Sunday Apple Festival

Hello lovely people!

This weekend was the Apple Festival in my quiet little town. Not only was this a special occasion because my Aunty is up visiting from the states, but it is the first time I truly felt immersed in the magic of the Autumn season this year.

It was a cloudy day, and rather grey as the clouds threatened to rain, but it held off for the time that we ventured out. My Mum, Aunty and I, all bundled up and hopped in the car excited for our little tourist time in our own town.

We were delighted to see just how many people from our little community were out and about, enjoying everything from caramel apples, to the delightful apple butter being turned over a hot coal fire. Many onlookers stood around in hope of catching a whiff of the tangy sweet scent. Others stood by, merely looking for good stoop to warm their hands.


After following our noses all over the festival, we decided to have ourselves a little apple tasting. I had no idea just how many kinds of apples exist in the world. And to think the ones we tried are only a small fraction of them!




Just when we thought this festival was a one trick pony, we were surprised  and delighted all over again. That delightful surprise was pastry!


I’m not going to lie. This was probably one of the best cinnamon buns I have had in my life. If a delicious buttery cinnamon bun, had made sweet love to a crisp fall apple, this would be their flaky, caramelized love child.

Basically the festival was one big taste test on everything delicious and Autumnal. One of the local stores was there serving up soup samplers for $5, and when you decided the one you like, you got a free cup of your choice soup. I picked the Beet and fennel soup, but it was a hard victory over the Moroccan Chicken.



Cheers everyone! Hot soup on a chilly day. There’s nothing better!


It was truly heart warming to walk around and take in the cheer from all the locals. Easily making acquaintances with a nice lady on the beach, kindly snapping a photo of my Aunty and I. I even shared a little cheers moment with another stranger as we both enjoyed our cinnamon buns, saluting each other with our pastries.

The day overall was just a wonderful occasion and so festive. The trees were rich in color despite the dull grey sky, and the cheer of having loved ones close kept us warm and toasty the whole day.

Cheers to everyone who came out and put it together!





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