Food For Your Face

I’ve recently become more aware of the products I’m using on my skin, what they actually do, and where it comes from. Much like eating healthy and knowing where your food is from, the same goes for your skin care and what you put on your face.

While on this journey, I started loving making my own face masks. There is something so satisfying knowing all the ingredients in them, and what their benefits are.

Today I made my face mask focusing on what is nutritious for my skin.



To start I used…

White Clay Base:

This is excellent for clearing your skin of impurities and goes deep into your pores to extract dirt and oil. I love using white clay for an extra clean feel before finishing my nighttime routine.

Spirulina Algae:

You might know algae as that funny green stuff you find growing outside. However, when grown organically and USDA approved it does wonders for one’s skin. It is full of vitamins and it is particularly packed with detoxifying nutrients. Just don’t be scared of it’s funky smell and bright green colour.

Rose Petals:

I’m going to be honest, when I first saw rose petals as part of a face mask I thought it was just some hooey to make the face mask look prettier and sound nicer. In reality, rose petals contain wonderful oils that act as a moisturizer, helping even the dryest skin. On top of that the sugars they contain add a wonderful glow to your complexion. I have dried rose petals since they are much more convenient, but the fresher the ingredients the more nutritious it is to the skin.

Avocado Oil:

Plain and simple Avocado oil is a powerhouse for moisturizing and softening your skin. You don’t need much, just a couple drops will revitalize your complexion.

Tea Tree oil:

I’m sure by now everyone knows my raving reviews on Tea Tree oil, but I wouldn’t be so nutty about something if it didn’t work such wonders. I get bad acne on my chin (especially around that time of the month) and Tea Tree oil is the best acne treatment I have ever found. Because of its anti inflammatory qualities and warm soothing tingle, I love including it in my face masks, even store-bought ones.

This is what I call my Detoxifying Glow Mask! 🙂 there are so many yummy ingredients to choose from I can’t wait to share more amazing ones with you!


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