October FX Month: Week 3

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday!

This post is coming to you much later than usual, but better late then never huh!

I wanted to try something creepy, but also cute. I know that gore isn’t in everyone’s taste, so I want to try and keep it interesting for everyone (whoever you may be!)

So for this look I thought it could be cute or creepy, whatever direction you want to take it!

I thought a doll would be a cute idea! And adding a little chip or crack adds the creepy element to it!

I actually got all of my inspiration just from seeing that one tea cup sitting on my shelf.

A much simpler look this week 👀 all I used was:

👻 glue stick/liquid latex to blank out my eyebrows (I learned that liquid latex is great to go over if school glue doesn’t quite do the trick.)

👻 Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation, but any foundation/concealer will do the trick. I used ones that were extra dewy to add that ‘shiny’ effect to the skin. Also high coverage to help blank out the brows and seamlessly blend the skin.

👻 NYX eyeshadows on lid and cheeks.

👻 Black liquid liner for details. I recommend a gel or something that won’t dry out easily. I find when you do lots of detailing, the brush runs out of product quicker than your usual cat flick.

👻 On the lips I just used something simple but bright, and that was Backstage Bambi by Kat Von D.

Lastly, dress up! Dressing up is the other half of the fun!

It’s the week before Halloween, woohoo!


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