July Favorites!

Hello lovelies!

I have been quite absent with my favorites posts recently, and I do apologize for the radio silence.

I just had a moment of clarity, seeing the clutter that was my makeup table, and my overflowing collection of face products. No more splurging until I’ve reigned my mess in!

But despite the reigns being tight, I still maned to try a few new things, because honestly, a very fun part of blogging definitely is trying new products and getting excited to share with others what you’ve discovered.


💋 To start off the beautiful summer weather we’ve been blessed with once again, I needed something to help my hair stay damage free in the heat. We often think of our skin being the only place that needs help repairing from the sun but your lovely locks are just as important. While I love getting those beachy streaks in my hair, I didn’t dig the straw like texture it was transforming into. So to leave my scarecrow days behind me, I started using the Argon Oil of Morocco in shower oil. Its a light hair oil that doesn’t drag your hair down, but leaves it with shine and smelling amazing. And most important of all it moisturizes and softens.

💋 I’m sure to no ones surprise at all my next favorite is a NYX lip cream in the shade ‘ Buttery Nude’. Its the perfect nude shade with rose undertones to it. I can’t resist these shades of lipstick right now. And because its a cream lipstick it applys like a liquid lip, but doesn’t dry your lips out as much like one. 

💋 My most loved scent this month is actually one from Bath and Bodyworks. I actually bought this last year but have re-fallen in love with it. It isn’t your typical scent. It is called ‘Sea Island Cotton’ and it straight up smells like freshly dried laundry on a hot summers day. See? Told you it wasn’t your typical flaural or fruit. But if you get a chance to smell it yourself, give it a try! And let me know 🙂 

💋 Another hair product I have fallen in love with this month is the hair treatment ‘Marilyn’ by Lush. It is a hair mask that keeps the brassy tone out of your blond hair. It works whether you’re naturally blond or not. Even if you have ombre hair it is perfect to apply to the tips to keep healthy and bright. It contains olive oil as well, and that helps with split ends. 

💋 This month my NYX Stay Matte powder has been out outshone. The new starring role of my makeup bag has been the Rimmel Clear complexion Clarifying Powder. It claims to help the nature of your skin, while still evening out your skim tone and mattefying your oily spots. It is a translucent powder, and I’ve fallen in love with it, especially since I’ve been having so many good skin days. Thus needing less coverage, but still taking care of those shiny spots. Needless to say, this little compact lives in my handbag. 

💋 The award for best face mask is always, and will always be awarded to the Clarifying Charcoal mask by Clinique. By all means this is just my opinion (as is everything on my blog) but I just can’t get over how healthy my skin is when I use it on the regular! (Recommended once a week) I try to use it after my Clinique charcoal face wash to keep in a regime. But its my favorite thing to apply after a hot bath to help really clean out my pores. :p  

💋 My last two favorites are an item of clothing and a TV show. As you guessed I’ve been loving my comic print T-shirt from Forever 21. Its a men’s shirt, but I never let that whole ‘gendered clothing thing’ get in the way. I like it, I buy it! Its such a cool print, and its baggy and long, but I still feel super cute wearing it 😄 

The show I have been OBSESSED with is Jane the Virgin. Its available to watch on Shomi, and I’ve been marathoning it like crazy. I don’t know if I can say anything without spoiling it, but just watch the first episode and try not to be addicted. It makes me laugh, cry, and actually think and learn things about myself. Its a very cute romantic show, with an epic twist on the plot. 

Hope you all are enjoying the lovely month of August so far! 🌞


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