July Ipsy Glam Bag (I’m back!)



Hello lovely peeps! I’m back!

It feels like its been forever, but I’m back in the blogging swing!

First work was incredibly busy as it it the summer,  then I somehow managed to get sick. Scratch that, I got the plague (slight exaggeration, but that’s how it felt)

So after a long while of recovery here we are! I thought it would be fun to show you what came in my exquisite July Ipsy glam bag this month. Because I live in Canada I had a moment of horror receiving the email saying that there might be a delay in shipping due to Canada Post being on strike. But alas they came through as usual and my Ipsy bag arrived. I gasped in excitement and relief when I saw the metallic purple package jutting out of my post box just a day or so ago. ;D

The second I pulled the bag out I was in love. The whole pattern just screams ‘Summer in the 90’s!’

The first item is a Banana setting powder by BellaPierre cosmetics.Some how Ipsy has magic powers of deduction where they send me items I have been yearning for and getting it spot on. At first I was incredibly worried that it would not match my skin tone seeing it was very yellow toned, but rejoice! I t matches wonderfully!

Secondly I pulled out   Trust Fund Beauty Nail polish in the shade ‘No Filter’. Its a beautiful pale lavender color. I adore it and wore it to an event I attended last night. It survived the night with little to no chipping, and it is definitely a quick dry formula. 🙂

Third item is a mini Mascara by Makeup Forever in ‘Excessive Lash’. It is your standard black mascara, but I’m excited to see the effects it will have on m lashes!

To go along with the mascara, I received an eyeliner from Model Launcher. At first glance I thought ‘Huh, cool, another black eyeliner’. But further inspection led me to realize it is a gorgeous deep aqua green shade. Once again loving the accuracy with Ipsy as it makes my green eyes pop so much.

The last item was a little pack of 3 mini portable anti-frizz hair sheets by NUNZIO SAVIANO. These went right into my purse and served to be a real life saver at the event last night. Even the hot summer air did no damage on my locks last night. And I have quite wild hair.

I have to say, even though I have only received two Ipsy bags so far, they keep getting better and better already 🙂


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