A Day In Photos

Hey lovely peeps!

How are we doing today?

Do you ever have those really aesthetically pleasing days? The ones where the weather is just right, and your creativity is flowing. If you’ve ever felt that way, than you know what I mean 🙂

I see a lot of people doing ‘My Week/Day/Month In Instagram photos’ and I wanted to do something similar. I don’t use Instagram for all my photography, so I will just call it ‘My Day In Photographs’.

Personally I find the ‘My day in Photos’ segments really interesting, not just as a photographer, but because I’m just nosey, and find those simple day to day things very entertaining haha!


I had such a beautiful day with my friends. Yesterday was filled with food, fun and ferries! 

We hit up another small town in my area. Exploring the beach front is always an adventure, and it’s like having a stay-cation (vacation at home). We had a look through the fun, whimsical shops before dropping one of my best friends off at the ferry. ❤️ 

Hope you enjoy some random IPhone photography!  

Happy Monday y’all!  


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