L’Oréal Colorista: Honest Chatty Review 🐳

Hello lovely peeps! 

Does anyone else here get a craving for change when spring arrives? I always get that feeling right around this time of year. The desire to freshen up my wardrobe and change up my style. 

I haven’t changed my hair colour for a few years and I wanted to try something I have never tried before. Funnily enough I was scrolling Instagam and saw the ad for L’Oréal Colorista, and it really caught my attention. Usually those ads whiz by me with not a second glance, but this peaked my attention. I decided to do my research before I made any hasty decisions. 

Just from a wee bit of research this is what I really liked about the product BEFORE even trying it: 

💋 It does not use any peroxide or amonia or any harsh chemicals that some other drugstore hair colours use.

💋 It is vegan. 👍🏻

💋 It’s semi permanent and washes out after 4-8 washes. This made me so happy! You can rock fun hair colour without the commitment. 

💋 And lastly, it comes in a very wide range of colours. From Pink to Blue, Violet, Teal and Peach! Everything. There is a colour out there for everyone!
The colour I chose was #BLUE600. 

Upon opening it I was DELIGHTED to see there is no mixing required for this hair colour. It is simple, just one bottle of colour, one set of instructions, and 2 pairs of gloves. 

I did as instructed on the box and had my hair pre washed and dried before applying the colour. I also did a little test on a chunk of my hair to see how the colour would react, and it went well, so I proceeded.

I decided to just colour the bottom layer of my hair, and a bit of the sides. If you have longer hair, you made need to buy 2 boxes of colour since the one box just managed to colour the bottom layer of my hair. Keep in mind I have very thick hair as well.

I was very pleased with the way it turned out! Once I had my hair dried and let down, the blond and blue mixed together creating a streak like effect. It doesn’t look exactly like on the box but I like it even better somehow. 

So, the positive feedback I have after using: 

💋 The colours are true to the box, even on more yellow toned blondes such as myself, it still turned a gorgeous pale blue. 

*On a side note, upon researching this product I saw a lot of the complaints were of it not covering grey hair, or showing up on darker hair. But if you read the disclaimer on the box it does say that it isn’t recommended for those colours. *

💋 There is no mixing or shaking of bottles required. It’s just one product straight onto your hair, SO easy to use. 

💋 The way the dye is absorbed into the hair really interested me. The colour itself starts very dark, but as it sets you’re left with a conditioner like texture on your hair, doing exactly what it feels like, and leaves your hair so soft and moisturized. 

And a few cautionary notes I have: (which aren’t really negative, but more so advice on how to get the most out of this product) 

👍🏻 As someone with thick hair, you will need to work the colour into your hair quite a bit. It will look like the strand is covered but you have to massage it in to cover every hair evenly.

👍🏻 This product is VERY pigmented with dye. Like holy moly be careful where you colour because it will stain whatever it touches. This includes your skin, but an exfoliant will get it off easy peasy. If you’re near any wood table or anything be sure to cover with newspaper or a towel.

👍🏻 Plan ahead how you are going to dye your hair (all over, streaks, ombré etc…) because once the gloves are on and using the dye, it can be a bit difficult to open and close the bottle. I just suggest to think about how much you’re using and if you will use the brush. Using a bowl is also a good little tip. 

👍🏻 If you’re not careful, this stuff can get everywhere. So just be prepared. Get out your hair care check list :

– Towel

– Gloves

– Newspaper (to cover table or whatever)

– Cloth to wipe stray dye off face

– The dye itself. 

– Good tunes or a t.v show! You will be waiting 20 – 30 mins for it to set after all 👍🏻

I hope this review is helpful for anyone out there! I was adamant on writings this review, since there didn’t seem to be many out there. 

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back soon! 🐳


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