How to Slay your Home Workout

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

As always I like to be honest and share my trials and challenges with you guys!

I wanted to talk about working out today, and let you know that not all workouts are created equal.
Most days I cannot wait to workout, but there is the odd day I don’t. Like I know I want to but my brain is saying “yeah it’s not happening”.

I realized a large portion of my motivation came from having a gym to workout in. The music, the machines, and the atmosphere were all part of it. I felt like my at-home workouts weren’t as good as my gym workouts and lost my groove during this whole pandemic.
This is where I realized the problem wasn’t my lack of fancy gym equipment, but my commitment and mindset.

I needed some motivation and knew what app was going to help me find it…
So I took to Instagram! and this is where my first tip comes from.

  1. Get some inspiration from your favorite Fitspo. Now I have to stress the difference between inspiration and comparison. Do not compare your body to anyone else EVER. It is not mentally healthy, and such a hard habit to kick once you start. However, it is ok to get fired up from your favorite fitness account!
    I have many fitspo accounts that I love but there are two in particular that are my go-to every day! I am inspired by the encouraging words of @rachmarieofficial and the knowledge of I fully believe in having an upbeat, positive feed and these two really keep the vibes high!

2. Put on that pumping playlist before you do anything. Music has the power to change your mood and blasting your favorite playlist can take a workout from ok to super in seconds.

I love to find new playlists and keep my music up to date so I never get bored. Also my cardio playlist is very different from my lifting playlist! I like different genres for different exercises. For example when I do cardio, I’m usually listening to upbeat techno or remixes, and lifting I just like and kind of Rap or Pop music from 2012 up to now.

3. Always have your weights or equipment out and handy, or easy to access. Making your workout easy to start and set up lets you focus on actually doing it. If you have to dig through your bedroom to find your sports bra, then track down your resistance bands and Pre workout, you will be exhausted before you even start. 😂

4. Have a workout plan ready. A lot of the time you might be motivated but have no plan to put that energy into. Make a workout plan that you can stick to. I know it’s hard not to get ahead of yourself and want to get the best workout possible, but you have to have realistic goals set for yourself. Ones that you can achieve without exhausting yourself for the rest of the day.

5. You can have a great home gym set up without spending too much money. Just know where to spend it… I find having good quality resistance bands is the most important for me. I was ready to melt down when my old cheap ones kept rolling up my legs during my workouts. I decided to invest in some good ones from Peach Bands and never looked back!

I hope some of these tips can help you! While I am not a personal trainer or fitspo (though I like to pretend sometimes haha) I find these tips are great for anyone staring out! I am very stubborn so I’ve had to learn what makes me want to workout on my worst days and use it against me. 😂

Other places you can be a bit cheaper and get creative at home with your weights. I kid you not, for a while I was using my jumbo box of kitty litter to do hip thrusts since it was the heaviest thing I owned!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

My Autumn in Photos 📷

Hello loves!

How are we doing on this splendid day?

I thought I would share some photos with you today that represent a little slice of my life.

I’m usually geared very much towards the beauty and makeup side of my blog, but that tends to leave out my lifestyle and anything that kinda lets you get to know me. Plus, if you’re a photography buff like me, you may appreciate this post just for that 🙂

Autumn is such a wonderful time to me, representing change and the slowing of seasons (until Christmas that is) which makes it one of my favourite ones to photograph. It’s still light out for the most part until daylight savings (hello extra hour of sleep 🎉) and the colours are breathtaking. It’s like watercolour comes to life!



I can’t help but love the sudden shift in the last 4 photos! It’s like Canada said “Okay Halloween is over now? Say hello to my friend Winter!”

The snow lasted 4 days which was nice, alas it has all melted now. I don’t mind though, just makes me look forward to the next snowfall! And incase you’re wondering the book is an enviromentally frindly guide to all things Christmas.

I hope everyone has been enjoying their day!


Green is Gold!

Hello everyone!

Since spring has officially sprung, it usually symbolizes warmer weather and colorful patterns. My new favorite goodies that spring has been offering is from the earth itself, and what it has to offer. The beautiful wildlife, and the fruits, berries and vegetables that this beautiful country has given us.

Hopefully I didn’t get too poetic out there for everyone 😛

Back to the point, my goal this spring was to get back into healthy eating. I took a slight detour around Valentines day, and Easter lead me down a dark…yet delicious chocolatey path.

My new love is juicing. A really quick way to nourish your body with a lot of vitamins and a plethora of flavor.

Here is my Kale, Grapefruit, Orange, and Cucumber juice blend!

It’s a serious hit of vitamin c after the flu season, and kale offers a boost of calcium and protein.



Green Gold for sure!

And I wanted to try a new format for my recipes, so here is a cute little video I made explaining the recipe! Let me know if you like it with a thumbs up (if you want) 😛

Hope you enjoy!



Saturday Adventures!

Every once and a while a day comes along and produces an enchanting phenomenon. It has no name, but the effects of it are enough to cleanse the spirit, and invigorate the soul. That experience can only be described as spontaneous adventure. You haven’t created any expectations, and when you here the words “Hey, wanna do *blank*”, “oh, sure”, “Alright we’re doing it!”, some sort of endorphin rush happens in the brain. The curiosity of adventuring into the unknown, or just simply treating yourself to something you’ve always wanted are two examples that make that feeling so vivid.

The freshness of the unknown open you up and really make you expand your mind and forces you to grow. In a nice way though.
As a person who has dealt with anxiety in the past (and still something I work towards beating to this day) I live a pretty structured life. I go to bed at a certain time, like to do all my work before I can rest, and only can eat sweets of I have a good show set up. The last one might be more of a funny habit that an example, but I think my point is made.
I crave the unknown, spontaneity that is life. And I definitely got my dose of it last weekend. I do believe I am good for a little while now, but will keep taking small doses regularly. :p

Anyway, end tangent here,

So, when I was asked “Wanna go to Whistler?” 95% of the brain (and mouth ) yelled ‘heck ya!’, whilst the tiny ‘small towny’ part of my brain stammered “C-can we do that?”.

So anyway off we went, bombing along in a silver Volkswagen, and endless possibilities in our minds. We were truly the staple of young freedom.



First stop was the Gondola! Completely unscheduled, and part of my friends bucket list, we pulled into the parking lot and audibly gawked at the cables reaching into the sky and past our visibility.
We purchased our tickets (not before a funny yet slightly embarrassing incident going to the wrong teller) and waited in line to ride up a tiny box on a string. Only kidding.


Goodbye ground and parking lot!
Up, up and away! We giggled scooted around taking pictures and videos. This was something I had never experienced. Surprisingly I had no fear of heights, but a strong gust of wind wobbled our gondola and we both froze bug eyed, then continued laughing at the look on our faces.

As the gondola just about claimed over the peak we were slightly shocked by what we saw. Snow, snow, and more snow. Its seemed we had forgot that it was still winter in some places in B.C. We were wildly underdressed, but it just didn’t matter. If anything it just added to the hilarity and wonder of the day.


I was wearing my Toms, and she was wearing sandals. We slip slided our way through the snow and caught sight of another thing to check off our bucket list. The suspension bridge.



We both cautiously stepped foot into the bridge, (Slight nervousness of heights kicked in for both of us) and chilred ran ahead of us bouncing the bring up and down, producing a loud sqeal from us.

We began joking as we crossed the bridge (many Shrek references were thrown around humorously), trying to distract us from the hundred foot ect, drop below. We finally got to the other side, only kissing the ground a little bit.

Somehow the hilarity of our inappropriate footwear just added to the fun of the day. I wouldn’t have changed it for anything! Some of the best memories made were our eyes turning to saucers as we saw the snow getting off the gondola, and laugh-snorting as we sent our mum’s and friends pictures and videos of us in our silly attire.

The rest of the day was spent grabbing lunch in Whistler at the Spaghetti Factory, and doing a cheeky bit of shopping at Lush and buying shoes.

Casual smooth chatting, mixed with the music thudding in the car speakers on the way back to the ferry was the perfect way to end our day. We talked about everything from our favorite old cartoons to our family.

Even as I sat waiting from the ferry, all the way driving home droopy eyed with exhaustion, a smile was permanently stretched on my face.

A+ day!