August Ipsy Bag!

Hello lovelies! And hello fellow Ipsters!

Yes, it is nearly the end of August and I am only posting this now. Shame on me 😛

This months bag is the cutest design of them all in my opinion. And I say every month that it just keeps getting better and better. But it remains true!


💋 I was so excited to see the Argan Oil Conditioning treatment. It was the first thing I spotted in my bag, and I recognized the label right away from my Argan Oil shampoo. Its a gentle treatment different from others I’ve ever used. Other treatments coat your hair with a layer of product, making it smooth but not actually nourishing. This is different in the sense that it doesn’t make your hair feel slick, but once conditioned and dry, its decadently soft and bouncy. 

💋Next I saw the NYX Liquid Illuminator. I am so excited to try this product! At first swatch it is very pigmented. I had no idea what to expect. The smallest little drop of it creates so much illumination. So a tiny drop in my foundation is all you need to get that sunny glow.

💋 Trust Fund Beauty liquid lipstick in the shade ‘K, bye’. The shade of liquid lip is utterly adorable, and so is the name. My only complaint is the smell of the product. (I know, again with complaining of smells) But when I put it on it is the only thing I smell.
💋 This Works, In Transit camera close up nourishing mask. This product claims to be a mask, moisturizer and primer all in one. I am yet to try it, but entirely curious as to how it conquers all tasks. Hmmm. 

💋 Formula X nail polish in the shade ‘Dollface’. I do love a good pastel. I will be currently testing out this polish for chip resistance and all that, but so far I am obsessed with the color and how small it is. The mini samplers of polish are perfect for me, since I can never even get through a big bottle! 
That’s what my August Ipsy bag had in it! My apologies for the late post. August has been delightfully busy and fun. Filled with late sunsets, trips to the beach, and games of cards. 

Hope you’re enjoying your day! 


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