October FX Month: WEEK 2

Hello loves! I am here again with another instalment of my October FX Month!

If you’re new, I am doing a different Halloween-y makeup look every week until Halloween! I try to do an array of looks, last week was a Dreamy Mermaid, this week I went a bit creepier.

My inspiration, Edgar Allan Poe’s : The Raven

If you are unfamiliar with that poem I urge you to give it a read 🙂


I always try to use basic tools and very affordable makeup for my looks 🙂



Beak: Sculpted from Ben Nye scar wax, sculpted over liquid latex base.

Brows: glued down using any brand glue stick, non toxic, and concealer, any kind will do we just want the brows smooth and covered up.

Face: Dollar Store grease paints (like I said, super cheap), White NYX eyeshadow, Dollar Store white cream paint.

Lips: Black grease paint, Ben Nye scab blood (I applied it very carefully and made sure to to swallow any)

Headband: from The Bay, about 5 years old, I originally bought it for my senior winter dance many moons ago.


Thanks for stopping by and reading!


Quote the Raven: Nevermore.




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