Fitness and Fashion

Hello loves!

I was very pleased with myself today because I ran and broke one of my own records today. I was very proud of it and wanted to post on social media but this little voice in my head crept in saying "Why would you post that, there are people out there way more fit than you".

I then had the sudden epiphany that that voice, not only is a load of crap, but I'm also not the only person battling those negative thoughts. I had to put a stop to them because pursuing a fitness goal no matter how big or small, should be a positive thing. So once again I felt a wave of passion to write about my tips on fitness, and how fashion can play into it.

Now I use the word fashion lightly because honestly, if you felt more confident and comfortable in a pair of sweats and a T-shirt than you go and rock that! This is just a list based off my personal fitness journey.

1) This does happen to play into the fashion category and that is Wear Something You Are %100 Comfortably In. Whether that may be a sports bra and tights, or a big T-shirt and shorts, there is no wrong way to be comfortable when working out. Just make sure its supportive and flexible. The last thing you need to worry about is your pants riding up while your shirt doesn't sit right on your shoulders. Also, if you're needing some good support, buying a sports bra will change your life. Exercise can be an dredged act sometimes, so any help is good help!

I love wearing tights and a big loose tank top. I feel like tights just keep everything where they should be for me. I will say it, having some curves means leg chaffing
and that is the last thing I want to deal with while running!

2) Of course this may be an obvious one, but Invest in a Great Pair of Shoes.
When you feel completely inspired to work out, but don't have the right shoes, that can hinder your desire to work out drastically. Your feet are the soul (sole haha) of your workout. As a runner, I treated myself to a good pair of shoes, and completely changed my perspective.

These happen to be the Nike Free Runners, designed for running. Like I said you don't need the fanciest of clothes, but the quality of my run changed as soon as I put these on.

3) This might be a weird tip, but even Having the Right Headphones makes a difference. I use some headphones designed for running/physical activities. It's just another step to make you more comfortable, because who has the time and patience to deal with headphones popping out of your ears.

4) Going hand in hand with headphones, Workout Music is the top influencer of my workout. My workout mix is whatever makes me feel good while I run. I believe there is no shame in a workout mix. If the Spice Girls get you pumped up, go for it! (My not so guilty pleasure) Or even if heavy metal or rap does the trick, there's no wrong genre of music to get inspired to. I've personally been loving Demi Lovato's song Sorry Not Sorry.
It has the perfect balance of sass, and big dance beats.

5) Last but not least, Taming Your Hair. I use the curly hair elastics every time I run. They never fall out and most importantly they're comfortable during physical activities. There is nothing worse than feeling your hair fall out of its bun or ponytail while you're working out.

I swear by those little curly hair elastics!

Anyway, I hope this was helpful to anyone trying to get into fitness, or anyone in general! Let me know what your fitness tips are!


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