Cozy Date Night Outfit ♥️

Good morning lovely peeps!

Last night was Saturday, so my hunny and I decided to hit up the town and find a cozy restaurant to tuck into and enjoy some delicious food on a rainy night. 

I like getting dolled up for nights out, but I firmly believe comfort and style can go hand in hand. This is what I wore 😊

While it was rainy and a bit windy, it was still a beautiful spring evening, and the cherry blossoms were extra bright! I always look forward to the cherry blossoms opening up because it feels like the true sign that spring is here. 

We enjoyed our meal, and then headed to the beach to have a little stroll. Thankfully the rain let off for our walk, and we were able to enjoy the rather grey, but still stunning sunset. 

My Outfit: 

💋 Jacket is from H&M 

💋 Joggers are from Forever 21

💋 Shoes from Forever 21

💋 Backpack is Forever 21

Basically I had a huge haul from Forever 21 recently and I’ll try to slowly show what I’ve gotten, and mostly how I’ve updated my Spring / Summer wardrobe!

So, much more to come! Also a shoutout to my puppy dog, I think she likes to photobomb every fashion blog I’ve done 🐶

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and Happy Sunday! ☀️ 


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