Mini Drugstore Spree!

Hello lovely people!

I am sitting here in the beautiful sunshine today, very excited to chat through my recent little drugstore spree. Before this, I had been on a strict ‘essentials shopping only rule’. Which basically means I was (and now again :p) not letting myself buy anything I don’t really need. Just trying to cut down my clutter, and also monitor what I use. Also I am trying to buy products which containers I can recycle later. But that is a story for another day!


Ta da! Lots of these items I had on my “3 glance rule” list. What is that you ask? Its a rule I’m trying to use when shopping more. Pretty much if I find myself coming back to something more than 3 times when I shop, I let myself ponder, “Is this on impulse or am I genuinely interested in this product/accessory/ ect.?”

This way I manage to do a little retail therapy with little to no buyers guilt.

  • The first thing I finally purchased after many longing stares was the real techniques Starter brush set. I have quite a few Real Techniques brushes already, but most of them are blush, contour or blending brushes. I really love the way the RT brushes feel so I decided I want some for my eyes. I have just about used all of them (minus the brow brush) and they have lived up to the hype for sure!


  • Sticking with real techniques I also got their Deep Cleansing Gel for makeup brushes and beauty blenders ect. I asked the lady working in the makeup section what the best brush cleaner was in her opinion, and she suggested this one. My previous brush cleanser was a total bust. It was by Kit, which is a good drugstore brand, but that product didn’t clean my brushes…like, at all.


  • Of course no splurge is complete without NYX. The first purchase is a eye shadow base, which I have already tried and love. I chose the skin toned base over the white. I can say it helps blending a lot and is nice and light on the lids. It only creases a tiny bit, which only shows up at the end of the day.


  • The second NYX product is the Color Correcting Concealer palette. This was a bit more of an impulse buy I will admit. I had seen if floating around the beauty world and wanted to try it our for myself. The peach under eye correcter worked like a dream for me, but I had trouble with the green corrector for red spots. I actually had to wipe it off my face since it had made me look like I was a wee bit ill. That was more of a learning curb than anything. Go light handed with it. 😛


  • My last NYX product is the Pro Lip Palette, in the Plum Shades. I know that the darker plum shades are more of a fall color, but I see beauty guru’s more often wearing them into the Spring months. Mostly sporting a beautiful purple or deep red, which just so happens to be the colors that fit my skin tone best. I have swatched all the colors and I can happily say that the color pay off really lives up to the display. The colors are very build able too, so you can wear only a little for a stained look, or go full color.


  • This eye shadow palette is the perfect example of my ‘3 glance rule’. On many occasions I had been drooling over the alluring colors in this palette, and so the wait was finally over. I have dug into this palette almost every day this week. While the shadows aren’t as pigmented as NYX or maybe a higher end eye shadow, the colors are true to their display and blend out with ease.


  • My last item I bought was the Maybelline Brow Drama gel. I got this because my Benefit ‘Gimme Brow’ gel was beginning to dwindle and dry up. I thought to myself, “Is it really worth it to try a drugstore brand?'”, and I can say yes it was! The color of this product actually fits my brow color better than the Benefit brow gel did, and is is a very similar consistency and formula. My only teeny tiny, minuscule complaint is the bulbous shaped brush of it doesn’t feel like it combs through every hair like the Benefit brush does. Other than that, A+ in my opinion!


So that ladies and gents, was my recent mini drugstore spree! Now back to being tight pocketed haha! I hope this has helped inspire, and I hope you enjoyed reading.

Thank you for reading and your time! What have been some of your favorite drugstore finds?

I hope you have  a lovely day and you will hear from me again soon!



2 thoughts on “Mini Drugstore Spree!

  1. I love drugstore sprees! I’ve been wanting a good brow gel for a while and that one looks great. I’ve also had my eye on that palette so thanks so much for the review!


    1. Aren’t they just the best? 😁 I agree ! One of my favorites! The NYX tinted brow pomade is excellent too! And the palette is so pretty, full of beautiful shimmers and matte shadows.Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! Xoxo


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