OOTD Summer Farmers Market and Lounging ☀️♥️

Summer has finally swept over the coast like a warm comfortable blanket, and I couldn’t be any happier about it! 

Flowers are blooming and the summer wardrobes are popping with bright colours and patterns!  

It was an extra special Saturday with family and friends visiting, so I decided to dress up and document it a wee bit. 

The last photo I cropped due to my sleepy eyes hehe. 

Anyway, my friend got me the pants from her trip to Thailand and I cannot get over how insanely comfortable they are. Even in the hot weather they are so soft and breathable. I feel as though I could  live in them for days (only 1 I promise :p)

My shoes are from Nine West and let me tell you; I bought these shoes in 2010 going on my trip to Orlando Florida. They’ve lasted me all through that trip, and 7 years later still going strong 💪 talk about good quality shoes! 

My V-neck T-shirt is from H&M and proves to be a favourite in my wardrobe. I own a lot of brightly coloured tights and pants, with many different patterns, so often I need a plain shirt to accompany that. Another big bonus is that it is made of Rayon making it light, soft and breathable. 

I love wearing an assortment of rings. I collect rings like no other. Besides funky weird earrings, rings are the top of my accessory list. I can never wear just one (as you can see). On my ring fingers and pointer are very special rings given to me by loved ones. All other ones are from Forever 21. I am going through a faze of loving geometric jewelry, so when I saw that set I bought it immediately 😂

And lastly my necklace was a gift from my Aunty from when she went to Italy. I love it and I feel like royalty wearing it 👑 

And my earrings (though you can’t really see them) were a Christmas gift from my dad! They’re funky and unique.

Happy Tuesday! Thanks for reading!


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