October Ipsy Bag!

Whats that saying? Better late than never right? *nervous laugh*

Cornball sayings aside I am here to chat about the ever so lovely October Ipsy bag.

Gather round lovely peeps as we take a look into last months ghoulish bag of wonder!


The bag itself is so cute I squealed with excitement upon seeing it. Something about it is so 90’s meets American Horror Story (Coven to be the exact reference).



❤ The first thing that excited me was The Balm blush and eye shadow sampler. At first glance its seems too small to ever use as a blush, but man does that little square pack a punch! The pigment in it is great, while the color is still friendly for my skin tone. Plus the packaging is perfect for travel!

❤ The second thing I pulled put (and is still in my nails today) is the Adesse nail polish in the color ‘Grand Central’. It is the perfect witchy polish for the fall months. Its an enchanting silver gray, with an ominous purple undertone. It dries quick and lasts decently long on your nails. 

❤ The one wild card in the bag, that I never expected to LOVE as much as I do, is the Sarah Jessica Parker perfume ‘Lovely’. I have a hard time finding a nice perfume because of a sensitivity/allergy to certain ones, but this perfume is light and sweet. The additional bonus is that it comes in a roller ball, making it perfect for throwing in my handbag. 

❤ I was very interested when I pulled the noyah lipstick out of my bag. I loved the color immediately (always a sucker for the fall shades) but wasn’t so hot on the formula. While the color was gorgeous, the formula is very smudgy and soft. This is just my opinion however and that might be a trait that someone else loves. I found it moved around too much on me. Aside from that I found it a happy owner. 

❤ The final item that I can sag I reach for ever time I do my makeup is the black felt tip eye liner by ‘essence’. Its a great eyeliner if you like the felt tip style, and is stiff for a sharp line, but soft enoufht that its easy on delicate eyelids. Its a true black liner, very pigmented, and best of all when I put it on it doesn’t not budge all day. Then at night it is easy to take off without losing all my eyelashes in the process. 
And that was my October Ipsy bag! 

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as info writing it, and I promise my November Ipsy bag will be up much sooner than this one! 😁 

Thank you for your time! 


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