NYX Palette!

Hello everyone! How are you today? 🙂

I was recently given the NYX: Beauty on the go palette for my birthday, and I have since been very happily testing and experimenting with all the blushers, bronzers, highlights, lipsticks and eye shadows.

You may be thinking, ‘Wait a minuet, woah…that palette comes with all that?’ (insert jaw drop here). I am here to say yes, yes it does!


(Excuse the horrible light cast right in the middle of the palette)



The most amazing thing is just how much bang for your buck you get. NYX is definitely more of the top quality of the drugstore brands, and I find myself reaching for their products more often. The shadows are nicely pigmented, and they blend out like a dream. Not to mention the blushers and bronzers ect go well on the skin, and don’t feel like they are drying or cakey. That is a big one for me. As a person who is naturally just flush in the face I find it hard to find a blush that isn’t too crazy, and the colors in this palette have helped give me many options.

The lipsticks in the palette are very nice colors , but I am not so crazy on the set up of them. I am a big user of tube lipstick, so using a brush to apply is just something I need to practice more. I find it doesn’t get enough product on to the lip, and most of it stays on the brush. If any of you have any techniques to help I would LOVE to know them! 🙂

With that being the only downfall the rest of it is perfect. The selection of it really helps you fund something you love first then you can go on to buy it in its full size. Massive thumbs up! 👍



I hope you enjoyed this little review , and maybe helped inspire!
Let me know if you’d like to see any swatches of the colors! (There are so many I wish I could swatch them all 😂)

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day! 🙂

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