Favorite Winter Outfits!

Hello loves!

It’s me again! How are we all today?

I wanted to do a post on all my my favorite winter/ chilly weather styles. I have been finding myself to be a bit more of a ‘fashionista’ as of recent, and am quite proud of my outfit picks.

So from that I wanted to find a way to share all my favorites picks with you guys, and discuss what everyone else has been loving through the chilly seasons 🙂

The best part about these outfits is that they are interchangeable, and mix and match-able. I do believe if a shirt/scarf/boots can go with more than one or two outfits, you have a real keeper. Also it is no secret that your favorite clothes and outfits can make you feel more confident even on your crummiest days.

Now that I’ve gone off on a serious tangent lets just get to what we’re here for…


My favorite article of clothes that I’ve been rocking just about every day is my bobble hat. My mum gave it to me for Christmas and I was instantly in love. ❤ It is from the GAP, but mum scored it from a consignment store and that made me love it even more.

My sweater is from Banana Republic and also came from the consignment store. Its a beautiful cream color, and made of wool.

My tights are by a brand called Warehouse One, and I can honestly say that I wear them everywhere. I’ve worn them to the store, as pajamas, and up the mountain, they are just the bomb!

My scarf is just a simple scarf I got for Christmas many years ago… *thumbs up* 😛

And lastly my boot are the brand Lugz. I wanted a pear of boots like the Timerlands but basically could not reason with myself to spend the money. So I got the ‘knock off’ version, which I think I like the style, shape and feel of them more  anyway.



(Cheeky pup wants some snuggles )


To start off my jacket is a sort of family hand me down. It was my mums, and I think I kind of borrowed it for a very long time…and now we’re here. It is a woman’s overcoat, and is made of a very heavy fabric so It keeps me very warm while not looking chunky or bulky.

My sweater is by a brand called  Columbia and is your basic knit sweater. I really like the fact that it is a V neck, so it feels more open then say a turtle neck. I always enjoy  wearing sweaters but find I get too warm in them, so with the V neck it combats that overheating.

The tights are just your regular ol black tights 🙂 they used to have a logo on the left leg but I now realize it just looks like a silly smudge.

I am wearing little knitted pretend knee socks. At least that is what I am calling them because I have no idea what there technical name is. (Anyone care to enlighten me? haha) They are basically just a knitted loop that you slip on your knee under your boots, to give the illusion that you are wearing full length knitted socks.

Last, but not least in any way, I am wearing my vegan leather boots from the brand rieker. My lovely mum gave these to me for my birthday and I am in love with them. They go great with every outfit I have put on. They look good casual with a pair of jeans, and they look amazing dressed up with some tights and a cute dress.

As always thanks for reading!


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