Work it!

Hello lovely people!

How is everyone doing on this lovely night? Good? Good!

I wanted to share a little insight into my life with you, focusing on my workout routine. The first fact of the matter being, I can barely call it a ‘workout routine’. Its more of a ‘convince myself to workout, proceed to do so, then act like I wanted to all along’ routine. I’m sure I’m not along in this charade.

The activity that is my go-to, actually enjoyable workout, is running. I love it. Now I do, at least. At first I hated it. I always felt way to out of breath, and I was suddenly over aware of all the parts on my body I never knew could jiggle. But I didn’t want to stop. Something in my brain said ‘you’re doing this for you. Not anyone else. You’re doing it to feel good and not to look like anyone else but a happier you’. And so I kept on going. Its hard not to feel discouraged with the media that is thrown in our face every day. Only now it feels like the positive body movement is starting to disperse and take hold of media, young minds and the globe.

And that’s the end of that little feel good ramble.

To start off my run (in the winter months) I bundle up in as many warm knots as physically possible.



When its this cold the extra layer is necessary, but not too thick because I know I’m going to get veeerrrrry warm very quickly.
Time to flick on some great tunes. Party on, man. 😎


And away we go!
My run usually lasts about 15-20 minutes until I get to the park. That’s where I have a small rest and start on the stairs.



Sometimes my little cutie wants to join in on the fun.


After a quick cuddle I like to run up these stairs and then down the hill 10 times. This is honestly enough cardio for me. When I first discovered this little exercise I only started with 5 sets, and then gradually increased it.
I know the other half of my routine is strengthening.
So I go down into plank position and do knee taps. What are knee taps you ask? Oh they sounds so cute and lovely don’t they? “Ooh look at me doing a little yoga position.”, we all thought. No. By the tenth one you are cursing the sun, moon, and even your ex boyfriend from 10th grade for some reason.


This is a very poor plank to be honest. I can hear my old boxing coach shout: “no sagging!”. Sorry sir. Do go easy on me, I did this straight after my work day.

As I should note in capitols I AM NO WHERE NEAR A PROFESSIONAL. I just do as I do and share with you. 🎵

From plank you extend your leg all the way back (like a donkey kick) and bring it all the way in until it ‘kisses’ your opposite elbow like so.


Thankfully the park was empty, so no swearing was heard by any passer byers.

You do both knees to both elbows and that counts as one set. Then I do that 10 times. Then collapse on the ground.

The rest of my workout is just a really lovely walk home,  usually listening to some very chill music and cooling down.


Once I get home I do stretch my legs properly and hop in the bath or shower as soon as possible :p

I hope this was helpful to anyone looking for a simle cardio, core, leg routine.

Remember to only think of how far you’ve come and not how far anyone else has. You are busy working hard and being amazing.

Thanks for reading! Ta ta for now!


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