Favorite Liquid Lipsticks!

Hello lovely people!

As of recent I have become OBSESSED with liquid lipsticks. All kinds of them, ranging from drugstore to high end brands. I just cannot get enough!

I love all of them for different reasons. I have come to adore lots of drugstore lipsticks, because finding a good one is like uncovering a diamond in the rough. All the while, it is definitely clear that drugstore brands have stepped up their game in the last year or two, putting out many amazing products, giving high end a little competition. Score one for the little guy!

Even companies, such as Lush, that are prominently know for their bath and skincare, have made a delightful range of liquid lipsticks. Had I less willpower and a fatter wallet, I probably would have filled my basket on my last little haul. Plus cruelty free products are always A+!


Here are some swatches of my favorites! Just to get a little insight on how they look applied, and in the glorious afternoon sun 😛


•At the very top of my list I started with a real splurge item. The Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Backstage Bambi is definitely a huge treat for me.
Its the most brilliant shade of pink I’ve seen, and it can go on as a very solid color, or blend it out to make a softer effect, almost resembling a watercolor effect.

•’Perspective’ by Lush, is a gorgeous dusty pink. The lipstick is very pigmented, and it almost feels like you are not wearing anything at all. With no drying of the lips like usual liquid lippies, this is  definitely one of my summer must have’s!

•’Candy Land’ is probably one of my favorite shades of pink. Its bright but not overpowering, and in my opinion goes with every skin tone. It is a lip cream as well as a lipstick, so you are never left with a dry chalky feeling on your lips.

•Lastly, ‘Stockholm’ from the NYX Soft Matte collection. I was on the hunt for the perfect nude liquid lipstick, and I think I have found it! For being Matte and a liquid lipstick, it doesn’t have your typical liquid lipstick consistency. I was surprised to open it and find a mousse texture to it. Somehow light on the lips, but densely rich in color.

That is my favorite liquid lipsticks (so far)! I have a feeling this collection will continue to grow, as will my love for them too! 😛

As always thank you for reading and spending a few minutes of your day here!


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