Summer Lush Haul!

Hello lovely people!

It seems  around this time the last couple years I’ve treated myself to a little Lush haul. Alright, ‘little’ might be a bit of an understatement, you caught me.

My love of baths does not fade over the summer. There is an art in every bath in my opinion, and just because it is warmer out, there is no exception to the art! (Besides in B.C, some days are like Autumn)

Running the perfect bath is a real skill. Getting just the right temperature to the water, and just the right mix of aromas.

But enough of the bath politics, lets get right into the haul.


Tisty Tosty: Roses, Roses and more Roses. A delightfully elegant experience of bathing in rose petals and buds.

Twilight: An enchanting mix of sweet scents and bursts or pink and purple.

Pink: If you had to describe the color pink as a smell, it would be this bath bomb. Sweet, but not overpowering.


Avo Bath: Lemongrass scents mixed with the nourishment of olive oil make this the best for freshening up and raising your spirits. (one of my top bath bombs of all time)

Floating Island: Its like a vanilla scented dream, that moisturizes and relaxes.

You’ve Been Mangoed: A strong citrus scent that awakens your mind and body.

Pink Flamingo: I honestly bought this because it looks amazing and cute. The smell is sweet yet floral. It is a perfect fit!


Fizzbanger: If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know my love for this bath bomb. I cannot resist the apple citrus scent and the bright green color it turns my bath.

Yoga Bomb: Another favorite of mine. I love the gentle smell and the show of colors it puts off in the bath. I wont say what in case its a spoiler ;p

The Comforter: It took me a while to grow on the smell of the comforter. Maybe they changer their formula, or my nose changed, but the black current sweet smell is irresistible.

Bright side: Another bubble bar that grew on me. Once again I feel as though the formula was changed. It smelled too strong the first time I picked it up, yet now its the perfect mix of orangey and lemony aromas.

Overall I feel like it was a perfect Lush haul, and I’m already in love with so many of the products (insert heart eye emoji here)

Hope you have a stellar day!

4 thoughts on “Summer Lush Haul!

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      I checked out your haul and I love your pictures and the way you edited them 🙂 lots of items from Lush I haven’t seen before 😮
      I feel like I want to try them all haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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