August Favorites!

Hello lovely people!

How are we all on this delightful September afternoon? Very well I hope! 🙂

It has been a darn long time since I’ve done a favorites post hasn’t it?

But I’m back with them! And that’s all that matters.

August was a delightful month for me, filled with city travels, boat rides, and sunshine. I tried my best to really gather what I have been loving most this month, and using non stop.


It may be on the smaller side, but it just means that they’re my core favorites. The troopers that I’ve been keeping in my purse and overnight bags non stop.


❤ I will just jump right into it and say I could not have survived the convention weekend without my Nars sheer glow foundation. I used to be very skeptical about it (not entirely sure why) but I reach for it every time now. In the morning when we had limited time to get ready it just proved to be so easy to blend in. Along with being very easy to blend, it isn’t a time consuming task either. There is nothing worse than watching time tick by, and your foundation is not up to snuff.

❤ After big trips or long days at work, there is nothing I want more than a hot shower or bath. The first thing I’ve been reaching for lately is the ‘Dirty Springwash’ shower gel from Lush. It just smells so fresh in all the best ways possible. I even gave my boyfriend a mini bottle too, and I can always tell when he uses it because I just love the scent so much. I can sniff it out anywhere! 😁

❤ My Eos lip balm had been my trusty lip balm for a while. It used to be Dr.Medics lip balm, but the taste of it always bugged me. Not with Eos though! Its vanilla scented and you cannot even taste it on your lips. It goes on soft instead of slick, and moisturizes like a dream, muah! 💋

❤ The NYX Tame and Frame tinted brow pomade has officially came in and stole the show. In the shade blonde, its the first pomade I’ve used that actually matched my brows for real. At first try I wasn’t particularly impressed to be honest, but as I kept trying it I realized I was using the wrong brush. That’s when I discovered the Real Techniques brow brush. It made it so much easier to fill in my brows. The facts that it is soft gives you more natural looking brush strokes, and more natural looking brows! 

❤ Real techniques blush brush. I swear I never use my brushes for what they’re really meant for. Minus my brow brush :p I love using this brush for powdering my face or lightly bronzing. I use a much smaller brush for my blush. Perhaps I have a small face? Who knows. Besides that, the way it is shaped I feel it evenly disperses product with no patchy spots. 10/10! 

❤ What is the  one thing you can find in every hand bag I own, in my car, and in my bathroom? Hand sanitizer. I love all the scents from Bath and Body works, particularly the Cherry blossom scent. Maybe I’m grasping desperately at the last gasps of summer, but the fresh floral scent just cheers me up so much!

❤ Finally, (but not the least important) my Makeup revolution palette. Had I know just HOW much I was going to live this, I might have picked it up sooner. Its the only palette I’ve been bringing along over nights and on trips. It just has everything you could need! I won’t gab on too long about it since there is a whole post floating around somewhere. But I can say its passed the test with flying colors! 

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did writing it! 🙂 

Summer is slowly coming to an end but that just means new and excited seasons approaching!

Enjoy your day y’all! 


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