Favorite Drugstore Eye shadow! (of all time)

Hello lovelies! 🙂

A quick blog post on this delightful Friday! Not my best photography but please forgive me. Just trying to blog right when I’m inspired to do it and not faff about with my big camera :p

Today I thought I would chat about my personal favorite drugstore eye shadow (if the title didn’t already give it away hehe)
It is just so rare sometimes to find a makeup product that is so good you need …well, all of them.
That for me is the Maybelline Color Tattoo eye shadow. Both the metallic line and the ‘Leather’ line.
There are only two colors from the entire stock at my drugstore that I do not own. So that is really saying something!


They are so creamy and pigmented. I was shocked the first time I used them by how well they blended. I originally heard Kathleen Lights speak about them on her youtube channel, and immediately went on a journey to track them down. After that I slowly bought the rest haha!

My favorite shade of them all is ‘Inked In Pink’ (the first one on the left) Its a beautiful soft pink, while still being metallic and unique.

Here are some swatches to get an idea how they look on skin.


The two matte colors are from the ‘Leather’ range, which are equally as sublime in texture and pigment. They go on a bit tackier, but blend out into a creamy dream. As you can tell I love lots of soft neutrals as well as nude colors. This line of eye shadows is one of my holly grail products for sure!


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