Rimmel London / Kate Moss Lipsticks.

Hello lovelies! 🙂 how are we all doing?

I’d like to start off by saying that the weather has really taken a turn for the worst recently, and I’m honestly wondering what season it is?

Summer? Monsoon? I don’t really know anymore.

It’s june and I have the wood stove burning outside my room, and there is thunder and lightening blasting outside my window. I keep looking up to see bursts of lightening illuminating my room. It is like perfect thunder storm you would have in a movie!

Aside from the intense storm engulfing my night, I wanted to chat about my favorite lipstick of all time. (Yes I can say ‘of all time’)


The Rimmel London line of Lipsticks have shaped my entire lipstick addiction  from day one. It started with a simple red. ‘Oh I just need this for around the holidays’ I said to myself.
Then the line of nude colors came out and I thought ‘oh I’ll just try one’, and so on and so forth. Now I can’t stop grabbing at least one every time I have a little splurge.

First off, they smell of vanilla cake. Somehow this is one of the top great qualities for me. I can’t stand a lipstick that, well, smells funny or perfumy.
I don’t put perfume in my mouth, I don’t want it on my lips.
However, I always try to have vanilla cake in my mouth. You do the math :p

Secondly they are one of the only lipsticks that don’t bleed on me, or migrate all over my face like a stubborn heard of sheep.

Thirdly, I haven’t found a color in that collection that I don’t like.


The honest reason that I haven’t bought every single color in the range, is the weak self restraint I manage to muster every so often. My recent purchase (the one on the far left) is the most beautiful nudey/plum color. I love wearing it with a simple eyeshadow, and intense black wing liner.

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