Valentines Lush Haul!

Hello lovelies! And a late happy V-day to all! 

I am not one of those people who place a lot of importance on Valentine’s Day, I definitely love doing little special things for my parter every day regardless of what the calendar says. But, when given an excuse to spoil them a little extra, I’ll take it. And if that also includes me receiving or buying myself chocolate, hey, I’ll never say no πŸ˜›

Part of this whole scheme that I love is the little part of my brain that says ‘Treat yo self ‘, and I always happily oblige. This year I was not stingy at all when it came to dropping some dollars in the Lush shop. It’s especially easy and enjoyable when all the Lush employees and SO FREAKING NICE. At least at the one I frequent when I am in the city. 

Anyway , as usual I have rambled on long enough…



I did not purchase everything  from the Valentine’s collection, I only bought things that I loved the smell/was very curious of. As always I just like to make sure that what I write about is honest and mostly positive πŸ™‚
πŸ’‹ The first bath bomb that I have repurchased over and over was ‘Tisty Totsy’. While this is not part of the V-day collection, it’s just too cute to pass up. It’s a heart filled with baby roses! If that doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day than I don’t know what does. Besides that the smell is beautiful and light, and it turns your bath an enchanting milky color, while delicate rose petals flutter to the surface of your bath. 🌹

πŸ’‹ Lady Bug bubble bar. I thought this was too cute to pass up! Lots of the Lush bubble bars are much lighter colours, so I was intrigued to see a bit of purple mixed in. Also I have a love of lady bugs, and I just think they’re adorable.  The scent is similar to the Comforter, but less sickly.

πŸ’‹ Unicorn Horn Bubble bar. The ever famous unicorn horn bubble bar was a no brainer in my little haul. Something about those bright pastel swirls attracts me every time it comes out. The scent is as unique and its colours, filled with lavender and ylang ylang. 

πŸ’‹ Lover Lamp bath bomb. This is one of those bath bombs that I don’t think much of when I first picked it up, and now I wish I bought 5 more! It’s smells rich with vanilla, yet it’s fresh and tangy at the same time. It turns your water milky, while tiny red hearts melt into your bath. 

πŸ’‹ Cupid bath bomb. This simple and cute bath bomb is perfect to help melt your woes away in a hot bath. As it begins to fizz, it bursts with rich pink foam and bubbles. It is a cloud of creamy swirls with the aroma of a spring garden. 

πŸ’‹ Over and Over. While this bath bomb doesn’t scream Valentine’s with the usual pinks and reds, it makes up with its zingy lime scent, and rich cocoa butter. One side fizzes away exploding with colour, while the other delicately melts into your bath, soothing away your worries. 



The comforter. By no means is this a new Lush product or a Valentine’s Day one, but I needed it in my life. The bubble bar smells more sweet and sickly to me, initially throwing me off it all together. But when I last received an order, a small sample of the shower gel was included. It was love at first sniff. The gel smells more of black currant, and less sickly. I even add it to my bath if I want a little bubble but not too much. 

Lastly is D’fluff shaving cream. I’ve already raved about this before so I’ll keep it short. It’s like strawberry mouse that you shave with. Essentially it’s dessert for your legs! Or wherever you choose to use it. Rich and moisturizing is leaves you soft and smooth after, with no post shaving itch. 

Thanks for reading as always πŸ’— hope everyone is having a brilliant February! 

Spring is on the way! 🌹🌹🌹

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