Disappointing Drugstore Products…

Hello loves!

Anyone who knows me, is aware that I try to be a very positive person. I try to find the up side in everything, and stay away from negativity.

That is one of the big reasons I have avoided doing any blog posts like this, but I have realized as a writer and an avid beauty lover sometimes you have to share a little critique.

Yes, I have made a list of what I consider disappointing beauty products. Now I understand all our opinions and experiences may different , so I want to state this is merely my opinion and what I like/dislike will differ from what others think. 🙂

(I laughed as I was taking the following pictures because I felt like I was taking mugshots of all the products 😂)

irst disappointment really hit hard with the Physicians Formula 'Glow and Mood Boosting Blush. I had heard so many rave reviews about this brand so I thought I would try them out. I feel like I got very sucked into the hype with this product. Along with the blush I bought a Pearl Highlighter, which I have given away due to my dislike towards that product as well. From first swatch this blush had no pigmentation to it. I decided to use my brush and try it on my cheeks. It took forever to get any colour pay off, and on top of that, by the second time I went to use it, it had this weird layer on it that made it impossible to get any product out. I tried scraping it with a eyebrow brush to get it off but it continued to 'crust over' no matter what I did. I am willing to give Physicians Formula another try, but I need some great recommendations before I spend any more dollars on their products.

💀 The next product was another hype I got seriously sucked into, and that was the Katy Kat Matte lipsticks by Katy Perry. This was another product I was disappointed by the first swatch. I have tried far better matte lipsticks for way cheaper too. At first swatch, I thought it was the weirdest matte lipstick I had ever tried. It wasn't matte at all, it was more of a gritty lipstick. While the colour is beautiful, the lipstick goes on so patchy it's impossible to appreciate the colour. Along with that, when it finally dries out matte, it has gunked up in the corners of my mouth and the middle of my lips.

💀 Next is the Marcelle 'Flawless Skin Fusion Concealer'. When I bought this I was looking for a great under eye, semi full coverage concealer. I was thinking, if I buy a pricier drugstore Concealer, it only makes sense it would be better quality right? No. What I got was not that at all. The name 'Skin Fusion' lead me to believe it would blend in nicely with my skin. That wasn't the case. I applied the product in my problem areas and began blending. To my surprise, by the time I had began blending the concealer had already oxidized and stared to dry on my skin, leaving a weird outline where I applied it. On top of that, as you can see in the picture it has started to separate, and it hasn't been long from the last time I used it (which was yesterday afternoon) I have never seen a concealer do that before. On the bright side I have found it is ok for carving out a cut crease, and will strictly use it for such. I am definitely sticking to good ol Maybelline Fit Me concealer.

💀 Next up is another popular product that I know not everyone will agree with me on. It is the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. I will keep it short by saying it's just way to chunky and thick of a mascara for me. I know some people love wearing thick mascara, but after the first time I tried to wash this off, I knew I wouldn't like it. I love having thick lashes, but this crumbled off the brush every time I used it, falling in my eyes and all over my face. Perhaps I got a bad batch? (Is that possible lol?) I know that Zoe Sugg swears by it, but as much as she is my hero, I just can't bring myself to like it.

💀 Lastly, and most surprisingly is a NYX product. I know I've probably said before that I've never found a NYX product I don't like…well I take it back. This is the NYX Colour Correcting Concealer palette. I was very intrigued by the concept of colour correction. I personally have lots of redness on my face and have always tried to combat that. When I used this palette I was waiting to see the difference in my foundation, but ended up being so disappointed… and slightly green. The Concealer itself does not blend out well. It doesn't sink into the skin, but sits on top of it. Along with the patchiness of it, it is a very greasy concealer as well, making me look even worse in my T-Zone. I kept this palette for my FX makeup (hence why all the green is gone) thinking the colours could make a good base for Special FX bruising.

So that is is! My blacklist items…. I'm only kidding! These personally did not work for me at all, but I'd like to hear if you've tried any of these and what you think of them!



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