Fall Makeup Favourites.

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

Truth be told, I am sitting on my couch writing this while it pours with rain outside. Hot coffee in my hand it feels only suitable that I am writing about my Fall Makeup Favorites.

I recently bought the NARS Extreme Effects shadow and have fallen in love with it very quickly. It’s the perfect blend of Fall colors. I love buying from Hudsons Bay because you always receive a bunch of freebies with your order, making it that much more exciting. This time around I got a free eyeshadow primer from NARS and a whole goodie bag from Clinique!

The palette itself is just stunning. NARS is hands down one of my favorite high-end brands. The quality of the shadows are pigmented, yet apply buttery soft.

Along with my NARS eyeshadow, I’ve been obsessed with the NYX Soft matte lip creams. My go-to shades right now are Copenhagen and Stockholm. I had to re-stock these shades because I ran out of my selection from last year. I know this might be different from other opinions, but I really like how light they feel on the lips after they dry. I dont like how some liquid lipsticks feel thick and chalky. These are an absolute dream to wear.

Those colours though! Such a fall aesthetic 😍

Also I’ve been looking at Tik Tok lately… Should I use it? Am I missing out if I don’t?

I feel like it’s going to be something where I don’t like it at first, and then suddenly I’ve fallen deeply into it and totally obsessed. I am still not entirely sure how to use it.

Anyway, TGIF everyone! What are your plans this weekend?

I’m going to carve pumpkins and drink a bit of wine with my friends. 🎃 🥂

June Ipsy Bag!

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing on this lovely day?

With the whole pandemic happening I put a pause on any unnecessary spending for about 3 months. I did this mostly to save just in case anything happened, but I’m not even sure how much I really saved because my makeup budget turned into a snack budget real fast 😂

When I saw that little pink parcel in the mail I was over the moon. What’s that song again?

🎶 Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favourite things. 🎶 … but pink instead of brown… you get the picture lol

I did something I never usually do and had a sneak peak of my bag when Ipsy released the lpreviews. I was so happy with what I saw it definitely fuelled my anticipation.

The bag they came out with this month is so cute! I love the bright yellow colour as it immediately makes me think of summer. And the pattern is just so fun! I’ll definitely be using this to pack all my little Knick Knacks in.

I’ll start with what I was looking forward to the most, and that was the perfume Juliette Has a Gun, in the scent Vanilla Vibes.

Ipsy has never sent me a perfume that I didn’t love. They’re always such a good size sample too, it tends to last me a really long time!

The funny part is that I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect summer scent. Something light and fresh that captures the essence of summer. Then Ipsy sent me this, and I was immediately in love. It was literally the exact scent I’ve been looking for. Usually perfume is just plain overpowering for me but this is honestly just the right combination. It also just smells really good on me, like it goes well with my body chemistry… does that make sense? It’s a thing right? 😂

Anyway I 100% plan on buying a full sized bottle once I’ve gone through the sample. And that is really saying something! They always get the perfume right with me.

Honestly if you’re ever unhappy with your Ipsy bag it’s a good idea to re-do the quiz because

a) It’s just a fun quiz to take in general and

b) It will totally change your bag to what you actually want and are going to get use out of.

Moving on!

The other product I was most excited for was the #inmo Cosmetics Velveteen Dream Shadow in the shade Kween Bee. Starting with the packaging I was obsessed. The little illustration on the front made me think of a Sailor Moon character.

For the actual shadow, I am always drawn to gold shimmers, they look amazing on any eye colour and skin tone. Unlike other shimmery shadows, this one actually applies amazing and the brush picks it up perfectly. Hardly any fallout and true to colour. Nothing more I could want! It’ll be at the top of my giant collection of gold eyeshadows!

I was very happy to receive the Youth To The People moisturizing cream as I have never tried the brand before. Supposedly this cream is filled with a whole list of superfoods including kale. 🤔 It can be used all over your face, or as a spot treatment for under your eyes. It’s a whipped consistency so it feels light on your skin but leaves you hydrated. I’m using it mostly for my under eyes and since it’s not very heavy, nor is it scented, it feels very refreshing.

Next this in my bag was the lipstick from Real Her cosmetics.

Honestly something about miniature lipstick just makes me so happy. Most people would probably say this shade is nothing to write home about, but to me it is the exact colour that matches my natural lip perfectly. It enhances the natural colour of my lips beautifully 👄 It’s not the longest lasting formula but it feels very comfortable on the lips, as it’s not drying or too smudgy.

Lastly was the Kohl eyeliner by Sugar. I’ll start by saying I’ve never found an eyeliner pencil that has worked for me outside of Makeup Forever or Mac. Unless it’s luxury quality it tends to melt down my eyes immediately… and that’s definitely what happened here. I was looking like a member from Kiss at the end of the day and it was not working on me 😂 I will be sanitizing and putting this is my kit so it won’t be a total loss!

Well I really loved this Ipsy bag and I’m already excited for next months bag 🤩

Does anyone else get Ipsy? I want to know how you’re getting on with your June bag ?

My Top 5 Fitness Must-Haves

Hello you lovely people,

Today I wanted to talk about my favourite fitness must haves. I feel like more than ever nowadays, there is an overwhelming sea of products for fitness and healthy living. At times it can be hard to sift through that plethora of information to find an honest and experienced answer.

So here are my 5 favourite workout goodies, and why I absolutely love them!

1. And Probably my most favorite of all is the Fitbit Versa Lite. This is a necessity for me as I LOVE keeping track of things lol. The Fitbit Versa tracks my calories burned, steps, and most importantly (for me) my heart rate. I love the colors it comes in, although I definitely would have loved it even more if it came in pink. Overall it’s a wonderful device. One of my favorite features that is the most underrated is the ‘Relax’ app. It will track your heart rate while it takes you through breathing exercises, using colors to indicate if your breathing/heart rate is in a great, good, or needs work zone. I use this quite often at any time of the day if I’m feeling anxious or stressed. It is an easy and discreet way to slip in a guided meditation.

2. I decided to fully invest in some good quality resistance bands and it improved my workout game so much! I decided to get the Peach Bands Resistance bands. I did some research looking for a Canadian fitness company and I was immediately obsessed with their bright pink and purple fitness gear. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but the bands themselves are resilient and have a great feel. They don’t roll or pinch (unless you really twist them). The weight of these bands ranges from Light (10 lbs) to Xtra Heavy (35lbs) giving a broad range of weight. If you need to have heavier resistance you can easily double up on the bands and get that weight you need without any discomfort. These bands are a slender shape making it easy to use 2 at a time. They also pair great with dumbbells or by themselves for the perfect quarantine workout. (Should I do a post on my quarantine workout?!?!)

3. Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer. This stuff has taken my cardio from average to a full-on sweat sesh. It is a bit of an adjustment applying a product like this to your skin as it’s not supposed to soak in. The whole idea is you apply it to the surface of your skin and it makes you sweat like 5x more than normal (not an actual scientific number but you get what I’m saying 😉) You apply to slow-reacting areas or spots you want to focus on in your workout and presto, you are sweating your booty off. I find it helps me be less sore in the morning and helps my muscles be less fatigued at the time of my workout.

4. Keto Bomb Coffee Creamer. Just thinking about this makes me so excited for my morning cuppa coffee. Like I’m actually salivating a little bit 😆 Save your money you would spend on expensive ‘specialty’ coffee, and try some Keto Bomb. My favorite flavors are French Vanilla and Caramel Macchiato. The best part is enjoying the amazing flavors and knowing they are a fraction of the sugar you would normally have with a regular Starbucks coffee. Not to mention you’re giving your body the fuel it needs with Vitamins like Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. I love using my Bodum frother to top it off and making it deliciously frothy and aesthetically pleasing. ☕️ ✌️

*A a side note here….specialty coffee if fun and delicious and nothing is wrong with enjoying them! I love a PSL and nothing will hold a candle to that. The amount of sugar in a food doesn’t make it ‘good’ or ‘bad’. 😘

5. Is the most basic but makes the most sense and that is a Yoga Mat. I got my yoga mat so long ago I can’t even remember the brand 😂 But I use it every workout. Not only is it an important cushion for your body but it’s nice to have a designated area laid out for working out. I find it creates guidelines for me when I’m doing exercises. It helps me center myself and check my form.

I hope everyone is having a happy Saturday and I’d love to hear about your favorite fitness goodies you can’t live without!


April Favorites

Hello loves!

By golly another month has come and gone!

from my perspective, March felt like the longest month to ever exist, and then April has gone by in a blink! Between school, work and everything in between I can see summer approaching quickly and I love it!

This month’s favourites are really a good mix of new products since I have been in the city and have more exciting products right at my fingertips. I can already tell next month is going to be a whopper too 😉

The first product I have been over the moon about is the Batiste Rose Gold dry shampoo. This is my saving grace during the school week when I don’t have time to wash my mane 😛 I have very thick bouncy hair yet somehow 2 days after washing the roots get super oily and everything else is fine. Therefore washing my hair becomes a super big chore and it takes ages to dry. This is where Batiste has really impressed me. When I think dry shampoo I used to thing strong scents with crusty white residue. They must have reformulated it or something because I love the limited edition scent and the texture is very light but effective. Not to mention I got completely sucked in by the pretty rose gold packaging! I’m a real sucker for rose gold hehe.

Next is the Ombra Hand Care Lotion. Something about this hand cream is perfect to me. First off its tiny making it perfect for my handbag and just the right amount to carry. Secondly, I really love the scent of it. It’s something like a very light strawberry scent 🍓 And lastly, it actually does a good job of keeping my hands hydrated. Since I’ve been in school I’m using my hands way more. They get exposed to soaps, makeup removers, the list goes on. It took a toll on my hands and working that close to someone’s face you know they see everything (including my crusty looking hands lol!) . I have to admit I was a hand lotion hater for a long time. Call me crazy but having cream on my hands always felt terrible and greasy. Yet, somehow Ombra has made a hand cream that isn’t greasy and soaks in right away. My hands felt good right after applying it, not five times after like other hand creams. Also they do not use harsh perfumes so there was no burning or redness after using it. Hallelujah!

Eau Roma water has quickly climbed its way into my favourites and becomes probably one of my top products out of all my favourites this month. I’m almost out of it, that’s how much I use it! It’s a gentle rosewater based toner and it’s helped reduce so much redness on my face. It’s very hydrating and I even give myself a little spritz to freshen up sometimes :p

(I feel like my favourites are light on the makeup this month because I’ve just been focusing so hard on getting my skin back into good condition for the summer :P)

My next favourite is another Lush item *surprise* and it’s the Ultrabland cleanser. My skin has not felt dry ever since using this delicious honey-scented and beeswax cream cleanser. I look and feel so glowy after I use it, it’s like my skin has been resuscitated! And I love how easy it is to use. Just massage into the face and wipe away with a damp cloth. Easy! No soapy, bubbly mess. Just yummy soft skin after ❤️

The 2 makeup items I have been crazy about are the Maybelline Fit Me concealer and the Colourpop Liquid lipstick in Star Crossed. The Fit Me concealer is a lifesaver during the school week. I wake up in the morning looking like a zombie and then emerge from my bathroom looking awake and bright! I can also use it for all over my face and it still feels light and natural. Having multi purpose items is a must have for me especially when packing for school!

And I have simply fallen in love with a red lip again, and Star Crossed is your classic, perfect shade of red. Not too cool toned, and not too warm either. The Colourpop formula makes it so easy to apply and stay put. I apply 2 thin layers letting it dry in between and I’m ready to tackle my day. The particular shade I have is very ‘Marilyn Monroe’ and makes me feel like a goddess 💋

I have recently tried to ease up on my social media time and concentrate more on my creativity thus making this book my favourite thing to write in during my down time. Is basically a book filled with writing prompts about life. It asks you what your first kiss was, what your childhood bedroom was like and even what your first experience with real tragedy was. It’s all about your life and is a wonderful place to keep track of all your memories and future endeavours. I got this from Indigo and I feel it’s helped me relax and expand my mind more.

Lastly, I have been reading a lot more in April. I finished ‘The Curious Incident Of the Dog in the Nighttime’ and swiftly moved into a new book. This one is called ‘Too Close to the Falls’ and it follows the life of an eccentric little girl from the ages of 5-12 years old. It is a memoir which makes it even more incredible. So far I’ve loved it, and it is so brilliant reading from a kids perspective. I can’t put it down but I don’t want to read it too quick haha! I totally recommend it. 😊

Do you guys have any favourite books or creative outlets you’ve been loving this month?

Happy Thursday everyone!


October Favourites

Hello everyone, I am back with a favourites post!

I know its been forever and a day since I’ve posted one so I was extra excited when I realized it was the first day of November, and thus I could begin collecting up all my favourite goodies of the month.


I’m quite happy with this little variety of goodies!

To start I wanted to share with you a perfume I’ve loved since I was about 16 (and I am now 23) This is actually one of the first perfumes I was ever given and it is called Black XS For Her. Its by a brand called Paco Rabbane, and Its one of my top winter perfumes. For me it is almost impossible to describe the scent because it is so unique. I will say it is light, with a rose and musk undertone. I am so not a professional when it comes to describing smells so if you see it in stores I urge you to have a sniff and see for yourself. And this is my second bottle courtesy of my wonderful boyfriend.

Next is something from a recent haul and that is the Marilyn Hot Oil Treatment from Lush. Now I know this is something I bought at the end of October and only tried a few days ago, but I loved it so much I wanted to include it. The picture above is what it looks like in its naked packaging. Now for something that retails at $12.95 CAD I was not going to buy it at first glance. Thankfully one of the Lush staff came and spoke to me about it. He explained that what he did in order to make it last more uses, is he stores it in an old Lush pot and keeps it in a cool area. He then demonstrated how much it emulsifies and puffs up when you mix it. I was sold! Even better it is just as good as the original Marilyn hair treatment (and a fraction of the price). It leaves your hair naturally soft with no oily residues like some other conditioning treatments.

My third favourite is another hair product, and that is the Casting Sun kiss Healthy Look treatment. This is just like sunshine in a bottle…for your hair. Now the Marilyn hair treatment and this go together like peas and carrots because while the sun kiss adds beautiful sun kiss streaks and lightens your hair, its still a bit damaging. After using this, it gives me the look of having sunny streaks in my hair, even when the sun has been gone and cloudy for days.

Onto something that I’ve already talked about in the past, and that is the E.l.f Cosmetics Matte lipstick in the shade ‘Praline’. Now I had a very mixed review on this lipstick but have come to love it over time. While it’s not what I consider a true matte lipstick, this lipstick goes on and stays on. The colour is beautiful and I have no fear of it transferring on my teeth because it never does. Also the shade of it is beautiful, and what I call the perfect cool tone nude for fall and winter.

This favourite is definitely more of a splashy item. *Note this was a gift and I’m very fortunate to have had it given to me because ho boy these things aren’t cheap*

This is the Fit Bit Surge watch. I have really gotten into working out again and this watch has helped me track my workouts, track calories burned, steps, heart rate, anything that helps your overall fitness. It also has cool features when you can change your music from your watch instead of fumbling with your phone while running. I never thought I would get into fitness because it seemed so annoying to track all that but this little watch has made it so much easier. The only downside is the battery life. In my opinion it should last a lot longer than 3/4 days. 🤷🏼‍♀️

My last beauty item in a nail polish. I think this is the first time in history I’ve ever had a nail polish in my favourites before. I had come to that dilemma where Halloween was almost here but I was sick of wearing black/green/blue polish, and honestly I had Christmas and winter on the brain. This polish is by Essie, which is my go to brand for fast drying, long lasting, and relatively cheap polish. The colour I have is called Fifth Avenue, and I’m in love. For some reason I’m the photo it shows up more orange but in real life it’s the perfect bright cherry red!

My last 2 favourites are not objects but 2 Apps And a T.V show!

The first is the Fitbit App which goes hand and hand in the watch. It goes a step further to help you track water drinking, calories you’ve even, and sleep habits. It makes it so easy to track it all I quickly became obsessed with tracking all my fitness goals and reaching them.

The second App is called Clue. It’s the ultimate way to track every step of your period and predict (almost) precisely when you’ll have your next one and what it may be like. It’s super flexible and you track how you’re feeling no matter what day of the month. If you’re feeling a bit cramped or hormonal one day, you can track it, and it’ll let you know when your PMS starts the next month. And it tracks every symptom you can think of. It can even remind you to take your pill. I learned about this App from British Beauty Blogger/Youtuber Zoella. She is one of my top absolute favourites bloggers so I trusted her opinion on the App and was not disappointed in the slightest! 🙂

My last Favourites is a T.V show…can you guess? *drumroll*


I binge watched this show like crazy. Who ever was the genius that had the idea to upload them all at the same time, I applaud you. This show is addictive and has a different twist on it than the last season. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll take the initiative and be the 5 millionth person to say WATCH IT! You wont regret it. I almost didn’t watch it because I thought it was going to be scary. Go. Watch. Now!

These were my favourites this month! I’d love to hear your feedback!

Happy Monday y’all! 🎉

Spring Favorites 🌸

Oh my gosh, what a month! I honestly cannot believe it has been a whole month since my last blog post. I mustn’t let that happen again.

Sometimes life gets busy and it really stinks, but I can feel the dust settling and some clarity coming in. 

The first little change that’s happened this month, and isn’t even really a big deal, is that I’ve cancelled my subscription to Ipsy. My decision had nothing against the brand (I really loved the Ipsy bags, so much fun every month 😊) but more just trying to be financially aware, and more aware of how much excess makeup and “stuff” I have. I am a firm believer in recycling and helping the environment, so I am trying to commit to the products I’ve purchased and use them until the end. In that case I’ve eliminated my willy nilly  ‘Lets try anything and everything’ habit. 

So if you’ve wondered where the Ipsy bag reviews have gone, I have laid that segment to rest…for now 😛 

Now that I’ve rambled on and bored you enough, let’s get to the good stuff! I am in full summer mode. Shorts everyday, sunshine, and fresh scents! That brings me to my first part of my favourites: Home Wear! 

I was in the city recently, and had to take a look inside of Bath And Body works as usual. They had their full Spring and Summer range displayed as I walked in, making me realize the lack of fresh summer candles in my life. I go crazy over the Christmas and Autumn candles and seriously neglect all other seasons. 

My favourite one I got was the ‘Wild Sage and Aloe’ scent. It is very strong, so I don’t even need to light it and it fills my room with a light fresh fragrance. I’m not sure if it really does smell like Sage or Aloe in my opinion, however, the scent that it is, is very fresh and smells like a men’s cologne in fresh air. 

Beside my candle on my nightstand is my cute little succulent that I’ve recently planted, and been loving. Why do I love it so much? It’s so easy to take care of  😂 I literally water it once every few days and it thrives in my dark room. It brings some life and colour to my surroundings, and makes me smile when I see it first thing in the morning. ☀️🌸

I the Beauty category I’ve been very exclusive to a few products the whole spring season. 

The first I bought a while ago, and I am almost done! That is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. In one of my Ipsy bags they sent a moisturizer with a similar formula, and the affects it had on my skin really surprised me. I knew something was missing from my skincare routine but didn’t know what it was. Turns out it was Hyalurononic Acid. It occurs naturally in your skin, and in the serum it helps even out skin tone and plump any lines or wrinkles. 

My second obsession is powder foundation. It started with the NYX Matt not Flat powder and has evolved to the Sephora brand powder foundation. I honestly just wanted to try a new powder. I asked what the best one they could recommend was, and they suggested the Sephora brand. They were right! I was shocked to know my skin was so light when they matched my skin tone in the store 😂 (Baylee you were right :p) but it’s been true love since. I have been wearing a lot more light weight makeup for the summer and this is an easy application product on the go, or in my daily routine. 

My other skincare favourite is the Glam Glow youthmud mask. I had a sample of this before and it left me so impressed I bought the mini size 😂 I wish I could have the full size but I just don’t have the budget right now. Its my favourite mask of all time right now. It’s a chemical exfoliant as well as a physical exfoliator, thus leaving my face softer than ever. 

This favourite may come as a shock to you as it probably is one of my least talked about makeup items. Mascara. I just have the hardest time finding one I like. Finally I found the Total Tease Mascara from Covergirl, and by fluke it’s perfect. It has a thin synthetic brush that gets every little lash, and it’s waterproof but isn’t a pain to remove. I wear it every day and that’s really saying something about a mascara! 

My final favourite is the NYX 03 multi purpose buffing brush. I’ve used this with my Sephora powder every single day. The way it applies powder more precisely than a poofy powder brush lets me get more coverage with no caking, but still evens out my skin tone. And it lasts all day! 🎉

I hope you enjoyed my Spring Favourites, and has made up for my total lack of productivity on this blog. I’m back baby! 

Let me know what you’ve been loving this Spring! 😘


August Favorites!

Hello lovely people!

How are we all on this delightful September afternoon? Very well I hope! 🙂

It has been a darn long time since I’ve done a favorites post hasn’t it?

But I’m back with them! And that’s all that matters.

August was a delightful month for me, filled with city travels, boat rides, and sunshine. I tried my best to really gather what I have been loving most this month, and using non stop.


It may be on the smaller side, but it just means that they’re my core favorites. The troopers that I’ve been keeping in my purse and overnight bags non stop.


❤ I will just jump right into it and say I could not have survived the convention weekend without my Nars sheer glow foundation. I used to be very skeptical about it (not entirely sure why) but I reach for it every time now. In the morning when we had limited time to get ready it just proved to be so easy to blend in. Along with being very easy to blend, it isn’t a time consuming task either. There is nothing worse than watching time tick by, and your foundation is not up to snuff.

❤ After big trips or long days at work, there is nothing I want more than a hot shower or bath. The first thing I’ve been reaching for lately is the ‘Dirty Springwash’ shower gel from Lush. It just smells so fresh in all the best ways possible. I even gave my boyfriend a mini bottle too, and I can always tell when he uses it because I just love the scent so much. I can sniff it out anywhere! 😁

❤ My Eos lip balm had been my trusty lip balm for a while. It used to be Dr.Medics lip balm, but the taste of it always bugged me. Not with Eos though! Its vanilla scented and you cannot even taste it on your lips. It goes on soft instead of slick, and moisturizes like a dream, muah! 💋

❤ The NYX Tame and Frame tinted brow pomade has officially came in and stole the show. In the shade blonde, its the first pomade I’ve used that actually matched my brows for real. At first try I wasn’t particularly impressed to be honest, but as I kept trying it I realized I was using the wrong brush. That’s when I discovered the Real Techniques brow brush. It made it so much easier to fill in my brows. The facts that it is soft gives you more natural looking brush strokes, and more natural looking brows! 

❤ Real techniques blush brush. I swear I never use my brushes for what they’re really meant for. Minus my brow brush :p I love using this brush for powdering my face or lightly bronzing. I use a much smaller brush for my blush. Perhaps I have a small face? Who knows. Besides that, the way it is shaped I feel it evenly disperses product with no patchy spots. 10/10! 

❤ What is the  one thing you can find in every hand bag I own, in my car, and in my bathroom? Hand sanitizer. I love all the scents from Bath and Body works, particularly the Cherry blossom scent. Maybe I’m grasping desperately at the last gasps of summer, but the fresh floral scent just cheers me up so much!

❤ Finally, (but not the least important) my Makeup revolution palette. Had I know just HOW much I was going to live this, I might have picked it up sooner. Its the only palette I’ve been bringing along over nights and on trips. It just has everything you could need! I won’t gab on too long about it since there is a whole post floating around somewhere. But I can say its passed the test with flying colors! 

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did writing it! 🙂 

Summer is slowly coming to an end but that just means new and excited seasons approaching!

Enjoy your day y’all! 


July Favorites!

Hello lovelies!

I have been quite absent with my favorites posts recently, and I do apologize for the radio silence.

I just had a moment of clarity, seeing the clutter that was my makeup table, and my overflowing collection of face products. No more splurging until I’ve reigned my mess in!

But despite the reigns being tight, I still maned to try a few new things, because honestly, a very fun part of blogging definitely is trying new products and getting excited to share with others what you’ve discovered.


💋 To start off the beautiful summer weather we’ve been blessed with once again, I needed something to help my hair stay damage free in the heat. We often think of our skin being the only place that needs help repairing from the sun but your lovely locks are just as important. While I love getting those beachy streaks in my hair, I didn’t dig the straw like texture it was transforming into. So to leave my scarecrow days behind me, I started using the Argon Oil of Morocco in shower oil. Its a light hair oil that doesn’t drag your hair down, but leaves it with shine and smelling amazing. And most important of all it moisturizes and softens.

💋 I’m sure to no ones surprise at all my next favorite is a NYX lip cream in the shade ‘ Buttery Nude’. Its the perfect nude shade with rose undertones to it. I can’t resist these shades of lipstick right now. And because its a cream lipstick it applys like a liquid lip, but doesn’t dry your lips out as much like one. 

💋 My most loved scent this month is actually one from Bath and Bodyworks. I actually bought this last year but have re-fallen in love with it. It isn’t your typical scent. It is called ‘Sea Island Cotton’ and it straight up smells like freshly dried laundry on a hot summers day. See? Told you it wasn’t your typical flaural or fruit. But if you get a chance to smell it yourself, give it a try! And let me know 🙂 

💋 Another hair product I have fallen in love with this month is the hair treatment ‘Marilyn’ by Lush. It is a hair mask that keeps the brassy tone out of your blond hair. It works whether you’re naturally blond or not. Even if you have ombre hair it is perfect to apply to the tips to keep healthy and bright. It contains olive oil as well, and that helps with split ends. 

💋 This month my NYX Stay Matte powder has been out outshone. The new starring role of my makeup bag has been the Rimmel Clear complexion Clarifying Powder. It claims to help the nature of your skin, while still evening out your skim tone and mattefying your oily spots. It is a translucent powder, and I’ve fallen in love with it, especially since I’ve been having so many good skin days. Thus needing less coverage, but still taking care of those shiny spots. Needless to say, this little compact lives in my handbag. 

💋 The award for best face mask is always, and will always be awarded to the Clarifying Charcoal mask by Clinique. By all means this is just my opinion (as is everything on my blog) but I just can’t get over how healthy my skin is when I use it on the regular! (Recommended once a week) I try to use it after my Clinique charcoal face wash to keep in a regime. But its my favorite thing to apply after a hot bath to help really clean out my pores. :p  

💋 My last two favorites are an item of clothing and a TV show. As you guessed I’ve been loving my comic print T-shirt from Forever 21. Its a men’s shirt, but I never let that whole ‘gendered clothing thing’ get in the way. I like it, I buy it! Its such a cool print, and its baggy and long, but I still feel super cute wearing it 😄 

The show I have been OBSESSED with is Jane the Virgin. Its available to watch on Shomi, and I’ve been marathoning it like crazy. I don’t know if I can say anything without spoiling it, but just watch the first episode and try not to be addicted. It makes me laugh, cry, and actually think and learn things about myself. Its a very cute romantic show, with an epic twist on the plot. 

Hope you all are enjoying the lovely month of August so far! 🌞


April Favorites!

Hello Hello! 🙂

How are we all doing on this lovely day?

It feels like it was only last week that I was doing my March favorites. Where on earth is the time going?

April was a particularly good month for the MissM blog. Lots of trying new makeup, and Spring and Summer always seem to give me an energy burst, thus inspiring me to step up my game. A definite theme this month was fun in the sun. Bright colors, sun and fresh face skincare. I felt energized and happy. All that Vitamin D from the sunshine must have really kicked things into gear! I hope everyone has been catching some rays too 😛

No my feet aren’t a favorite ;P just feeling artsy.

Charlie Paige sunhat and Denver Hayes runners.

‘Glow’ by J-Lo, smells of sunshine and evening beach walks ❤

The Maybelline Color Tattoo pots have rekindled my love for eye shadow.  Or unbridled an obsession! Still deciding ;P

Biore Charcoal Strips

Glow by J-Lo

Vichy Aqua Thermal Boosting Essence water

Clarins Paris After Sun Care

Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Gel

Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer

Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Gel

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara (disclaimer: the one I have is a sample size, hence the reason it looks like it could be from Honey I Shrunk The Kids)


If I had to pick a stand out product this month it would have to be the Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eye shadows. They are so easy to use, and they blend like a dream. For a product you can get from the drugstore they give some of my high end eye shadow a run for its money :p
They even make an awesome base for your eye shadow, and I find myself reaching for them more than my actual eye shadow at the moment.

I hope everyone is enjoying the first gasps of summer (and wearing lors if sunscreen) and thank you as usual for reading! 🙂


Mini Drugstore Spree!

Hello lovely people!

I am sitting here in the beautiful sunshine today, very excited to chat through my recent little drugstore spree. Before this, I had been on a strict ‘essentials shopping only rule’. Which basically means I was (and now again :p) not letting myself buy anything I don’t really need. Just trying to cut down my clutter, and also monitor what I use. Also I am trying to buy products which containers I can recycle later. But that is a story for another day!


Ta da! Lots of these items I had on my “3 glance rule” list. What is that you ask? Its a rule I’m trying to use when shopping more. Pretty much if I find myself coming back to something more than 3 times when I shop, I let myself ponder, “Is this on impulse or am I genuinely interested in this product/accessory/ ect.?”

This way I manage to do a little retail therapy with little to no buyers guilt.

  • The first thing I finally purchased after many longing stares was the real techniques Starter brush set. I have quite a few Real Techniques brushes already, but most of them are blush, contour or blending brushes. I really love the way the RT brushes feel so I decided I want some for my eyes. I have just about used all of them (minus the brow brush) and they have lived up to the hype for sure!


  • Sticking with real techniques I also got their Deep Cleansing Gel for makeup brushes and beauty blenders ect. I asked the lady working in the makeup section what the best brush cleaner was in her opinion, and she suggested this one. My previous brush cleanser was a total bust. It was by Kit, which is a good drugstore brand, but that product didn’t clean my brushes…like, at all.


  • Of course no splurge is complete without NYX. The first purchase is a eye shadow base, which I have already tried and love. I chose the skin toned base over the white. I can say it helps blending a lot and is nice and light on the lids. It only creases a tiny bit, which only shows up at the end of the day.


  • The second NYX product is the Color Correcting Concealer palette. This was a bit more of an impulse buy I will admit. I had seen if floating around the beauty world and wanted to try it our for myself. The peach under eye correcter worked like a dream for me, but I had trouble with the green corrector for red spots. I actually had to wipe it off my face since it had made me look like I was a wee bit ill. That was more of a learning curb than anything. Go light handed with it. 😛


  • My last NYX product is the Pro Lip Palette, in the Plum Shades. I know that the darker plum shades are more of a fall color, but I see beauty guru’s more often wearing them into the Spring months. Mostly sporting a beautiful purple or deep red, which just so happens to be the colors that fit my skin tone best. I have swatched all the colors and I can happily say that the color pay off really lives up to the display. The colors are very build able too, so you can wear only a little for a stained look, or go full color.


  • This eye shadow palette is the perfect example of my ‘3 glance rule’. On many occasions I had been drooling over the alluring colors in this palette, and so the wait was finally over. I have dug into this palette almost every day this week. While the shadows aren’t as pigmented as NYX or maybe a higher end eye shadow, the colors are true to their display and blend out with ease.


  • My last item I bought was the Maybelline Brow Drama gel. I got this because my Benefit ‘Gimme Brow’ gel was beginning to dwindle and dry up. I thought to myself, “Is it really worth it to try a drugstore brand?'”, and I can say yes it was! The color of this product actually fits my brow color better than the Benefit brow gel did, and is is a very similar consistency and formula. My only teeny tiny, minuscule complaint is the bulbous shaped brush of it doesn’t feel like it combs through every hair like the Benefit brush does. Other than that, A+ in my opinion!


So that ladies and gents, was my recent mini drugstore spree! Now back to being tight pocketed haha! I hope this has helped inspire, and I hope you enjoyed reading.

Thank you for reading and your time! What have been some of your favorite drugstore finds?

I hope you have  a lovely day and you will hear from me again soon!