June Ipsy Bag! (My first glam bag!)

Hello lovely people! 🙂

As you can tell by the title I got my first Ipsy bag in the mail!

First off, I have to say it comes in the cutest bubble envelope ever. Bright metallic purple is one of my favorite colors, and that’s what color it was!

Upon opening I was not disappointed. The style of the glam bag this month is ‘Rebel’, and it is completely decked out in graffiti style font, and bright colors.
I’m not one of those people that keep a ton of bags like this, but the pattern is so cute and unique I am holding on to this one for sure!


See? What did I tell ya? So cute and colorful!

I’m literally sitting down in front of all my little goodies as we speak, so I can give you my honest thoughts on each of them 🙂


💋The first thing I plucked from my bag was this 3 tone bronzer by Crown.
First thing I love is that fact that it comes in the tiniest compact I have ever seen!
So cute! I love mini stuff, and it looks like it would fit perfectly into a overnight bag!
Upon searching it, it is creamy and soft, but not overly pigmented. For me, this is good. Any bronzer on me looks to dark to begin with, but because this is a mix of colors I think it could be perfect!

💋 Next up is the Urban Decay Lounge eyeshadow. Holy….moly. This is a duotone eye shadow and it is some real magic. One shade is metalic red, the other is green. It is so pigmented and stunningly bright. I can’t wait to wear this tomorrow!

💋 My next little goodie is the Kajal Vasanti waterline eyeliner in Intense Black. I have always wanted to rock the intense waterline but haven’t found the perfect smudge/streak/bleed free eyeliner. Trying this out tomorrow so we will just have to wait and see! 😮

💋 The next sample is one I am most interested in, and It is the ‘Everything Balm’, by Delectable. It claims to do everything from plumping your lips and hydrating your cuticles, to adding a glow to your cheekbones.
When first searching it, it looks like a matte primer, but as it works into the skin it glosses up and shines.
And it also smells like birthday cake, so A+ on that! 👍

💋Last but not least is a gorgeous shade of nail polish by Julie. It is the perfect shade of pastel turquoise and I love that it is in a mini bottle, because I do love nail polish but I feel like I never really finish a bottle. And once again…obsessed with mini stuff  😛

I’ve just finished looking through my June bag and I’m already fantasizing about what could be in July’s! 😆


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