Quickie Review! 

Hello lovelies! 

I recently picked up the ‘Revolution’ makeup palette as I was cutting myself a bit of slack from my ‘no shopping rule’. It wasn’t an impulse buy shockingly enough. I had spotted it in the drugstore so many times, and the enchanting colors attracted me to it, but I put it down every time…until now! I can happily say there is not a single color I’m that pallette I don’t love. 

I took a photo at both ends to showcase all the colors to the best of my ability. If it wasnt already obviously from the grainy-ish photos, much of my quick reviews are shot and written on my phone or mobile tech 😛 

Anyway, I can give this palette 3.5 /5 ⭐⭐⭐.5

My 4 favorite shades I swatched are: 





I will start with what I like about it since I always like to keep my blog positive 🙂

The colors are well pigmented and stay true to what they look like. Sometimes drugstore eye shadows can end up being lighter or darker ect. But these looked the same on skin as they did in the pan.

There are equal amounts of shimmery shades as well as matte ones. And they have many shades corresponding in matte and shimmer. Not all of them but quite a few. I don’t know how many times I’ve picked up a matte shade and wanted it in a shimmer or metallic. This has that solved! 

To add to my parade of praise, they didn’t add a funny little brush to it, and they put the names of the colors on a little sheet of plastic on the inside. I love that they used all the space in the pallet for the actual makeup.

The final cherry in top is the huge mirror that comes with it. Need I say more?

On to the one tiny, tiny flaw that I can look past for sure. That being the smell of the makeup. 

I only discovered this when I first applied it and used the glorious, spacious morror. As I was glazing my eye lids with the delicious rose gold shade, and I caught a whiff of the makeup. It’s not a strong smell at all, and if your face isn’t directly in it you can’t even smell it. 

With that being the only flaw in my opinion, I have grabbed for this palette every day this week so far! 
Thanks for reading as always! If anyone has this same palette please let me know what you think! 🙂 


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