Saturday Adventures!

Every once and a while a day comes along and produces an enchanting phenomenon. It has no name, but the effects of it are enough to cleanse the spirit, and invigorate the soul. That experience can only be described as spontaneous adventure. You haven’t created any expectations, and when you here the words “Hey, wanna do *blank*”, “oh, sure”, “Alright we’re doing it!”, some sort of endorphin rush happens in the brain. The curiosity of adventuring into the unknown, or just simply treating yourself to something you’ve always wanted are two examples that make that feeling so vivid.

The freshness of the unknown open you up and really make you expand your mind and forces you to grow. In a nice way though.
As a person who has dealt with anxiety in the past (and still something I work towards beating to this day) I live a pretty structured life. I go to bed at a certain time, like to do all my work before I can rest, and only can eat sweets of I have a good show set up. The last one might be more of a funny habit that an example, but I think my point is made.
I crave the unknown, spontaneity that is life. And I definitely got my dose of it last weekend. I do believe I am good for a little while now, but will keep taking small doses regularly. :p

Anyway, end tangent here,

So, when I was asked “Wanna go to Whistler?” 95% of the brain (and mouth ) yelled ‘heck ya!’, whilst the tiny ‘small towny’ part of my brain stammered “C-can we do that?”.

So anyway off we went, bombing along in a silver Volkswagen, and endless possibilities in our minds. We were truly the staple of young freedom.



First stop was the Gondola! Completely unscheduled, and part of my friends bucket list, we pulled into the parking lot and audibly gawked at the cables reaching into the sky and past our visibility.
We purchased our tickets (not before a funny yet slightly embarrassing incident going to the wrong teller) and waited in line to ride up a tiny box on a string. Only kidding.


Goodbye ground and parking lot!
Up, up and away! We giggled scooted around taking pictures and videos. This was something I had never experienced. Surprisingly I had no fear of heights, but a strong gust of wind wobbled our gondola and we both froze bug eyed, then continued laughing at the look on our faces.

As the gondola just about claimed over the peak we were slightly shocked by what we saw. Snow, snow, and more snow. Its seemed we had forgot that it was still winter in some places in B.C. We were wildly underdressed, but it just didn’t matter. If anything it just added to the hilarity and wonder of the day.


I was wearing my Toms, and she was wearing sandals. We slip slided our way through the snow and caught sight of another thing to check off our bucket list. The suspension bridge.



We both cautiously stepped foot into the bridge, (Slight nervousness of heights kicked in for both of us) and chilred ran ahead of us bouncing the bring up and down, producing a loud sqeal from us.

We began joking as we crossed the bridge (many Shrek references were thrown around humorously), trying to distract us from the hundred foot ect, drop below. We finally got to the other side, only kissing the ground a little bit.

Somehow the hilarity of our inappropriate footwear just added to the fun of the day. I wouldn’t have changed it for anything! Some of the best memories made were our eyes turning to saucers as we saw the snow getting off the gondola, and laugh-snorting as we sent our mum’s and friends pictures and videos of us in our silly attire.

The rest of the day was spent grabbing lunch in Whistler at the Spaghetti Factory, and doing a cheeky bit of shopping at Lush and buying shoes.

Casual smooth chatting, mixed with the music thudding in the car speakers on the way back to the ferry was the perfect way to end our day. We talked about everything from our favorite old cartoons to our family.

Even as I sat waiting from the ferry, all the way driving home droopy eyed with exhaustion, a smile was permanently stretched on my face.

A+ day!


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