Springy Outfit of the Day!


Hello lovely people!

I hope I am not the only one out there desperately wishing for spring to arrive. Every flower bed I see, I am gazing hopefully in, looking for something to sprout up , and hoping to see just as many florals in the shop windows soon!

We have been having a particularly good week in B.C for sunshine, which is beyond a miracle to be honest. As soon as that sun was shining I was out there, happily soaking up the Vitamin D!
Just as quickly , I was styling myself more ‘springy’ and ‘fresh’.


I decided to wear one of my most favorite spring/summer shirts from Urban planet, paired with a small tank top from one our locally owned shops called ‘Swish’. My beautiful corduroy pants also are from the same shop, courtesy of my Mum’s fantastic taste ❤ Its hard to tell, but the corduroy pants are stylishly high wasted, but comfortable as heck with an elastic waist band.

My boots were bought at Hudson’s bay. Not any particular fancy brand. It was one of those buys where you just needed to get into a different pair of shoes at the time, and thus ended up loving them regardless. They are my go to boots for everything. They automatically fix the ‘what’s missing from my outfit problem’ I sometimes have.

On top of it all I’m wearing my favorite (and most complimented ;p) jacket that I own. Its a purple and black (fake)leather with spandex embellishing on the elbows (making it note flexible and comfy than your average leather jacket.) Its one of my pride and joys of my wardrobe I’ve had for years.
Its made by Vero Moda, and its the perfect jacket to dress up or down.


And by far, the most sentimental piece of my outfit is the beautiful green surrong my amazing boyfriend gifted to me the first summer we started going out. 💚
Its adorably decorated with geccos, and when I’m not using it as a scarf in the winder, I’m prancing around on the beach with it as a dress!

I hope it has been beautiful and lovely for everyone, wherever you live!
As usual, thanks for reading! Talk to you all again soon! 🙂


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