Spring Favorites 🌸

Oh my gosh, what a month! I honestly cannot believe it has been a whole month since my last blog post. I mustn’t let that happen again.

Sometimes life gets busy and it really stinks, but I can feel the dust settling and some clarity coming in. 

The first little change that’s happened this month, and isn’t even really a big deal, is that I’ve cancelled my subscription to Ipsy. My decision had nothing against the brand (I really loved the Ipsy bags, so much fun every month 😊) but more just trying to be financially aware, and more aware of how much excess makeup and “stuff” I have. I am a firm believer in recycling and helping the environment, so I am trying to commit to the products I’ve purchased and use them until the end. In that case I’ve eliminated my willy nilly  ‘Lets try anything and everything’ habit. 

So if you’ve wondered where the Ipsy bag reviews have gone, I have laid that segment to rest…for now 😛 

Now that I’ve rambled on and bored you enough, let’s get to the good stuff! I am in full summer mode. Shorts everyday, sunshine, and fresh scents! That brings me to my first part of my favourites: Home Wear! 

I was in the city recently, and had to take a look inside of Bath And Body works as usual. They had their full Spring and Summer range displayed as I walked in, making me realize the lack of fresh summer candles in my life. I go crazy over the Christmas and Autumn candles and seriously neglect all other seasons. 

My favourite one I got was the ‘Wild Sage and Aloe’ scent. It is very strong, so I don’t even need to light it and it fills my room with a light fresh fragrance. I’m not sure if it really does smell like Sage or Aloe in my opinion, however, the scent that it is, is very fresh and smells like a men’s cologne in fresh air. 

Beside my candle on my nightstand is my cute little succulent that I’ve recently planted, and been loving. Why do I love it so much? It’s so easy to take care of  ðŸ˜‚ I literally water it once every few days and it thrives in my dark room. It brings some life and colour to my surroundings, and makes me smile when I see it first thing in the morning. ☀️🌸

I the Beauty category I’ve been very exclusive to a few products the whole spring season. 

The first I bought a while ago, and I am almost done! That is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. In one of my Ipsy bags they sent a moisturizer with a similar formula, and the affects it had on my skin really surprised me. I knew something was missing from my skincare routine but didn’t know what it was. Turns out it was Hyalurononic Acid. It occurs naturally in your skin, and in the serum it helps even out skin tone and plump any lines or wrinkles. 

My second obsession is powder foundation. It started with the NYX Matt not Flat powder and has evolved to the Sephora brand powder foundation. I honestly just wanted to try a new powder. I asked what the best one they could recommend was, and they suggested the Sephora brand. They were right! I was shocked to know my skin was so light when they matched my skin tone in the store 😂 (Baylee you were right :p) but it’s been true love since. I have been wearing a lot more light weight makeup for the summer and this is an easy application product on the go, or in my daily routine. 

My other skincare favourite is the Glam Glow youthmud mask. I had a sample of this before and it left me so impressed I bought the mini size 😂 I wish I could have the full size but I just don’t have the budget right now. Its my favourite mask of all time right now. It’s a chemical exfoliant as well as a physical exfoliator, thus leaving my face softer than ever. 

This favourite may come as a shock to you as it probably is one of my least talked about makeup items. Mascara. I just have the hardest time finding one I like. Finally I found the Total Tease Mascara from Covergirl, and by fluke it’s perfect. It has a thin synthetic brush that gets every little lash, and it’s waterproof but isn’t a pain to remove. I wear it every day and that’s really saying something about a mascara! 

My final favourite is the NYX 03 multi purpose buffing brush. I’ve used this with my Sephora powder every single day. The way it applies powder more precisely than a poofy powder brush lets me get more coverage with no caking, but still evens out my skin tone. And it lasts all day! 🎉

I hope you enjoyed my Spring Favourites, and has made up for my total lack of productivity on this blog. I’m back baby! 

Let me know what you’ve been loving this Spring! 😘


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