January Favourites

I‚Äôm going¬†to¬†be¬†honest, I was so excited to write a January favourites post it was one of the only¬†sure-fire¬†posts I knew I was going to write. I¬†was inspired and ready to write. Then February came along and somehow my brain just forgot about it like ‚Äėnope nothing to see here‚Äô. So, this is my¬†long-winded¬†apology for not having a favourites post for a *very* long time.

¬†I was just using so many of the same things that it felt repetitive. I was in a slump. Mostly why there was/is a lack of new product reviews is just because I’m saving every penny I can for school! But that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried anything at all ūüėõ I’m out of the slump!

Oh boy, where do I start… The makeup of course! So many new favourites, some I have already spoken about in short reviews so I‚Äôll keep them to the point.

  1. ColourPop¬†Eyeshadow.¬†I treated myself to a little¬†ColourPop¬†haul¬†in early December as I had never tried that brand before. I didn‚Äôt really do a haul post since it was such a tiny order and many other bloggers had such wonderful extravagant posts…I just felt that mine might be a bit underwhelming in comparison¬†ūüėā¬†However I‚Äôm happy to say I‚Äôve tried them and I‚Äôm just as impressed as I‚Äôd hoped I‚Äôd be¬†ūüėĄ¬†These are the 3 Super Shock shadows I was most excited to try! They are in the shades: Fluffy,¬†Sequin¬†and¬†Catnap. After playing with them and getting used to the new consistency I have started sneaking them into any makeup look I can! At first, it threw me off, but I realized some shadows I ordered were glitters (lots of¬†glitters¬†but not as much pigment) and others more pigment and¬†fewer¬†shimmer chunks.

2. Sheet face masks. This might be self-explanatory but look how freaking cute these are! I love a face mask that keeps a mess to a minimal but still delivers results. Mostly it’s just the novelty of putting one on, maybe having a bath, relaxing and then peeling it off to *hopefully* expose softer more vibrant skin.

3. Lush hair masks. Specifically speaking about the hot oil hair treatments that come on a stick. Not only do they serve up amazing nutrition and conditioning for your locks, but they are a great bang for your buck. Just store in an old clean lush pot and use a small amount of hot water to reactivate after storing. I get about 3 – 4 uses out of each, which I consider¬†being¬†an amazing deal. The one I have been loving is called ‘Damaged’ and it is a powerhouse for repairing and hydrating any kind of hair.

4. Total Tease Mascara by Rimmel. I think I’ve raved about this before but this Mascara holds strong as my absolute favourite (next to the Clinique Mascara) and is still going strong. I feel a bit bold saying I do in fact love the synthetic brush and just how short and sturdy the bristles are. It works so well with my eyelashes, grabbing every one! The formula of it is light but you can layer it up for a full look. My absolute favourite part though is that it is NOT waterproof, but will stay on all day with no fallout or anything. Then at night, it washes off so easy with no missing eyelashes.

5. NYX¬†Eyebrow Gel. I was feeling adventurous after my last brow product ran out and saw all the products on the¬†NYX¬†stand calling¬†out my name. I had tried brow pencils, powders and pomade, but never a gel. I have¬†very¬†full¬†brows and I knew I need something pigmented but pliable to work and that‚Äôs exactly what delivered. Now the term ‚Äėgel‚Äô threw me off since it‚Äôs more of a liquid/soft pomade in my opinion, but I¬†was relieved¬†by the consistency. The colour matches my brows and it stays on strong all day. My only woe is how fast it dries. With that being the only annoyance, it also means that it never smears or¬†budges.


6. Loreal Colorista Hair colour. I recently had an itch to dye my hair but didn’t want to use any harmful chemicals (which is typically what throws me off of any hair dying) I remembered that I had one bottle of the L’Oréal Colorista still tucked away in my bathroom. I am so impressed by how well it not only dyes my hair but how soft and healthy my hair feels after. The other best part is that it will wash out after 4-8 washes, making it the perfect dye if you don’t want to commit to a colour permanently. The only downside is that it strictly only works on blond or highlighted hair. Anything darker than dirty blonde it will not absorb into the hair at all. On the upside, they sell absolutely everything you would need to lighten your hair and then dye it, and even wash it out if you don’t like the colour!

7. American Eagle Perfume: Live Your Life. Something about this perfume is just perfect to me. I bought it a couple of years ago on holiday, and it is a chameleon for every season, matching perfectly for cold or hot seasons. The smell is almost indescribable to me, but I can say its a sweet yet rich smell. I‚Äôm hoping to high heavens that it isn‚Äôt discontinued or anything because I use it about 3-4 times a day to freshen up and I will need a refill soon! Not only does the smell remind me of that holiday, but I can wear it no matter what season it is! I classify this as more of a body¬†mist¬†because of the light¬†scent, which is another reason I love it so dearly. I don’t like too strong of scents, but I still want it to last me. Also, what can I say? I love a good perfume with an inspirational quote on the bottle ūüėõ

Thanks for stopping by! ‚̧ԳŹ

Has February flown by just as fast for you as it has for me?


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