Summer Skin Care Saviour šŸ™Œ

Good Evening lovely people!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

Today I am writing a bit of a different post. It's not a haul, or a review. Today I wanted to write about a little discovery I made. Now some of you may already know all about this, but this is my personal discovery of it :p

The summer heat has come rushing in full blast, and so did a handful of skin problems. With the added sweat and residue left from sunscreens and other products, my forehead became a battleground for acne, (a battle to which I was loosing pitifully). I was breaking out not only on my forehead, but also in my hairline all with painful blemishes. To top it off, my skin suddenly had tiny bumps and texture it never had before. I was having a meltdown to say the least. I had an odd thought come to mind. Tea Tree oil. I had once smelled it in a face mask I had used and remembered the wondrous effects it had on my skin.

This is where I had the idea to try tea tree oil. I have a very basic knowledge of natural remedies, and recalled that Tea Tree oil is antibacterial, as well as anti inflammatory. Both of those qualities are helpful for fighting acne. Basically it meant that it kills bacteria, while reducing swelling and inflammation. In a moment of desperation I was willing to try anything. To start out slow I added a few drops to a white clay mask I purchased from the drugstore. It worked amazingly!

I wash my face prior to using the mask, starting with a the Clinique Exfoliating Scrub (only once a day) and then the Clinique Charcoal Face wash.

I then apply the Tea Tree mask mix generously to my problem areas, and even more directly onto the big blemishes. The mask takes on a new sort of warming/cooling sensation. I recommend the most mild clay mask possible if you are going to do this because the Tea Tree oil is strong, and if you mix it with a mask that already has chemical exfoliants in it or anything it may hurt your skin.

I always use a clean brush to apply, making sure everything is as bacteria free as possible.

I noticed a huge difference after one application. Maybe I was hoping so badly it would work that I imagined a huge difference, but I can honestly say it has saved my skin.

After 2 applications of the clay mask I can see them shrinking, and the pain has gone away.

I know I probably sound a bit crazy, but I would not write a post about this if it didn't change my skin so drastically. I have fairly regular skin, with an oily T zone, and this worked wonders for me. I felt like I was never going to have nice skin again, and this was like a shining light at the end of a very awful tunnel.

Along with that discovery I've made a couple changes to my lifestyle that helped fight acne big time.

1) Avoid touching your face and any spots/blemishes you may have. Your hands can carry tons of bacteria only making acne worse, or causing it by putting bacteria onto your skin. This is something I can vouch for 100%. Since cutting this habit, I've noticed my acne clearing up faster, and occurring way less frequently.

2) In my case specifically I realized there is such thing as too much TLC. I was over exfoliating my face (I was doing it day and night, and for too long) , causing the tiny bumps in particular to multiply rapidly. It was a vicious cycle until I realized my skin was screaming for a break from the exfoliating. So I cut it down to only once a day and noticed a small change after a few days.

3) Take a moment to chill. Honestly it's very easy to get caught up in the stress and obsession of seeing your skin break out. Let your skin breath, have a no makeup day (or week) and try not to focus on what is happening there. I found that if I just leave a blemish alone, avoid constantly checking it, it'll shrink and heal up faster.

I hope this post was helpful and/or insightful! Please let me know what some of your skin saviours have been this summer! 😊


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