Autumnal Lush Haul!

Hello lovely peeps!

By golly it only feels like yesterday I was excitedly typing away about Lush releasing their Fall/Halloween collection. Here we are again, and I am more excited than ever to show you what I indulged in this year!

I didn’t order everything from the new collection, (just for budgeting sake). That includes some items such as shower gels and soaps that I know I already own way too much of. I know, I know, you can never own too much Lush, but this girl own enough soap to bathe the whole town.

Also, some items aren’t part of the Fall collection, but I just relate them to Autumn, and this time of year.

On with the show!


  • I’ll start off withe the cutie in the corner, that being my Boo bath melt. I might be alone in this, but this cute little bath melt gets me all nostalgic when I used to play the Haunted Carousel on Mario 64, and the little Boo ghosts would chase you around. Aside from being freaking adorable, they have a light scent perfect for a calming bath. Hints of Bergamot and citrus wrap you up in a milky blanket.


  • The second must have, no exceptions on my Autumn Lush list was of course the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar. Its equal parts delicious and sparkly. This little guy can take my mood from zero to one hundred in just one bath. A mix of citrus and juniper berry gives it almost a candy scent, with fluffy bouncy bubbles to cover up your woes.


I felt as if it needed its own individual photo just to capture the true magic that is the sparkly pumpkin.

  • The karma bubble bar is a long living love affair of mine. The deep shades of purple with elegant touches of gold lure me in every single time! The scent is more of an acquired smell to be honest. Some say it smells like laundry detergent, but mor so its an elegant mix of patchouli and lemongrass. 
  • Lord of Misrule, more like Lord of my heart! Last year I fell in love with this delightfully mysterious bath bomb. Its a show made up of green and red. Not Christmas red, but deep Merlot red
  • The Fizzbanger bath bomb is my other top fall necessity. Thank goodness it is in store year round because I just can’t get enough of it! No matter what time of year it is, I can’t resist grabbing one…or 3 😁 It is made up of all my favorite citrus and apple scents. And there is more than merts the eye, what looks like a plain yellow bath bomb has a great surprise inside when emersed in hot water. 

     • Pumpkin bathbomb is truly the answer to all of out autumnal prayers. When I read that it was pumpkin spice scented I just knew it would be one of the most popular bath bombs this year, and I did not hesitate to add an extra to my cart. 🎃
    • Autumn leaf was the wild card for me in this haul. It caught my eye just from the fact that it wasn’t round like your typical bath ballistic. But it truly was love at first sniff. It has a  gentle rustic scent, but a hint of greenery (like in guardian of the forest). The layers of color in it truly make a spectacular color show, much like the changing leaves on all the trees outside. 🍁🍂🍃
    • Monster ball. The cutest of cute. Who wouldn’t love this adorable one eyed little fella? I thoughts for sure it would be a sweet scent, but I was delightfully surprised to pick up hints of rose and citrus!
    • Last but certainly not least, is Guardian Of the Forest. By far one of the most interesting Lush scents I have smelled to this day. And I love it! It really does smell like fresh greenery from the forest. Or better put, a fresh cut lawn. Some of you may be thinking ‘wow I have no interest of bathing in that’, but if you’re in the lush store just give it a sniff, and give it a chance. It is an acquired scent for sure, but it honestly grew on me so quick, and now I love it! Second time purchasing! 🌲🌱🍃
    Thank you for reading! Always a joy to write about a lush haul! 


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