Simple Overnight Essentials (Makeup Edition)

Hello lovelies! How are we all today? 🙂

Wonderful I hope!

Today I wanted to chat about packing simplistically for overnight, travel, or just for touching up your makeup.

My worst habit when it comes to traveling, would definitely be packing too many products with me, and thoroughly stuffing my overnight bag.

I always get to my destination and end up only using only half the stuff I brought, and regret lugging around a ten pound bag of makeup.

So I devised a system to only bring my essentials, and I have certain little bags to fit them in.


This cute little bag is what I carry my travel makeup in.
This is where my other little obsession comes in.

Store samples.

It seems funny but those little samples you get from the drugstore are the best for an overnight bag. That way you’re not bringing your whole tube of mascara on vacation, and constantly packing and unpacking it.


My little Bath and Bodyworks bag is the perfect length for the Real Techniques brushes.

Also, many of my favorite travel items have come from Ipsy bags. They’re already the perfect size!


I don’t like to carry big glass bottles of foundation, so the Clinique Moisture Surge foundation is the best for packing light.


More sample sizes 😍 make my world go round!

I always cut it down into categories when I’m packing, keep it simple.

Face – Clinique Moisture Surge Foundation, Crown 3 tone Bronzer

Eyes – Maybelline Color Tattoo, Benefit They’re Real mascara

Lips – Clinique Lipstick sampler in Melon Pop

Skin – Delectable Everything Balm, Real Techniques Setting Brush

Brows – NYX Eyebrow Marker in blonde

Hair – anti breakage hair tie

Body – Clinique perfume in ‘Happy’

As you can tell, Clinique gives out amazing samples and I love them all ❤

I try to stick to one makeup item per category in order to pack light. I tend go over pack on eyeshadow and lipsticks, so I male sure to be crutial with my choices 😛

How do you pack your overnight bag?


5 thoughts on “Simple Overnight Essentials (Makeup Edition)

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I adore them too! Can’t get enough of them. Every time I’m in the drugstore I have to check them out 😛

      I checked out your blog and I absolutely love it! 😍 your photography is so amazing, and I can’t get enough of your reviews! 🙂

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