E.l.f haul, New brand exploration!

Hello there lovelies! 

As of recent, our drugstore got a real makeover and overhaul. Before it was honestly a bit underwhelming compared to the drugstores in the city, and it was just a wee bit…sucky. 

But I do not want to focus on the negative. Have no fear, this sad tale has a triumphant ending. That ending being the recent introduction of E.l.f cosmetics to the drugstore in my town. And with many other fabulous brands being brought in, it made my tight wallet a little harder to hold on to.

With that being said, and weighing needs over wants, I was very schocked when I saw the E.l.f prices, my jaw nearly hit the floor. 

Good grief, what is the catch?

I decided I should do some homework so I  watched all of the Kathleen Lights Elf hauls, then headed back with an idea in mind.


I decided to treat myself to 4 things, and I can say all of them I use every single day, or at least every time I wear makeup. 

🍁 The first item I was so drawn to was the e.l.f baked eye shadows. What interested me most was the fact that you could use them dry, but also wet your brush for a more pigmented effect. I tried them both dry and wet and I love the effect both ways. This is them applied dry:

I think all the shades of this little eye shadow puck are beautiful, and I have a use for all of them in my every day makeup routine. All the colors are classic and unique.

🍁 The second item was the Elf lip exfoliator. I was very drawn to this since it’s the first lip scrub I’ve seen that is available in a tube. I have a crazy pet peeve, and that is that I hate sticking my fingers in products just like that. But this exfoliator has even outshone my Lush Bubblegum sugar scrub. I know shocking. The fact that its so much easier and quick makes me reach for it more. However I do love the taste of my Lush scrub much better. 

🍁 My third treat was the Blush and Contour palette In the shade ‘St.Lucia’. I will start with how my much the packaging draws me it. The simplicity of it leaves room for all the quality. I love the blush color because corals are my go to shade, and also because its not too strong on my cheeks. The contour is very pigmented making it worth its money and more! The only small downside is the amount of fallout it has, but the was quality of it makes it very easy to see past that miniscule flaw. 

🍁 Last, and nothing close to least is the E.l.f high definition setting powder. I cannot get enough of it! I use it to set my under eye, touch up my T zone, and use as an all over powder. Its by par the smallest product, but it rises up in my holy grail products. 

And that is what I purchased (so far) from elf ;p 

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite e.l.f product and what it is! 



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