Whish Renewing Mud Mask review

Hello lovely peeps! 

I am here with another mini review for you. As you know I am subscribed to Ipsy, so each month I am sent a bag of goodies consisting of makeup, skincare and hair products. 

In last months bag (September) they had a renewing mud mask from the brand Whish. Since I already use the Clinique Clay Mask as part of my regular skin care routine I was curious to see how this would match up.

You never know how a face mask will react with your skin (I’ve had a few bad experiences with chemical exfoliants and such) but I was so pleasantly surprised by just how gentle this mask is. 

First off I was joyous to see it is paraban free, phthalate free, sulphite free, DEA and TEA free, and Petrochemical free. And to top it off all ingredients in it are naturally sourced and organic (I am basically reading this off the bottle)

Taking from that, I know what I’m putting on my face is safe and not going to hurt me, or cause any damage to my skin. After all, your skin is the largest organ of your body, and you only get one, so take good care or it. 

To begin this review like I would in my real time process, I have to say it smells so fresh and fruity, and distinctly of peaches.

Call it a weird habit but I have to smell everything I try. Its almost an impulse more than anything.

I will pin point short and sweet what I like about this face mask:

* Its a mask as well as a physics exfoliant, so it really feels like an all around deep clean. 

*Peach is one of my favorite scents, so woohoo!

*Its thin, but buildable for a face mask. I often get annoyed if a mask is too thick or gloopy, thus making it hard to wash off. 

*Its made out of solid ingredients, nothing sketchy.

What I didn’t like:

* …..

Honestly I just really liked this mask, and the only down fall is I fell in love with a product that I have run out of. Its a gentle exfoliant, but still cleans deep and leaves my face feeling like a hundred bucks!

The mask itself is a very fine clay, with larger granuels in it. I am not sure what the bigger granules are exactly but I did my research on all the exfoliants in it, and they are all forms of clay. Surprise, surprise. 

I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but everything on blog ,my reviews ect are just for my own fun and hope of entertaining someone for a few minutes of the day. 

So I hope you enjoyed and have a superb day! 


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