Lush Lava Lamp bathbomb mini review 🔮

Hello lovely individuals! 

I hope this fabulous Saturday night is treating you kindly.

‘What on earth are you doing in on a Saturday night?!’ You may ask…having a delightful pamper night is the answer! 

I’ve been waiting patiently through yet another heat wave to treat myself to a bathbomb, so I thought I would splurge and try the ever-so-groovy ‘Lava Lamp’ bath bomb from Lush. 

Say it with me now, ‘groovy duuuuude’. 

I try not to spoil a bathbomb too much when I review it so I will say now, if you’re like me and love every bath bomb to be a surprise, and haven’t tried it yet, tuck this blog post away, go get it and try it!  

Okay, are we all caught up? 

For starters the most delightful surprise this bath bomb holds, is that it is not only a bathbomb, but is filled with 3 (or 4) bath oil beads that create the lava lamp effect. As  it fizzez away releasing  a dreamy orange foam, the little beads begin to melt and sparkle. 

If you look closely, they almost look like their own little galexy as they genlty ooz into your steamy water. 

The scent of it matches the color perfectly, as it is packed with pungent aromas from Tangerine and orange  flower. 

After such a lovely bath I am honestly so ready to just drift off in a purple tangerine haze and fall asleep. 💤

So on that I’ll say goodnight all! 💋

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