is a bit late because of such a hectic week I’ve had! Hectic but fun 🙂 I was very lucky to be asked to do the makeup for a Thriller flash mob last Friday and had an absolute blast doing it.

Also work has picked up a bit for me so yay!

Anyway here are some of my fx looks!

s was something I whipped up this weekend. I had a different idea in mind but this is what I created. Sort of based it off my mild trypophobia.

(Also excuse my smeared eye makeup, I was up at 6 that morning ok?)

s was a look I did on my beautiful friend, who so wonderfully let me do this to her 😂 we both share a love of gore (mine for makeup, hers for everything gorey)

Lastly this was a look I did on my boyfriend (or his arm I should say)

He sat patiently for 40 mins and let me go at him with all the makeup I had! If that’s not love than I don’t know what is!

Also we watched Iron Fist while I did this so it wasn’t completely boring for him 😛

I hope you had a good weekend and have a great Halloween tomorrow! 🙂

I’m so excited to dress up and enjoy some Halloween festivities! 🎃

October FX Month: Week 3

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday!

This post is coming to you much later than usual, but better late then never huh!

I wanted to try something creepy, but also cute. I know that gore isn’t in everyone’s taste, so I want to try and keep it interesting for everyone (whoever you may be!)

So for this look I thought it could be cute or creepy, whatever direction you want to take it!

I thought a doll would be a cute idea! And adding a little chip or crack adds the creepy element to it!

I actually got all of my inspiration just from seeing that one tea cup sitting on my shelf.

A much simpler look this week 👀 all I used was:

👻 glue stick/liquid latex to blank out my eyebrows (I learned that liquid latex is great to go over if school glue doesn’t quite do the trick.)

👻 Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation, but any foundation/concealer will do the trick. I used ones that were extra dewy to add that ‘shiny’ effect to the skin. Also high coverage to help blank out the brows and seamlessly blend the skin.

👻 NYX eyeshadows on lid and cheeks.

👻 Black liquid liner for details. I recommend a gel or something that won’t dry out easily. I find when you do lots of detailing, the brush runs out of product quicker than your usual cat flick.

👻 On the lips I just used something simple but bright, and that was Backstage Bambi by Kat Von D.

Lastly, dress up! Dressing up is the other half of the fun!

It’s the week before Halloween, woohoo!


October FX Month: WEEK 2

Hello loves! I am here again with another instalment of my October FX Month!

If you’re new, I am doing a different Halloween-y makeup look every week until Halloween! I try to do an array of looks, last week was a Dreamy Mermaid, this week I went a bit creepier.

My inspiration, Edgar Allan Poe’s : The Raven

If you are unfamiliar with that poem I urge you to give it a read 🙂


I always try to use basic tools and very affordable makeup for my looks 🙂



Beak: Sculpted from Ben Nye scar wax, sculpted over liquid latex base.

Brows: glued down using any brand glue stick, non toxic, and concealer, any kind will do we just want the brows smooth and covered up.

Face: Dollar Store grease paints (like I said, super cheap), White NYX eyeshadow, Dollar Store white cream paint.

Lips: Black grease paint, Ben Nye scab blood (I applied it very carefully and made sure to to swallow any)

Headband: from The Bay, about 5 years old, I originally bought it for my senior winter dance many moons ago.


Thanks for stopping by and reading!


Quote the Raven: Nevermore.