Apps for Mental Health

I think we all can agree that everyday life can be a touch overwhelming at some times. We push ourselves a little bit further than needed sometimes, slowly adding portion upon portion to our metaphoric plate. It can take a whole lot of energy just to be a functioning human in society some days, and other days it feels like the world just can’t shut up long enough to hear our own thoughts.

One day, a not so crazy little thought popped into my head: do they have an app for that?  It made me laugh because it felt like such a “tech obsessed generation” thing to ponder. I shrugged it off because it seemed like such an obscure thing to look for in the App Store. Then, almost as if the universe was giving me a little sign, my mum told me about a really great meditation app on her phone. I looked it up and loved it. Since then I have accumulated a small collection of my favourite ‘mental health’ apps. All of the ones I have are free, excluding some of the add on ‘packages’. 

1) Headspace – Headspace is a fabulous meditation app. With meditation you certainly get what you put into it mentally. What I like most about it, is that it’s just so easy, and you can take the little tips they give you, and use them in every day life. They have a program called ‘Take Ten’, which takes you through a 10 day meditation schedule, and each session is only 10 minutes long. I never thought I’d be able to say that I love meditating! I have recommended to almost all of my friends and anyone I know who deals with a lot of stress in their life. Plus it is narrated by a man with a soothing British accent 😛

2) Relaxing – Just looking at the name of it I had high hopes 😂 I find myself wanting quiet time more and more, after work or in the morning. However, dead silence is well, too quiet, and music can be a bit overwhelming. That is where this app has really come in handy for me. It has multiple sound options on it including a waterfall, rainy night, birds chirping and even a grandfather clock ticking. For those who like white noise while you sleep this is really cool because you can set it to play a sound for a certain amount of time, then it will automatically shut off, letting you lull to sleep with no worry of having to shut the sound off, or draining your battery. I also cannot rave enough about how easy it is to use!

3) Unblock Me (Free) – So, this app is on the more productive end of the meditative scale. It’s one of my favourite puzzles to play when I’m on break at work, or just got home with a cup of tea. It ranges from very simple to difficult, and you can play with a timer or on relax mode, which I prefer because it has no timer and no pressure. It’s a very simple game of moving the blocks around to get the red one out. I used to play this game as a kid but I think it was called “Traffic Jam” where you would move the cars around to escape the jam. It’s a great way to just let your mind relax and practice some puzzle skills! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I know it’s a bit different than my usual beauty and fashion, but one of the other things I am most passionate about is mental health! 

Let me know of any other awesome apps or even books or anything that you know of! 



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